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Hello friend! 

I was missing you! 

Yap, I was out for some long months, mostly due to time issues, excess of work and browser problems (both my Chrome and the built-in Microsoft one were not displaying DA right 9 out of 10 times I tried to access the site...). 

If you want to take a look at some more recent stuff I have done, you can follow me in:

If you are curious (and not bored from my last journals), the political situation in Brazil is still pretty tense, with the 2016 Olympics running parallel to the governmental circus instituted by the Coup in progress. 

By the law the president Dilma Rousseff is still the president, but she must remain out of presidential activities until the Senate judge her (waited to be around the end of August). Meanwhile the vice-president, instead of keeping the same policies and orientations, decided to rule as a new president, name a new cabinet, new ministries and adopt a neo-liberal reformation completely against the programs of Dilma and Lula terms.

He just invented (with help of the media) a "debt" of 120 billion out of thin air (funny that before the Coup the country had a surplus of about 360 billions...), rose the salaries of federal judges, politicians from the legislative branch and himself, cut 45% of the Education budget (money that would go to all the hundreds of federal universities, schools and colleges...), 58% of the Health budget and now his ministers are pushing for even more cuts while rising their own earnings... 

States governed by the vice president Temer's party or his new friends (the defeated right-wing parties of 2014 elections) are using heavy police enforcement against protesters and demonstrations in favor of democracy, Dilma, Worker's Party or against the Coup while the media plainly cover all up and don't even mention any protests or demonstrations at all. 

By now it have become clear that law means nothing in this fake impeachment, and it's very unlikely the elected president will be reinstated. The investigations about the crime claims against her (of "fiscal bike") concluded there was no crime and even if there was any, she didn't signed anything or gave any directive that resulted in the monetary maneuvers. But even then, the senate insists in going ahead with the process and making a public trial of a "crime-less crime"...

Meanwhile some corrupt businessman that was dealing with the Senate leader, the Vice President and other politicians in shady stuff decided to "bug" them and record their conversations, probably to use as blackmail. The guy got arrested, probably failed to blackmail them and his recordings got "out", being widely spread around the internet, despite media efforts to dismiss them.

The "Making Of" of the Coup shows clearly how people like Aécio Neves, Renan Calheiros (the actual leader of the Senate), Eduardo Cunha and the Vice President Michael Temer, united to make a fake impeachment, take Dilma out of the presidency and them build a network to protect them against any and all the corruption investigations being conducted.

Shockingly, as the Supreme Court and top brass of Brazilian Armed Forces are also in the same paycheck, absolutely zero things have being done to the conspirators after their conspiracy got public. Without the media and their brainwashed zombie masses to make protests and appear on TV, few to no pressure at all seems to come from the people, and the combined action of police repression and media selective blindness have made most demonstrations seem futile. Most "not-brainwashed" people are relying in international news (mostly the Intercept, Al Jazeera and even the russian Pravda...) for local news, and Facebook became, together with Watsapp, Instagram and the russian Telegram, a chaotic and convoluted web of fake news, old stories, weird theories and independent media running in all directions... 

In the same day you can read about 30 contradictory and mutually exclusive "news" about government and political characters in these online platforms, every single one with eyewitness accounts, cellphone-filmed videos, photos and "credible" sources. It became quite usual to log in and see how Lula/ Aecio/ Temer/ Renan/ Cunha/ Dilma were arrested, not arrested, found guilty, arrested, seized power, defused the Coup, not defused the Coup, were behind, were victims, were criminals, were just spectators, came back, escaped, suicide, blamed someone, got blamed, framed, got framed and/or any combination of them... And often all this schizophrenic news are more believable and trustworthy than the "big media" of TV, newspapers and magazines, that by now are oscillating from the completely fictional to downright irresponsible... 

At least for Warhammer 40.000 fans like me, reality seems to have caught up with British Sci-Fi, and I believe it's a pretty accurate depiction of how it looks like to live in the depths of the Eye of Terror... XD



orcbruto's Profile Picture
Arturo Alejandro Branco
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I am a multi-artist that loves Photoshop, Google Sketchup and vector art.

I am Pisces (western horoscope) and Bull (chinese horoscope). A+ Blood

I am also an archeologist, Master Degree historian, made my thesis about Dracula in Romania (mostly in Craiova, Tirgoviste and Bucharest). Also I am enthusiast of Paleontology.

I am atheist, but I follow Buddhist Zen philosophy as moral and ethic compass. I also have lots of knowledge in magic and sorcery traditions from Middle Ages, despite I don't practice them.

Ethnically I am 25% Portuguese (Trás-os-Montes), 25% Spanish (Madrid), 25% Italian (Calabria) and 25% Morocco Berber. I born in Brazil, despite I have no Brazilian blood...

I speak portuguese and english very well, and very poorly spanish, japonese, latim, italian and romanian...


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Mineraleater Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just heard about it in the news... so Dilma is gone for good now? Kind of sad to hear it actually worked... let's hope they can actually improve brazils situation, prove they are really that much of a better lead for your country...
Toxinz1181 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Could I use your weapon designs in a game I am creating? 

I will include your name in the credits, and the URL to your Deviantart page.
Mineraleater Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ehrm... i don't have that many. Which ones are you interested in? 
Toxinz1181 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh sorry, I was asking Orcbruto. But he seems kind of dead since he hasn't done much recently.
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orcbruto Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well, yap...

And stuff is going downhill as fast as actual diarrhea can leak... The vice Michael "Fear" has risen to power, Dilma was voted out by the Senate, even thou they acknowledge there was no crime, a bunch of functional retards had being nominated for ministers, and they are all worsening things a lot...

The Foreign Relations Minister wants to drop out of Mercosul (kind like NAFTA, but among the South American countries) and back up from the new markets the last administrations had open in Africa, Asia and Middle East, and also abandon the BRICS... And he also can't spell the country name correctly (in an interview he said it's "United States of Brazil", and in fact since the 1930's it's "Federative Republic of Brazil")

The Education Minister just took History, Sociology, Philosophy, Arts and Sports from school curriculum for them being "unnecessary", and passed a norm that schools now can hire people without graduation or even basic schooling as teachers...

The Health Minister wants to cut down the socialized medicine (SUS) that is a World wide reference in free healthcare to adopt the US model of letting everyone die unless they have money to pay for treatment... 

And now seems the new target is the ex-president Lula da Silva, as the "Carwash" operation wants to jail him at any and all costs... So far they have no proof or even suspect of crime, but went on TV to say he was the "big boss" of all corruption schemes in his government, and that despite they don't have proof, they have plenty of "conviction" about it... ¬¬

Officially this isn't a serious country (as Charles DeGaulle said in the late 1940's)... 
Mineraleater Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, that didn't take long... love your comparisson in the beginning. Let's hope the flush themselves out of that country! 

It is sad to hear the those classes are cancelled! I have to admit that i knd of neglected their value and did not care about thes subjects. Like the history class. It was soo repetitive, over 5 years we only talked about the same 4 topics. At one point i simply locked down and wasn't able to concentrate any more. But talking about the current situation here in Germany, i can see that the System really failed. We have the "AfD", "Alternative for Germany" that are pulling a lot of votes in regions that are known to be "Nazi-land" and have a low education standard as well as low employment rate. For some reason they can get away with blaming refugees for everything and say thing like the borders should be closed and everyone trying to come in should be shot! This is not metaphoric, one of the "politicians" said that. But yeah, badically this is about 80 years back in time... We might be a fairly wealthy industrial nation... but too many people are not educated the right way and i fear that we might see something in that direction as well. 
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