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Skábma - Snowfall is out now!

You can get it from Steam, EpicGames and GOG!

The Corrupted Reindeer [TurnAround]
Corrupted Reindeer Concepts [2/2]
Corrupted Reindeer Concepts [1/2]

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I'm an ambitious dweller from Finland who works as a 3D animator by day and a 2D artist by night.

Feel free to call me NK, Sav or Savannah.

NK and NKOS are the names you can often find signed on my works.

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Passing Through

Step Aside Comic

Cover Art StepAside.png

. . .

When a mysterious being gets trapped inside an ancient temple, it has to make a deal with a young local woman to get back out again.

The woman and the creature soon find themselves on a long journey where they both try to run away from their past.

. . .

Step Aside: Prologue 01
Step Aside: Chapter 01: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 02: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 03: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 04: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 05: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 06: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 07: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 08: 01

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How many of you have read Step Aside? (I'm curious!)

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I'm planning on reading it
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You can get it from Steam, EpicGames and GOG! So yeah, it's been a long time coming but it's finally here. This is the game I've been working on for the past... two years? Perhaps closer to three years at this point. I've done a lot of things for this project, all the way from concepts, modeling and rigging to animating about 90% of all character animations. So it's safe to say if it moves, I've probably touched it, haha. I have to say I'm very proud of my team on what we have achieved here! We are a small indie studio and this is our first time throwing out a bigger game for the world to see. I can only hope everything goes well! I highly recommend checking Skábma - Snowfall out! Long story short, it's is a story driven game about a young Sámi reindeer herder, Áilu, who gets pulled into some cosmic shenigans. You use your magical noaidi drum to progress in the game by solving environmental puzzles and platforming your way forward! The game is inspired by the Sámi people and their
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AAh, the release date of our game is out! GOD. I'm stressed and excited to the extreme :DDD Check out the release trailer!!
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I wish I said something sooner!! Thank you for the badge!!

Keep up your amazing work, I love to see it!! (´ε` ):+fav:

I'm never going to get over how stunning the composition, lighting and colors look in your pieces^^

Ahh, no problem! I love giving batches to people who've made amazing art for me <3 It is well deserved!

And oh gosh, thank you! You're too kind :)

I've likely commented before and perhaps along these same lines, I can't recall, but your Ittri and the absolute justice your skillful painting does them is so, so admirable. The fact that you take something as simple as basic male anatomy and pepper in a few captivating features to create such gorgeous and unique characters I find utterly enamoring. I'm in love with so very many of these character designs- Tanuch potentially being my new favourite- and it's plenty intriguing how you're slowly revealing the depth to their universe through Step Aside.

I love your individual concept pieces very much, you get so creative with them and they're all so beautiful and unique. It's all very inspiring, and I can say with pride I've great respect for you and your work! Never stop creating, please - it's a treat to the eyes, the heart and the mind.

Holy hell, damn. I'm at a loss for words! Thank you, I'm flattered o-o

Ittri are well, just something I quite enjoy creating. I've always been interested in admiring beautiful rocks, shapes, patterns and other sparkly stuff that it was only natural to create a species which are able to be everything I find pleasing to the eye.

And somehow a comic happened too along the way x)

It's so heartwarming to hear that all my scribbling have made an impact. Thank you! Again!

oh wow! I follow you on Art fight but I ran out of time to attack before you got a lot and now deviantART is recommending your art to me! Small world! I hope to get you next year if you play again! your digital painting style is absolutely breathtaking and inspirational.

Small world indeed :D

And yeah, I'm at least planning on attending next year as well if I'm not too busy or anything! Thank you :)

Thank you for the like. I saw your work on tumblr today, never saw this page or knew about the comic prior to that.

I love your work, amazing color and movement in your art. I look forward to seeing more pieces (and pages) from you!