Plague Doctor

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-"Please help us, doctor!"
In vain they cried
Inviting me to step inside
To do my magic for the ill

It is all the same
For rich or poor
There's no saviour nor there is cure
The plague is coming for the kill

I'm your plague doctor
Counting the dead
Feeding false hope inside your head
Can't you see that you all will die

I'm your plague doctor
My word is true
As death alone awaits for you
Your prayer's just a waste of time

I say "Heal..!"
I am your plague doctor
I can see the black light shining
I say "Heal..!"
I am your plague doctor
The cloud with no silver lining

For your sins you wish to repent
I've come for you as heaven's sent
To forgive your sins, old and new
I will beat the hell out of you

I say "Heal..!"
I say "Heal..!"
I say "Heal..!"
I say "Heal..!"
Inspired by a picture of the same title by IrenHorrors. fav.me/d7qnlq6
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Melancholita Traditional Artist
This poem has a very nice and haunting atmosphere, great play with contrasts! A doctor who intends to kill is indeed something new. :) (Smile) 
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Thank you for your time and kind words. :) Of the things I have written, I also think this is a less bad one.