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Tagged by my dude :iconmysterypaws:

001. Real name: 
Bridget pls call me pepper tho thanks 

002. Nickname: um well Bridgey and beeg but like
call me pepper

003. Zodiac Sign: Gemini

004. Male or Female: Female

005. Elementary: DE

006. Middle School: HMS

007. High School: NHS

008. Hair Color: its uh.. its like brown

009. Long or short: its just medium 
like right on my tits

010. Loud or Quiet: very quiet 

011. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans are pretty cool

012. Phone or Camera: my phones fine thanks

013. Health freak: not really. my mom is so like i eat what she makes me i guess

014. Drink or Smoke: No no no no no no no no noo  onooo
ill drink wine tho

015. Do you have a crush on someone: um. yes

016. Political orientation:
 im still basically 7

017. Piercings: my ears 

018. Tattoos: nope not yet



019. Airplane: a really little one

020. Car accident: nope almost tho 

021. Fist Fight: no im gonna go ahead and say im a pacifist

022. First piercing: my ears when i was 7

023. First Best Friend: Kenzi who is my best friend to this day

024. First Instrument: i played the violin. i never played the recorder. i waited for so long to play that damn recorder AND I NEVER GOT TO

025. First award: I got a fucking art award in like first grade and thats the only reason im here today it has cured my depression forever 

026. First Crush: this boi nick and i loved him all through out elementary
hes kinda hot now

027. First Language: English
028. First big vacation: i guess just camping?? i mean i went to Washington DC last year and that was fun. i woke up at 12 in the morning because my friend gabby and kenzi were making shadow puppets and i joined them. we roomed with this random girl and gabby had to sleep with her cause i was gonna sleep with kenzi no matter what

029. Last person you talked to: my mom

030. Last person you texted: My friend Geri shes pretty cool 

031. Last person you watched: Im watching theodd1sout rn

032. Last food you ate: ummm fruit snacks at lunch. i havent eaten very much today. i forgot my lunch at home today

033. Last movie you watched: yo i think it was moana in french like last week

034. Last song you listened to: nicotine by p!atd

035. Last thing you bought: a sprite at lunch

036. Last person you Hugged: my mum



037. Food: cheese. mild cheddar Cheese

038. Drinks: Sprite and some teas

039. Clothing: Sweatshirts and leggings

040. Book: I dont actually read all that much but i just read to kill a mockingbird and that was good

041. Color: purple. pastel purple

042. Flower: any flower is fine

043. Music: i like lots of music 

044. Movies: cartoons

045. Shoes: Converse 

046. Subjects: Art



047. Kiss in the snow? no because no one likes me

048. Celebrate Halloween? you betcha

049. Had your heart broken? yep

050. Went over the Minutes on your Cell Phone? i dont have minutes or anything i hardly call anyone?

051. Did someone question your Sexual Orientation? yea my mom. like twice

052. Came out of the closet? no

053. Gotten Pregnant? no

054. Had an abortion? no

055. Did something you regretted? umm yea?

056. Broke a promise? I dont remember 

057. Keep a secret? yep 

058. Pretend to be happy? yea a lot 

059. Met someone who changed your life? Ethan is pretty cool

060. Pretend to be Sick? yea lmao

061. Left the country? nope

062. Tried something you normally don’t like, and then you liked it? does actually talking to some guys count 

063. Cried over the silliest thing? probably lmao

064. Ran a mile? for school yes

065. Went to the Beach? i think so? yes because me and my friends took a bowl and we made boobs in the sand

066. Stayed Single? HA YE



067. Eating: nothing. ive hardly eaten all day

068. Drinking: nothing :(

069. Getting ready to: maybe eat cause like i havent been feeling to good

070. Listening to:
 just youtubes

071. Plans for Tomorrow/Today: today is print my essay, and go to bed. Wake up go to school, want to die, go home, probably want to die more

072. Waiting for: me to finish this



073. Want Kids: maybe ?? idk man

074. Want to Get Married: probably !

075. Careers in mind: an animator or even a voice actor

076. Lips or Eyes: eyes i dont really like lips?? if that makes sense

077. Shorter or Taller? Taller probably

078. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic 

079. Nice stomach or Nice arms: Arms

080. Sensitive or Loud? I little mix of both is adorable!

081. Hookup or Relationship: a relationship is good

082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: ?? idk man


083. Lost glasses/Contacts: yea but like i found em

084. Ran Away From Home: I was upset and i rode my bike up the street to my elementary school and sat there and cried. but then i went home cause a guy walked by and i thought he was gonna kidnap me and then i fell in the street and hurt my ankle

085. Held a weapon: a knife? look at my emo ass by OrangeJuicee heres a picture its old

086. Killed somebody? no? i dont like hurting people

087. Broken Someone’s Heart: no. no one likes me lmao

088. Been Arrested: nah man



090. YOURSELF: yes but no

091. Miracles: sure??

092. Love at First Sight: i guess??

093. Heaven: Yea! but i do wonder about the scientific aspect of things

094. Santa Claus: I used to and i wish i still did

096. Magic: not really?



097. Is there one person you want to be with, right now: idk man i kinda wanna hang out with Ethan he makes me pretty happy

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are, in life: eh not exactly. there are some good things about life like my friends and art but i do have a lot of problems that make me really down and i just have bad days a lot and people ask "OH BRIDGET WHY DO YOUU LOOK DEPRESSED???" cause i PROBABLY AM

099. Do you believe in God: I do !!

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March 9, 2017


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