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New Ref. Orbz !

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Yayyyyy finally finished her new reference sheet !
I have come to love anthro.. But i still love feral <3
I added some more infor and removed some. I want an easy, understandable ref for her.

So, i added 3 poses in anthro, her second hairstyle and wingspot thing. Also added her optional accessories. I have used such a long time ;v;


Orbz (Tolouse) Firefly
Female Norwegian forestcat, Lynx and bird mix

Gray primarycoat with white undercoat. Jargon jade stripes; 4 on arms, 3-4 on back, 4 on tail, 4 on legs, 2 on each side of the face as well as on the ears. 
Long or short sparkling dark hair on head and tailtip as well as ear tufts. Light blue to silvery wings with V shaped muscles on the back. 
Dark blue pawpads, nose and "eyebrows". Claws are gray. 

Eyes get yellow when really pissed off !
Hair band with feathers, beads and shells can be placed on head or tail. The star thing glorie is only for head. It is barely shown anywhere, but sometimes its drawn on the character. 
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