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My interpretation of Jon Snow from A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones....... I haven't watched the tv series for more than one episode, so this is based on the idea I got from the books.
(I haven't read the latest book tho, so no spoilers thanks haha)
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Love the colours ^^
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Does this dude know anything ?
SleepingFox90's avatar
badass awesome art :) love it <3
TheDagmar's avatar
Incredible. I love it so much :O
The colors work beautifully together, and the setup just works so well and I think you did wonderfully. 
Cheschirecatboris's avatar
I love this. This is so greattt<3
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Ihanan pelkistetty väripaletti~ Tykkään myös siitä miten sun työt näyttää aina jotenkin siltä ettet kärsi niitä tehdessä vaan se on oikeasti hauskaa, tiedä sitten mistä tällanenkin mielleyhtymä syntyy tai että onko oikeasti näin :'D 
Mutta tykkään kovasti tyylistäs ♥
oranges-lemons's avatar
Oh, miten en ollut huomannut näin ihanaa kommenttia ;__;
Kiitoksia kovasti <3
Ja ihan oikea mielleyhtymä - maalaan enimmäkseen siksi että se on vaan todella kivaa :D
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it's so different from the tv image, i love it! i love your lineart-less art style >w>
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beautiful colors!
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I love the colour scheme and how minimalistic it looks. Great job!
victoriapettis's avatar
Wow, brilliant! I adore the contrast of color and how Ghost is just a streak of white, it makes everything stand out so well!
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Thank you very much!
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your colour sense is just wonderful.
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I prefer this interpretation of Jon Snow much more than the TV series'. Then again I haven't even watched a single one episode. :P
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I think they made him older in the tv series - at least the actor didn't look like 14 years old to me, like Jon was in the beginning of the books :,D
justMANGO's avatar
Yea, I had a lot of complains with regard to age portrayal in the series. And also Syrio Forel is supposed to be bald. :P
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This is some lovely artwork o.O
rainbowdashfan3353's avatar
Looks awesome! Faved~
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