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Leather Armor Tutorial

I wrote up a tutorial of my first leatherworking project. It took a lot of time and research, but I know anyone who has time and patience can do it. I also really want to thank the Tandy man who talked to me for about an hour when I went to their store. He gave me so much advice. Thank you!

I also learned a lot about leatherworking from :iconmerimask: who has a great maskmaking tutorial on her livejournal. I mean, that's what armor is, right? A mask for your body. Yesssss. Thank you!

Sorry for any typos (so tired), and please ask any questions you may have.
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What a great tutorial! I love how you kept it simple and those first steps on the design are very clear and concise. 
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I really like how simple this tutorial is for making armor. Instead of a bunch of expensive casting tools and clay , you keep to simple tools and devices that you can find anywhere (home depot, walmart, etc). It seems a lot easier to make armor by staying simple. Thank you! Im going to be using this method (leather armor) to use for armor!! Some of it might be changed up though like instead of cloth hanging line clippings, I may just switch to velcro strappings and clippings with buckles or something for the straps/sides of the armor. 
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I am glad you like it! Leather can get expensive, but if you buy during a sale it's really not too bad.
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Hmmm okay :-) I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
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You must teach me your leather-working ways! I'd love to remake my Shanoa costume sometime, and I wonder if a single piece leather chest-plate would be possible? :/
OrangeMoose's avatar
Yay that would be fun! I think it would work since the breast area has a gentle curve. Your current costume and chest plate look perfect though =p
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This made my day, Thank you for sharing! I have been wanting to try leather armor and already do clothing patterning and sewing so this was great.
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I was wondering if this would also work for faux leather?

I wanted to use leather to make Panne's torso armor from Fire Emblem Awakening since it seems like the most appropriate material.

However, looking at the price and size of leather, I feel like it would be a waste of money if I bought a full Tandy hide.  I don't really build leather armor often for cosplay and this could be the only time I ever really do this, so I really don't want to waste. I know they sell remnants as well, but I don't think they would have large enough pieces in there for constructing it properly.

So is it possible it could also work for faux leather or would it not due to the difference in fabric.

I'll be moving to Dallas in a few weeks to they'll be no short of leather factories there. Is it possible to get a smaller section of hide if I ask?
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I don't think it would work on faux leather. Real leather has an elasticity and moldability you can't find in synthetic materials. If you go into a leather store there should be smaller portions of hide available for sure. It might be best to go into a store anyway so you can decide what thickness of hide works best for you. Choosing your own hide is nice. Some hides have a lot of scar or bug marks on them so being able to see them in person has its advantages.
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Okay, thank you!
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where did you buy your leather??
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now this is what you call leatherworking in WoW XD
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Haha...leatherworking is my favorite profession in WoW. =)
DevilBahamutX's avatar
and in real life xD
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This is a wonderful tutorial! I've been nervous about working with leather, but this makes it seem a lot more accessible. Thanks for sharing!
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No problem! Leather is very forgiving =) You'll have fun if you give it a try.
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This is amazing! It would be perfect for making LotR elven style armor. :heart:
Thank you for putting this up here.
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No problem! Glad it's giving you some ideas. =)
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Where did you get your leather?
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Do you seal it inside and out with the acrylic Super Shene or just on the painted side? If you didn't seal it on the inside, would there be an issue with warping due to sweat transfer while wearing it or does having even just the bodysuit underneath prevent that?

Very fantastic tutorial, and I love that it's specifically WoW-related because it really helps me with my ideas for making a demonform costume and how that can be accomplished. 
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I am glad it helped you! Though the robe was heavy and I did sweat a tad, it was nowhere near enough to go through the dress fabric. I only sealed the front. If I were to paint/dye the back, I would have sealed it.
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I worry about things warping since I know how much leather costs and I've dealt with leather warping before, so it's good to know that it wouldn't be an issue. Thank you so much for answering my questions! I really appreciate the help.
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