The Harvester

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What a day to stroll in the field
Enjoy the colors in their bloom
Little they know what awaits them
Each passing moment spells their doom

If you’d get lost, I will find you
You do not even need to call
I’m walking there right behind you
Always ready to catch your fall

You will have your time
You will have your day
I’ll be there waiting
The time for you to fade away

I am by no means a burden
Just the nature taking its course
There’s always room in my garden
For that lovely flower of yours

I am the reaper
I am the keeper
With open mind and open heart
All the ties you’ve bound
Loves lost, loves found
I am the death that do you part

All the seeds that have been sown
All the flowers that have grown
You are all equal in my eyes
Eternal life, that’d be me
One day you will also be
A jewel in my crown that never dies

For I am the Harvester
We will meet in the end
For I am the Harvester
Your everlasting friend
Inspired by the picture with the same title by Melancholita fav.me/d9udw9h.
© 2016 - 2020 ordinary-monster
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AppleOfParisHobbyist General Artist
Nice poetry. Like it.
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Thank you for your comment, glad to hear that! :)
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AppleOfParisHobbyist General Artist
no problem!
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Melancholita Traditional Artist
Great poem, I'm glad my picture was able to inspire you. You really captured it's essence and put it into beautiful words. Thanks! Hug 
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Glad to hear you like the way it turned out. :)