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Hopswatch92 by UrnamBOT Hopswatch92 :iconurnambot:UrnamBOT 512 19 Tetsuya by Raxrie Tetsuya :iconraxrie:Raxrie 69 6
Pretty Boy - (Subaru Sakamaki x Male Reader)
Pretty Boy – Subaru Sakamaki
Diabolik Lovers and its associated trademarks are owned by Rejet and Idea Factory. Please support the official release.
This one-shot was requested by Wattpad user AdrionTheUndead. I hope you enjoy!

A hush fell over the hall as the doors flew open. Your swagger commanded the attention of every student in sight. It was the first day at your new school and, like always, you wanted to leave a clear impression. If the lacquer-black combat boots didn’t send the message, your messy hair and shiny piercings sent it loud and clear.
Don’t mess with me.
Walking down the hall, you couldn’t help but laugh. Some students trembled in fear, others looked at you like it was an act. Still, others looked like they wanted to share their bed with you. It was always the same. You’d show up and establish dominance just by walking in. Any stragglers would get the snot be
:icondreamdepot:DreamDepot 8 1
TDA Casual Akaito and Kaito by AmaiAkai TDA Casual Akaito and Kaito :iconamaiakai:AmaiAkai 12 9
My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 13~
“Levi?” Hange exclaimed, looking behind you excitedly.
You stiffened. Levi was here again? You struggled to breathe and tried desperately to calm yourself down. If you acted suspiciously, Hange was bound to notice.
“I feel like you’ve been coming to the mess hall a lot lately,” Hange was saying, “is there a specific reason for that? Perhaps…someone you want to see?”
You stopped mid-inhale, causing you to choke. You covered your mouth to muffle the coughing sounds you made as you tried to regain your breath.
“Don’t be ridiculous” Levi said emotionlessly, “now that I’m a squad leader, I have no other time to come down here, nevermind see someone.”
“Oho, is that so?” Hange asked deviously. She turned to look at you, “but (Name), why haven’t you said anything yet?”
You straightened and turned around slowly. Levi stood just a foot away from the pair of you. His eyes met yours, e
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 12~
You knocked on the door and waited for the monotonous reply, “come in.”
The door of the office creaked as you opened it slowly. You could see Levi bent over his paperwork from this angle. You hesitated. If you opened the door anymore and lost control at the sight of him, there was no telling what you would end up doing.
“What are you doing, brat?” Levi asked, sounding annoyed, not looking up from his work, “come in or just leave.”
“Y-you seem busy” you commented, opening the door a little wider.
“That’s because you resigned and dropped your responsibilities on me” Levi said, looking up.
Your eyes met his and you found you couldn't look away. Your dream was still vivid in your mind. You blushed and shook your head.
‘Don’t be an idiot. Like that would ever happen...he didn’t even react to your kiss back then! also seems like he…’
You suddenly recalled the touch of his hand on your sho
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 11~
“(Name). Levi. You’ve returned” Erwin greeted you.
His eyes lingered on the bruise on your face for a few moments before he looked back down at his papers.
You raised your hand to touch your face where Charlotte’s mother had struck you. Your heart began to burn again, in pain and guilt. You inhaled sharply as Levi’s sleeve brushed yours. That was right. He was here. The pain resided and you breathed out in relief.
“How do you feel, (Name)?”
“Terrible” you admitted, “worse than I’ve felt in a long time.”
“You’ve experienced this before” Erwin said, “can you recover?”
“With some help...yes” you said.
“That’s good. We can’t risk losing your skills here in the Survey Corps.”
“Actually, Commander Erwin. I have a request” you said.
“Go ahead.”
“I wish to give up the position of Squad Leader.”
At this, Erwin and Levi turn
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 10~
“Hey, move over, loser. We’re taking this table.”
You turned to glare at the group of trainees who addressed you.
They were the top of the training corps. Of course they would pick on you, the worst of the group.
No matter how hard you had tried to be proficient, you were the only one who struggled to use 3D Maneuver gear, as you still weren’t accustomed to the mechanisms of the surface.
“If anyone didn’t know better, we would’ve thought you were underground scum” one of the girls snorted, “I can’t think of anyone else who would fail so badly at using simple technology.”
“Who knows? She might be from below our feet and we wouldn’t know it” one of the boys sneered, stamping his foot against the ground.
“Gimme a break. No one from that dump could even have made it into these training corps” another chortled, “although they would probably be more capable than this loser.”
You cle
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 9~
When you opened your eyes, you could only see darkness. You blinked furiously, wondering why your vision wouldn’t adjust, and attempted to bring your hands to your face.
That was when you realized that your hands had been bound behind your back. You struggled desperately against the rope binding your hands together. Your heart raced. What was going on? What was happening? You would have screamed if it weren’t for the cloth covering your mouth. You had been knocked out, bound, and stuffed into a bag, which you could feel swaying as someone carried you.
You kicked your feet around, attempting to disable whoever had kidnapped you.
A sudden force struck you across the face from the outside of the bag.
“Stay still or you’ll get worse” the angry voice of Jack snapped.
You stilled.
Romero. Jack. Ash.
How could they have done this to you?
You shut your eyes tightly, tears rolling down your cheeks.
‘I’m scared. Save me…’
But there was no
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 8~
“Man...I’m tired!” you heard the sound of Jack’s voice as the door opened.
You stood by the counter, waiting for them to come into the kitchen.
“That smells delicious, (Name)!” Ash exclaimed, being the first to enter.
“Of course” you said, “I’m the one who made it.”
You felt someone pinch your cheek. “You really are cheeky” Romero laughed.
You playfully smacked him away. “I just have pride in my cooking skills, that’s all” you huffed.
“Don’t you have to get to your job, soon?” Jack asked.
“Yeah, I’ll be going” you said, making your way out of the kitchen, “dinner’s on you.”
“On Romero, you mean” Ash laughed, “he’s the only other one who can cook.”
You smiled.
Despite his lack of cooking skills, Ash was a skilled mechanic. Jack earned his money by gambling, though it wasn’t much of a problem, since he
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 7~
You were the oldest of the children residing in the orphanage. They ran around now, pointing up at the dirt ceiling that obscured the citizens’ views of the sky.
“(Name)” a short girl with blonde pigtails asked, tugging on your sleeve, “is that really what the sky looks like? What about the blue that everyone talks about? Where is that?”
You smiled down at the girl.
“One day, we’ll see it, Edith” you promised, “I’ll get a job when I get older and make enough money to pay for us all to get to the surface.”
“But we won’t have anywhere to go” the pudgy brunette, Cynthia, pointed out.
You patted her head reassuringly. “I’ll find a way.”
“Don’t you have parents, (Name)?” Cecil asked, running a hand through his spikey golden hair.
“I’m not sure if I can consider them my parents” you admitted.
You weren’t an orphan. Your parents were alive. But rig
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 6~
The blade never fell. You opened your eyes after the few seconds that lasted for an eternity. Levi was in the same position, but he wasn’t looking at you anymore. He was looking at the titan.
This entire time...his murderous glare had been directed, not at you, but at the titan. When he had told you he would make it quick, he had been slaying the titan.
Without another word, Levi flew through the trees with his ODM gear and attacked the titan with a deafening roar of outrage.
You painfully turned your head towards the fight, struggling to see Levi amidst the fog, rain, and splatters of blood that flew through the air. High animal-like cries could be heard through the thunderous sounds of the downpour and you hoped that Levi was alright.
It took you a while to realize that it was not the titan who emitted these shrill sounds, but Levi.
‘No. If he continues to fight rashly like this…’
You dug your fingers into the dirt, attempting to sit up. Pain ri
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 5~
“Are you nervous?” you asked Charlotte, who rocked back and forth on her horse.
She jumped, seeming startled as you addressed her.
“No, I just...I just...the titans are…” Charlotte brought her hands up to cover her face. “I’m so terrified. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to lose my life!”
You stared at her for a few moments before turning to face the front. “Then don’t go.”
Charlotte looked up at you. “W-what?”
“Don’t go” you repeated, “but remember...remember the reason why you came here. Remember your training and perseverance. Was training to protect humanity all for nothing?”
“N-no...I just…”
“You are a member of the Survey Corps” you said, spurring your horse forward, “that’s who you are. That’s what you ought to remember.”

How much time had passed since then?
You glanced to your right, where Charlotte
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 4~
A knock sounded at the door.
“Enter” you said, reading over another paper.
You jotted down a few more quick notes before looking up.
“Hey cold girl!” Isabel’s voice piped up cheerfully as she poked her head into the room.
“C-cold…” you trailed off as Isabel stumbled through the doorway, carrying a tray with overfilled plates of food.
“Eh, woah!” Isabel exclaimed as she lost her balance.
There was a loud crash as Isabel crashed to the floor, along with spilled breakfast and shattered plates.
You sat at the desk motionlessly for a few moments before standing and making your way over to her.
“Ow…” Isabel complained, looking at the mess around her, “I’m sorry, cold girl.”
“It’s alright” you said, handing her a broom.
The two of you set to cleaning the mess. As soon as the floor was spotless, Isabel let out a breath of relief and plopped back down to the floor.
You made your way
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 3~
‘How noisy’ you thought irritably as you walked through the mess hall. Charlotte usually delivered your meals to your room because of the workload that you had, but she had injured her wrist while breaking up a fight between the recruits during training and was now being treated in the infirmary.
The noise of the mess hall rang in your ears. The new recruits were just as undisciplined as ever.
What a bother.
“(Name)” Hange waved you over.
“What is it?” you asked emptily.
“Yesterday, I found out something new about the tita—”
You left before she finished her sentence.
“H-hey! (Name)!” Hange called after you.
“D-did she say (Name)?” a new recruit whispered.
“No way. The (First Name) (Last Name)?”
“Huh? (First Name) (Last Name) was the squad leader from earlier?”
“She lost to Levi? No way!”
You stopped. What were the new recruits going on about?
“That girl? For real?
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My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 2~
The morning sun shone brightly over the vast field of green. You stood at the center of it all, watching Isabel ride her horse back and forth.
“I’m surprised” you said, “did someone teach you how to ride a horse?”
“Nah” Isabel said, patting the horse’s mane, “but I’ve always been fond of animals. This guy says he likes me, too!”
You gave the slightest hint of a smile.
“Oh? Interesting.”
“Ah!” Isabel grinned at you, “so you can smile! You should smile more often, it suits you.”
Isabel pulled on the reins of her horse, taking off again, leaving you along to ponder and eventually reject the meaning of her words.
You made your way over to where Flagon stood with Hange.
Levi barely gave you a glance before he took ahold of one of his blades…
“What do you think you’re doing?” Flagon asked, his eyes scrutinizing Levi’s posture, “those blades
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Orcanaria's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
My name is Rebecca and I live in Texas.
I am a die hard nature lover and find comfort by walking through forests and on the beach of Galveston. I grew up with a strong connection to nature and that connection has only gotten stronger.
I am steadily learning more about the animals that I love so that I can help protect those that are out in the wild and also fight against animal cruelty, including fighting against Sea World and other marine animal parks.

I am being taught by my dad on how to take good pictures. The pictures I have now are okay, but I'm always striving to do better. Even the best pictures I have are replaced by newer pictures that are better than they are.

I also do some writing, though it's not that great. I have over 40 characters. I tend to make them on games since I'm really bad at drawing. The games that I play are not mine and neither is the artwork that is put into them.

My Facebook page:…

All pictures/art in my gallery are mine, unless stated otherwise on the actual picture. The pictures of me are my dad's. Do not use any of the pictures in my gallery.


My job at World Market didn't last unfortunately. They don't keep their seasonal employees, so I'm stuck trying to find another job. I'm hoping to get into Central Market next, so things are kinda looking up. Hopefully this year will see an end to my hiatus. I've got a drawing of one of my characters that I'm working on, so that'll be going up as soon as I get it done. Along with that, I'm getting out to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens a lot more often, so I'll soon have more pics from there up pretty soon. The ones that will be going up in the next few days are ones from June and September of last year that I never got up. I'm going to try harder to be more active on here this year. 
Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse 9
All pics in this series are straight out of the camera. I haven't edited them yet.
Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse 8
All pics in this series are straight out of the camera. I haven't edited them yet.
Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse 7
All pics in this series are straight out of the camera. I haven't edited them yet.
So I've had to put my Warriors 31 Day Challenge on hold while I was working on some issues with the online paperwork at my new job, as well as trying to get my sleep schedule to where I'm able to wake up early. It's taken a while, but I am happy to say that I now have a job as a stocker at World Market, and I'm excited to start working. Pretty soon I'll have enough money to go places and take pictures again, which makes me really happy. As far as the Warriors Challenge goes, if I miss any days due to working, sleep, or anything else, I'll just post those whenever I can. I don't intend to stop doing the challenge just because I missed a couple days. But yeah, now that I have a job things should start picking back up within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for new pictures from me in the near future.
  • Reading: Warriors: Into the Wild
  • Watching: TennelleFlowers' Simmy Speaks on Youtube
  • Playing: Silver



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