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TinyWars 2016 Fan Art Competition

Bunny Hello :3 Bunny

 I made this very fast because the deadline >///<
I tried a new style for background too...
She is Kumo from the Tiny Wars game :3 her red eyes is amazing <3 that's why I wanted draw her without the eye patch 8I

 cherry blossom TinyWars 2016 Fan Art Competition…

 cherry blossom Characters © Tiny Wars

cherry blossom All the wips are in my Patreon : 3
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Laran this is so gorgeous!!! The bg and the character and the spidey everythinggg <333
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Thank you Riaaa TTuTT
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When sence when do spiders have cute faces
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Spiders are cute <3 I don't kill any
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Then why is it in a bottle?
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:la: Good luck on the competition!
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Thanks :D somehow... I win >.>
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XD congrats!
Looked through the entries, yours was the best so you deserve it!
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Something about this is adorable.
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oohh this is cute >w<)

anyway good luck :iconyukkolikeniplz:
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Thank you very much <3 I love your art
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Thaaank you <3 I really love your art
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So adorablee ////
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THANK YOOOU!! YOU ART IS VERY ADORABLE TOO!!!! emote : Dino approves     emote : Dino approves     emote : Dino approves     
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ee<33 its super pretty! >u<
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Thank you very muuuuch :DDDD 
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And in the end..... 

A DINO! YAY emote : Dino approves     emote : Dino approves     emote : Dino approves     emote : Dino approves     emote : Dino approves     
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