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Hello everyone, I moved profile to :iconcatbeancreations: so if you still would like to see my work then feel free to follow me there! I will not be using this DA profile anymore actively. 
Having exam on friday.  Hopefully the last c: I will answer all notes, comments etc by the weekend <3
Hectic week. Looking forward to a longer weekend. I'm gonna play in a wedding saturday. It will be a CATastrophe. 
I have so many ideas rn I need to art.

Kiriban @ 10k !

  |  1 votes
  • Go get it !
  • Yeah its a while until but i am booored
  • ayyyy

I need your opinion !!! What price should i do on my ar...

  |  6 votes
  • 1-5$
  • 5-10$
  • 10-20$
  • 20-40$
  • 40-60$
  • 60-80$
  • 80-100$
  • Please comment on how you think about the quality. I would love honest meanings !
  • And because you rate it to a number doesnt mean i will charge the x amount.
  • I know i underprice myself. So, i want to see what you think.

More wolves coming up

  |  3 votes
  • Quoting someone from yesterday:
  • "Is it mostly about..wolves..?"
  • - ERR... *sigh* Yes. but. i wish it wasnt
  • I am just tired, but i want to draw them wolves ;n;
  • WEeeWkend

Allergies !

  |  2 votes
  • *Is studying in the kitchen*
  • *also is dying because of flowers blossoming in the livingroom*
  • *sneeezzes and itches eye*
  • goddamnit these allergies

Deviantart.. Why

  |  1 votes
  • "Ooh this artpiece is cool"
  • wanna see more from this artist ?
  • *DA shows art from last year*
  • ARgH whyyy