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Homestar:America the Beautiful

[EDIT!] Added a little more stuff to it.

I know it's a couple days late, but I decided to make a Flash movie for all the Homestar Runner fans! There'll be more added.

Homestar Runner and all related characters (c) The Brothers Chaps

Link: [link] I suggest starting with the older cartoons. They seem to be funnier for some reason.
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Kairu-Hakubi's avatar
well that was a pretty good impression, both of voices and animation, but.. ho boy.. at the end.. that's not a message I think anyone can get behind
squirtleoshawott461's avatar
If there was a voiced cartoon before Marshmallow's Last Stand, it could sound like this.
DotLover1000's avatar
Love it! Almost like Fozzie Bear's version in The Muppet Movie.
batzebrez's avatar
i think that strong mad and the KoT look a little off but it's still pretty friggn' good
OrcaSnack-Garth's avatar
That was made years ago. I have improved since then.
batzebrez's avatar
i didn't doubt that before but keep in mind that i was commenting on that version and not on your latest work.
Mecha-Naruto-Owner's avatar
the voices seem a little off
OrcaSnack-Garth's avatar
That was made years ago.
Supersonicfan23's avatar
What type of voice is this? Who played the characters beside Matt Chapman and Missy Plamer?
OrcaSnack-Garth's avatar
All me. In poor quality.
Supersonicfan23's avatar
I've got a better voice acting of Strong Bad.
comeoninhereplz's avatar
OrcaSnack-Garth's avatar
Ajibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie... @~@
MiraKHall's avatar
You are so evil :XD: You're quite good with the animation, though. Where'd you get the sprites?
OrcaSnack-Garth's avatar
They're not actually sprites. They're random shaped ripped from previous Homestar Runner cartoons. All the characters and backgrounds were made by the Chapman Bros, and the preloader is something you'll find here on deviantArt.
MiraKHall's avatar
I know they're not sprites; I just couldn't think of a better name at that moment ^^; I once did Flash before at A.I., but I forgot most of them...

Ripped, as in used a decompiler or something? I heard of that...
This is fwompin' great.
pepsiboy3's avatar
lol this was octword
OrcaSnack-Garth's avatar
Awkward? Yeah, well, that was my first fully-voiced animation.
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