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OMG! I love your book! I almost wish that I could become as good a writer as you are, actually. My favorite charater from your book is Olvershaw. He's a riot!
Thank you so much for the fave!! :blush:
-Thank you for the fav/comment <3
Saw you at the TBF a while back and got your book. You're an amazing author, how could I resist a little fanart? (:
We're even creating our own mini Dome of Doom for fun.
I hear you're in the process of a new book, any idea when it will be out?-

My friend idolizes you now and hopes to be an author as well. She'd just like to say:
"Dear lord, I have spoken to god! I shall now go fight the war single-handedly whilst cross-dressing! May your blessing be with me!" < except in caps o.o
I had a great time at TBF! And I'm coming back next year. HI JINKS ARE PLANNED. I say no more.

Tell me more about this mini Dome of Doom! Are there going to be pictures??

Back to writing the new book . . . I'm supposed to have it done by the end of the year. I expect it'll be out 2012 or so?

Tell your friend my blessing is with her!
We are trying to follow all of the traditions but it is a bit difficult finding double sided flaming lances and flying ostriches so we expect we might have to improvise a little. We hope to finish it soon and plan on video taping the whole thing to put up on youtube. There will most definitely be pictures, and many bloopers.
Super excited about the new book; hopefully it'll be out before we are boiled alive by the rising magma caused by the end of the world, which we are planning on celebrating because any excuse for a party is good enough for us.
THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC. I cannot wait! Thank you!