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Crocodile amphibian helicopter carrier base

:icontheendofpain: Lari challenged me to create a massive vehicle that was capable of operating on land and water, and also could be used as forward base.

So here it is, the Crocodile. This massive ship-like structure is kept over 10 giant independent track modules. When it need to operate in water, it's massive 8 turbines inflates enormous hovercraft cushions under the hull, making it not only floatable but also capable of keeping the speed of an average ship of it's size.

The Crocodile can transport land vehicles or small hovercrafts inside it's hull, opening a jaw-like door for them. In the upper part, three separated hangars can keep unmanned drones, attack helicopters and transport/medivac choppers.

As a defensive/transport/base, this vehicle don't have many offensive guns, relying in goalkeeper-like turrets against missiles and rockets, anti-air missiles and two massive naval turrets, made for artillery support to the troops and smaller vehicles it carries.

(Model done in Sketchup 8, rendered in Twilight, additional pictures taken from Wikipedia commons and previous works)
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futuristic masive big shie
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Hi, I'm currently trying to create a SF RPG forum inspired by two games : "X-Com" (1&2) and "The division" and I was searching for images that could represent the massive mobile base that would replace the "talion" from Xcom (which we named the "Revenge"), where the players would stay in between missions, when I came across your concept.

It's exactly what I was looking for (actually it's even better than what I had imagined) and I was wondering if you would let me use this on my forum.

Your artist name will be mentionned and your deviantart page linked in the description of course.

What do you say ? ^^
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Oh yes =D
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Its a bird! its a plane! <.< No its florida
^.^ No its the whole God damn us army!
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Hahahahhahahaha =D
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it really looks like something that you can find in c&c, and that means is awesome.
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Oh yes! It does! I can hear the Hell March in the background just by looking to it :eager:
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I like it. It's got clean lines, an okay layout and definitely enough firepower to say stay off my lawn. I certainly wouldn't want to see that coming down the Potomac.

Now, just a couple of suggestions. I would recess the turrets, all of them, into the hull, giving the pilots more room to maneuver about during takeoff and landing. Where the turrets and missile batteries are now will cause a whole lot of ouchies if anything goes wrong. Second, with the arrangement of lift fans you have currently, the rear half of the ship would have much more lift to it than the front. This may be intentional, but I would even them out in any case, just to be safe. And finally a minor critique on terminology, it would be "Amphibious" not "Amphibian".
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Hahahahah, thanks!
Oh yes, Amphibian... my mistake =D
Well, good ideas! I will surely do that in the next mobile base I make =D
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Kick ass! Damn now that's what I'm talkin' about! Land battleship all the way! Although I could never really understand the practicality of a land battleship, unless of course you're in the middle of the dessert. Wouldn't it otherwise cause way too much collateral damage to even be allowed to be used by any self-respecting army?
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Well, I think a Land Battleship would be useful as a moving forward post, maybe a helicopter landing pad that can move to new locations or a mobile barracks and vehicle repair place... but in the frontlines I think it's just too overpower.

I was reading once that the soviets really did considered to build some land battleships in the end of WWII, but they gave up because it would consume too much fuel and not be useful in battle... =D
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This thing would look pretty damn intimidating on land.
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Oh yes! Probably bulldozing buildings and houses as it goes by =D
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this is awsome, similar to the cnc allies, but mch cooler i'd love an amphibious heli carrier
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Thats a sweet vehicle! It slightly reminds me of the mobile starter base trucks from command and conquer.
But way cooler! ^ ^
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Thanks! Oh yes, it was my idea to make some C&C-like vehicle =D
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That crocodile is showing some mean teeth.
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Hahahahha, yap!
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