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When a mysterious being gets trapped inside an ancient temple, it has to make a deal with a young local woman to get back out again.

The woman and the creature soon find themselves on a long journey where they both try to run away from their past.

Step Aside: Prologue 01
Step Aside: Chapter 01: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 02: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 03: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 04: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 05: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 06: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 07: Page 01
Step Aside: Chapter 08: 01
Step Aside: 09:01
Apathy: 01: 01
Apathy: 01: 02
Apathy: 01: 03
Apathy: 01: 04
Apathy: 01: 05
Apathy: 01: 06
Apathy: 01: 07
Apathy: 01: 08
Apathy: 01: 09
Apathy: 1.5: 01
Apathy: 1.5: 02
Apathy: 1.5: 03
Apathy: 1.5: 04
Apathy: 02: 01
Apathy: 02: 02
Apathy: 02: 03
Apathy: 02: 04
Apathy: 02: 05
Apathy: 02: 06
Apathy: 02: 07
Apathy: 02: 08
Apathy: 02: 09


Apathy is a story about a city, its leader and a strange fire that threatens to ruin everything in more ways than one.

The comic is set in the same universe as Step Aside and predates it by several hundred years.

Pillars of Decay
A Shard Reborn
Tell me if I have misunderstood
You're Perfect
The Faceless Man takes his Place
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I'm an ambitious dweller from Finland who works as a 3D animator by day and a 2D artist by night.

Feel free to call me NK, Sav or Savannah.

NK and NKOS are the names you can often find signed on my works.

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Your art and stories are so dream like and I can't help but feel a bit ethereal reading them <3

Thank you!

It makes my day knowing people have had fun going through my works :D

I love your wings; the connection points are super cool.

Thanks! I like my wings big :D

Yeah seriously; I dislike it when people draw little baby wings with no details and say 'oh yeah, this can fly'. I mean, if you add magic, okay, and to each their own, but I like big wings.

Happy Birthday! 🎂