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I Feel Like A 6/10 by OrangeJuicee I Feel Like A 6/10 by OrangeJuicee
pastel sets the drinks on the kitchen table and called up to Danyel who she assumed was home. "Dannie! I got Starbucks!" 
No response.
"Dannie?" She calls again before setting her bag on one of the chairs and walks upstairs. She walks down the hall her steps making no sound on the soft carpet. She knocked on Danyels door softly. "Dannieo?" She said opening the door to see her older sister sat on her bed leaned up against the wall scrolling through her phone. pretty normal besides the soft sobs escaping her throat and the tears rushing down her twitching cheeks. "Oh god Dannie whats wrong?" Pastela said walking in closing the door behind her and sitting on her bed. "It's nothing." Danyel said softly. "Well its obviously not nothing." pastela said "please tell me." 
Danyel shut her phone off dropping it onto her blanket. She turned towards her and sighed "Aki got a modeling contract." 
Pastela was very confused "woah thats awesome! why are you crying about it?"
"Well that means that i probably have no chance with him anymore. He's going to be hanging out with other models all the time. They're pretty and skinny and exciting. Im fat ugly and boring. He's going to get with them and forget about me." 
Pastela sat in shock. "Oh my god no Dannie. He would never forget about you. you still have a chance, a large one at that. He's your best friend."
Danyel started to shake even more with anger now "Pastela you just don't get it... You have a boyfriend who loves you because you're pretty and funny and you're a great person. I'm no one. He's never going to love me." 
:iconmysterypaws: Do you wanna rp this ???
mysterypaws Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bro I'm killing too! I haven't used Pastela in so long! Just copy and past this then send a note ^^
OrangeJuicee Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
alright rad dude!
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