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Tarot VIII Justice

Woo! My first card in my dream Tarot deck. Card VIII Justice, I thought would be perfect with a marvel superhero, as I'm totally a marvel girl, BOO TO DC!

Allow me to explain, yes I am a huge, huge, HUGE, fan of spiderman. (I spit in the face of the films, they SUCKED.) My comic book collection is several feet high, the amount of memorabilia I have collected over the years has taken over quite a large amount of space in my room. And of all the story arc's the clone saga was my favourite and The Scarlet Spider my favourite character, hence using him instead of Spiderman. But seriously, who better to represent Justice?

(I am SUCH a Ben Reilly fangirl. I swear I cried at the end of the clone saga.)

Anyway, I attempted to sketch things out, over and over, using my catalogue of comics as reference. But I couldn't quite get marvel look I really, really wanted so, instead I got permission to use the wonderful linework of blackdragonx5 :iconblackdragonx5: Which can be found here: [link]

(I did receive permission before using it as the basis for the card.)

My Dream Tarot Card Project: [link]


The Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, Spiderman belong to Marvel comics. The linework for the character belongs to blackdragonx5. The Tarot Card design belongs to me.
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Ben wasn't such a bad guy, he was no Peter, but hey, if he was people would complain that he was too much like him!