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Ah, Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0, so badass and cool.

This here is just an edit of the Atem model from this one Yu-gi-oh game for the 3ds, edited so it looks more like Yugi from Season 0 whenever he uses the dark knowledge within the puzzle.
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I tried downloading that model, bit it didn't come with any bones. :(
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yeah, there were no bones, but its super easy to make them.
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Do you know how? Or, do you know where I could find a tutorial for that?
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Well, there are many, many methods for various types of skeletons. The easiest is using the program "Misfit Model 3D", since they have a simple system for creating skeletons and attaching vertices to them.

In that program, all you literally have to do is click on the bone tool, click to put a bone down, and drag to change the bone's size. Clicking again will create another bone. Once you make a skeleton by making the bones and such, you can select vertices and attach them to joints of bones through the joint menu.

Blender is also an easy one, and preferably my choice when rendering stuff. Here is a link to help with creating a skeleton there:…