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Coral reef [360 Panorama]



Full 360 view HERE    Facebook 

Gosh my facebook page is dead. Better start uploading more stuff there too.

So guys, I have tried something completely new. Jama Jurabaev's amazing 360 pictures have been a big inspiration for me for a good while now which made me want to try out this whole thing myself too!
And I can say, boy, it sure was a journey.
I basically had no idea what to do when I started looking into this whole panorama business but eventually things started to clear out.

My inspiration for this work came from a documentary called "Chasing Coral" which I highly recommend you to watch! It raises up good points about global warming and it's massive effects on the coral reefs.
It also told 
me that google maps has it's own street view of The Great Barrier reef (like how cool is that?) which I also used as a base/ref for this drawing.

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Okay i wanted to comment earlier under this, but then i read there were 360 pictures of the reef and then i lost myself in staring at them XD
But damn yours is just as great :D
I love the colours you chose and damn the corals look great
and I mean yours got a mermaid.
This makes it just epic.