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It is my thoughts I'm trapped within
I can't escape, cannot break free
Rising from the depths of my mind
I can feel them come, haunting me

I've come to know things worse than death
Just because once I trusted you
If only you heard me screaming
The last thing left for me to do
Inspired by a picture of the same title by mialepson. fav.me/d7pc4uw
As usual, 'I' is still an imaginary person. It's just fun to look at pictures and see if something happens as result.
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I've spent some time here on your profile and I have to say - you are a very talented person. Through your writing one can experience a wide variety of emotions. And your poems are also very smooth and free-flowing. I am amazed :) 
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You are most kind, I am delighted to hear you like my work. :) Comments are nice, too!
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Melancholita Traditional Artist
This is well done, I like the idea of this poem. I'm especially in love with the line 'I've come to know things worse than death', it has a very dramatic effect yet it seems appropriate. Putting your trust in the wrong person can be a very harmful experience.
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Thank you for the comment. :) (Smile) It is amazing how someone can start hurting a person that used to be or supposedly still is close and very important. One could imagine that one just does not do that, but unfortunately, many seem to. :( (Sad)