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Dagon by Layrensij
Excerpt from Error's Chains by CapnDeek373
Lady Shoggoth by Hullingen
Cthulhu Rises by ScottPurdy
Conceptual Horror
Commander of the Templar knights. Cthulhu virus #7 by AVirusErothanatoguru
Commander of the Templar knights. Cthulhu virus #6 by AVirusErothanatoguru
A Templar Master infected with the Cthulhu virus by AVirusErothanatoguru
A Templar Master infected with the Cthulhu virus#5 by AVirusErothanatoguru
Digital Horror
Concept art Encephalophage by Lanius-Collurio
Nyarlathotep - Lovecraft Fan Art by RintaroHattori
Spawn of Nyarlathotep by GutsnGore13
Outsiders Concept by Emresh
Photo Horror
best buds by CapnDeek373
The Cthulhu Mythos: Shub Niggurath by Cyprus-1
Eleven 92 by OGYungLilBig
the Picture in the House by CapnDeek373
Written horror
The Yellow EggAfter I left my house, I saw a bright light shining in the sky which reached my garden. It was supposed to be midnight and the darkness of the night seemed to disappear just as a beam of light expanded. This expanded light formed itself into a structure and visible form. The form resembled a pair of stairs. They appeared right in front of me and they were made out of glass. The structure of the stairs was unmatched to anything I have ever seen before and in their bizareness, they both intrigued and terrified me. Their structure was otherwordly, even fantastical at times. As the light that previously built the stairs expanded even more, the sky's vanishing darkness still loomed above whatever was at the end of the convoluted stairs. As a feeling of anticipation and curiosity overcame me, I began to ponder about my next deciscion: I wanted to know what I had to expect at the end of the seemingly endless staircase. My mind went to the conclusion that I either had to live with the plague of not knowing the answer to my questions regarding the stairs or to explore the unknown depths of the dark looming sky now covered in a lightening beam. So I decided to take a risk and follow the path of the light. As I walked onto the stairs I noticed that they seemed to twist and change their form just like they did before. But at some point, their pattern of shifting and shaping had taken a far different form than before and they seemed to melt like ice and their shapes turned into giant cubes or triangles. Their form was completely distorted and in particular the current step I stood on appeared to be similiar to something a five year old child who didn't understood basic geometric shapes would design. Yet eventhough the childish design was not of my liking, I knew these stairs had a certain awe-inducing quality to them. Their weirdness and queerness was strangely appealing to me as if this was a gateway to heaven. Yet the lines of the steps that continued onto the upper half of the stair case were so uneven that it made me wonder how such a construction could even exist or be stable in any way. Finally I reached the top of the staircase. There was a beautiful gate planted on top of a cloudy base. The base seemed as if it was constantly shifting and shaping into newer and more varied forms, many resembling white wings and glowing white hands. The gate on the other hand, while beautiful, looked rather mudane. It looked less weirdly shaped than the stairscase and it could also just fit in well with normal man-made constructions rather than these uncannily protruding yet wounderfully crafted other formations. The gate wasn't closed and anyone could just go into it wherever they pleased. And so did I. The inside of the gate was at first not entirely explicable to me as the sheer whiteness and light looming and shining into my face kept me away from further investigation. After the initial shock and falling blown away onto the surprising not so soft cloudy floor that consisted of shape shifting patterns, I saw the interior of the gate. It was a big white room that looked melted and was oval shaped. The oval shapping of the room made it look like an optical illusion and the content of the room looked really futuristic. The furniture in particular stood out as being very futuristic, yet it looked also like the art of the futurist movement from the early 20th century. Very undefined and wheeling shapes that almost seemed to howl and scream at the rest of the scenery trumped over the less visible parts like the surprisingly small table. The whole room was probably some kind of kitchen, as there was a weirdly shaped fridge standing in the background, but whom did it serve? It didn't seem to have been built by any human or built based on any of the known laws of physics known to man as the geometry looked wrong and impossible, and why would a non-human life form create a kitchen when they probably don't need it? As I walked deeper into the kitchen's interior, I noticed a great example of nonsensical geometric forms. The oval shape of the room should have not allowed me to go near the now very narrow passage near the oval shaped edge of the room, but when I came close to it, consumed me and spit me out into the next room. It was dark, very dark. The first half of the room was covered in light, the other half in darkness. The darkness overshadowed the light to such an extent that I could barely see anything. But I saw that the floor was covered in a chessboard looking pattern. Then a light appeared in the darkness of the room and the light formed a unity as a straight line to guide me to whever my destination should take me next. The chessboard pattern changed as well and guided me towards my uncertain aim. At the end of the light stream that previously had shown me the way, a curious gate opened up to me: This time, it lead me to yet another room. This room was... different. It was just as melted like the ones I visited before but they seemed to made out of wax that melted like the wax of a burning candle. In the middle of the room there was a weird and otherwordly being holding a scythe. It was a monstrous being that looked like a melted and degenerated wax figure, with a souless and emotionless expression on the face. The weirdness and bizarreness of the being both filled me with strange and inexplicable feelings of extreme joy and relief as well as pure horror. I was equaly attracted to and repulsed by it. These contradictory emotions almost tore me apart in the same vain as I noticed that it's presence was deteriorating my slowly disintegrating body. I tried to escape the horror but it soon actively noticed me and swung it's scythe at me. Luckily, I managed to avoid it's attempted hits at me. Then, it tried to hit me yet again, this time succeeding. My vision and mind blurred to such an extent that I only could see my environment as a weird photo negative version of my actual sight. Interestingly, it could only damage my mind, but not my body. It only damaged my body in so far as it was deteriorating matter by it's will power, but it's scythe attacks damaged my mental state. The wax figure started to set on for a strike against me yet again, but not successfully like last time as I managed to escape the thing by chance. I fell into another sphere that was associated with the other white and melted rooms I visited earlier as it looked similiar to them. Then I was brought back to my garden where it all began because a cloud brought me back home. It felt like it wasn't over yet, though I was save for now and not as damaged by the wax figure as before, it was still there above the sky in his perverse little temple of white and shapeless forms. Whatever should await me next back home, I should be thankful for what I have and not seek wonderlands I cannot reach. The Devil hides himself behind pink feathers. --Fine--
The DrumbeatThe universe was still young when it had happened, and few remain who were there to witness the blasphemous creation. There were few there at all, for his birth into known reality had occurred in the endless expanse of space, The Al-Aashi, the nothing, the dark chamber at the center of all things whose name must not be spoken aloud. At its heart was a mass of organic tissue reforming and dissolving into thousands of mouths and closed eyes endlessly through the eons, around the Thing was a haze of energy that corrupted the sight and mind of all within its reach. Azathoth. The Demon Sultan, he who is in eternal slumber. Around him, his servants chanted a lullaby to the sound of their beating drums and whistling flutes. They could not stop playing even as their hands and voices grew raw, not for a single moment lest they be blinked out of existence at his waking.ďYa mezin,Bila tarÓtÓ pir dirÍj bimÓne, Bila şev şevek wek devÍ me be,dibe ku xewnÍn we aştiya we bÓnin.Ē ďOh, great one,May the darkness last long, May the night be as endless as our devotion,may your dreams bring you peaceĒ Devikahn watched the god as he screamed and contorted himself. She slowed her tempo, allowing a short span of rest to pass before each drumbeat, and the flutists followed her lead. The priests began a softer chant, a special one given to them by The Gate for emergencies like this. The priestess had only used it once before, and then peace had swiftly returned. Devikahn reached her consciousness out to the object of her exaltation as he failed to respond to the change in tune, channeling her sympathy and maternal warmth toward the nightmare child that she had been created to worship. She received only sparks of anxiety and burning fear in return. The others had noticed it too. A flutist from the other side of chasm fumbled with a note before catching themselves, a chanting voice faltered ever so slightly from below. Something was wrong. She had held her post at Azathothís side for so long, it could have been hours or eons, but this had never happened before. His cries were different, they were so tortured, so afflicted as if he were being attacked by invisible ghouls from all corners of existence. A brief bleat of concern passed through the priestessís vocal organ as she edged closer to the central entity, humming the ancient lullaby all the while.And yet, Azathoth continued to thrash into space. His priests exchanged nervous waves of thought, though they could not see each other through the gloom and vast distances between them. Devikahnís hands began to tremble as she continued her slow, gentle drumbeat, pleading with the god in her mind to be calm himself, though he was clearly in far too much pain to heed her. The priestess wondered if The Gate would answer if she beseeched his wisdom in such matters. But why had he done nothing regardless, Yog-Sothoth who had created her and entrusted her with the responsibility of keeping the blind god in peaceful slumber? He was everywhere and in every time, surely with his power he knew that something was amiss with her charge. And yet The Gate did not take shape before her. Uncertainty mounted and Devikahn struggled to arrange the words to his invocation ritual between the muffled drumbeats. If this went on much longer she would have no other choice.A panicked thought reached the priestess from across the chasm before a thousand more repeated the same message. Devikahn instinctively started in alarm as Azathothís form began to dissolve into a gaseous sphere of energy. The space-time framework bent around this newly formed ball of density in its heart, dragging everything around it closer as if they were caught in a net that was drawing itself shut.Azathoth could not hear in his present form, was he crawling his way back into the waking universe? Was this the end of everything? Devikahn clawed vainly at the stone walls of the chamber, fighting against the pull of gravity as the mass of energy grew in size and strained her molecular structure to its limit. She ducked her head and frantically whispered her hushed prayer to Yog-Sothoth as she mentally prepared herself for the imminent implosion of known reality.It never arrived.Devikahn barely had the presence of mind to process the explosion that sent her reeling out of the chamber and into open space on a violent wave of energy. The wave finally lost momentum a great distance away, and Devikahn was left adrift in The Nothing. She shuddered, pained, and disoriented as she struggled to collect her bearings. Her drum was lost in the vastness, but even across the distance she could hear one of her ever-diligent brethren continuing the dirge and she found some relief.Microscopic particles of newly-formed matter drifted past her, occasionally binding together and forming minerals or water or even new stars which flickered to life for a moment before dying in the dark. Devikahn watched them absentmindedly as she floated limply in space. Someone else had been flung out into space as well, she felt another consciousness prying at her mind, deceptively innocent and questioning. As the elder priest, she felt responsible for her brothers and sisters and thus she projected toward him the same maternal thoughts she had previously used with Azathoth, though the Other was still frantic with excitement and thought at her in a forcefully questioning tone. There is nothing to fear. The danger has passed. Devikahn thought over the Other, still to no avail.Iím here, come and find me.The priestess thought in exasperation as the Other persisted, though he had appeared to have calmed. He had some burning questions which he was struggling to think to her.I am here.The thought echoed across the void, and it was Devikahnís turn to be alarmed. She felt another aura of energy approach her hesitantly, manifesting itself as a cloud of white-hot matter not wholly unlike Azathoth. The priestess had served the god for a long time indeed, and it was only once out of every several lifetimes that any change occurred in The Nothing, and yet here before her was something different, something completely new.Where did you come from?The newly-formed entity expanded until he filled the space around her, pausing in furtive silence.Azathoth.Devikahnís single eye widened in shocked realization.He dreamed you into this reality? But no gods have been born of him in eons.In his nightmares, I reigned over the Dreamlands. I roamed freely across the universe and in every dimension as no other god could. I showed the mortals the voice of the universe and they died in their masses screaming. Azathoth tried to destroy me, but I defeated every crusader.You terrified him, and so he purged you from his dreams. Devikahn shuddered again as the strange godís voice grew darker, tinged with sickening mirth at the remembrance of his infamous deeds and the ensuing chaos. The godís fluid energy manifestation began to condense before her, attempting to shape itself into solid matter. He was learning the laws of this reality remarkably fast, having already mastered the language of telepathy in merely a few moments.His new manifestation was an imitation of the priestessís own, though particles of the new form continued to break off and dissolve into energy. An elongated head and snakelike head-crest formed from which a single gigantic eye peered into the darkness. Two arms and a torso carapace followed, and finally, the two centipede-like tails with massive pincers at the bottom took shape and unfurled. Devikahn watched the God bend his new universe to his will and create matter from nothing with mixed awe and dread. She bowed her head in respectful obeisance.And what shall we call you, master? You, bringer of madness who strikes fear into the hearts of all, even the great Azathoth?The god flexed his new tails in amusement, throwing his head back to laugh into the abysmal emptiness of the universe. His single eye narrowed at her as he swam closer through the void like a cosmic eel.Priestess, tell your people that I am Nyarlathotep, that I am the crawling chaos. And tell them, I am free!...

Mature Content

Crafted Horror
Copper Cthulhu idol by Curionomicon
Cthulhu and Lovecraft pendants by Curionomicon
Reversible coffin pendant - skull by Curionomicon
At the Mountains Of Madness by fiend-upon-my-back
general corruption
The Madness Over Twilight. 2/3 by BlueWolfArtista
In silentio by CinAbr
Primal Parasite by MerianDenham

Mature Content

New Breeder  by Lanius-Collurio
Traditional Horror
Pastel training  by AgentJericho
Pastel training 2 Landscape by AgentJericho
TheDeep by DanHenk
Inktober Day 24: Extinct by GutsnGore13

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Cthulhu by Dawgweazle Cthulhu :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 50 3 Kappa by Dawgweazle Kappa :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 26 3 Jabberwocky by Dawgweazle Jabberwocky :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 20 5 Creepies by Dawgweazle Creepies :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 28 5 More Creepies by Dawgweazle More Creepies :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 23 0 Pumpkin King by Dawgweazle Pumpkin King :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 24 9 Even More Creepies by Dawgweazle Even More Creepies :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 20 4 Character Concept: Tiny Gods by Dawgweazle Character Concept: Tiny Gods :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 10 2 Vuldronaii and Torb by Dawgweazle Vuldronaii and Torb :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 32 2 THE SHORE by DragonisAris THE SHORE :icondragonisaris:DragonisAris 1 0 THE SHORE Shoggoth by DragonisAris THE SHORE Shoggoth :icondragonisaris:DragonisAris 14 0 THE SHORE CTHULHU by DragonisAris THE SHORE CTHULHU :icondragonisaris:DragonisAris 7 2 HighresScreenshot00049 by DragonisAris HighresScreenshot00049 :icondragonisaris:DragonisAris 2 1 TheShoreGraphics by DragonisAris TheShoreGraphics :icondragonisaris:DragonisAris 4 0 Hercules vs Hydra by whiteguardian Hercules vs Hydra :iconwhiteguardian:whiteguardian 23 7 Ghultha by BeignetBison Ghultha :iconbeignetbison:BeignetBison 48 7
ĒThe oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.Ē
- H.P. Lovecraft
The Black Pharoh version 2
The Dunwich Horror
Randolph Carter
Monster In The Deep
Unconscious Encounter 0020
King in Yellow
Cthulhu 10/08/21
H.P Lovecraft Illustration
Lovecraftian comic 1# - Love with Nyarly and Howie
Flying Polyp
Rat out of the wall
Female Nyarlathotep
Lovecraft's birthday.
Cthulhu HellSeal
The tome spoke of an age of monsters and heroes
KR Emote: Cthulhu

KR Emote: Nyarlathotep
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