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Assorted Animals from Piratecatty Animal SNPCs



DISCLAIMER: I'm not Piratecatty and these are only the models, no stolen lua included. Uploading this because these are decent model resources that shouldn't be hard to find. I take no credit for this.

check em 

These work in SFM but lack proper Ambient Occlusion yet they're still visible and not see-through when AO's on, taking a look into their vmt files reveal they lack quite a lot of settings: goat_skin.vmt

I'm not an expert on editing vmt files but a little help/suggestions would be nice.

Features the 15 medium quality animals and their animations from Piratecatty's addon of wonky npcs* that works in a more realistic setting. Actual source where the models came from I have no idea, let me know. All of them besides the Ram and the Snakes have bone structures similar to what we've used to.

*= (that was taken down after he closed his steam account after being harassed 24/7 and called out on code theft and abusing youtube to make money. ((But tbh, they were pretty unique npcs for not being the same "human" npcs that everyone and their grandma's makes when I used to play gmod.)) Now you know)
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I'm having a difficult time importing these in Blender.