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Been super busy with all the school work and photog work and,
well, life itself haha, but I just thought I'd write a short update.

I know that a lot of people have been missing my sister Alodia
BlackMageAlodia's cosplay photos. Don't fret, cause come March
y'all will be seeing a lot of new stuff from us! And probably
some of my photos from client shoots as well.

Here's a little teaser:

I miss writing here too. Maybe when I get the time. And probably
when I'm not too bummed from everything that life throws at me.
Sometimes I just feel like curling up into a ball on my bed and
just forgetting about everything. Sucks, really, that I have to
put up with that side of myself.

Ok before I get all emo here, imma go ahead and work on my
homework / edit more photos / write a song / sleep / whatever
I'll be in the mood for in the next couple of minutes.

:heart: Ashley

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9 min read
I was outninja-ed once again by my sister BlackMageAlodia and I suggest you go read
her journal entry before this one because all I'm posting are some pictures taken
from my camera LOL. She, on the other hand, wrote ALL about the competition,
complete with compiled videos and everything haha. Insane!

I DID transcribe those Kaname videos, though, so I think I deserve some of
the credit. HAHA excuses excuses. Whatev. I admit I'm too lazy to write
anything substantial, so here is a photo dump entry for all of you (with
some short descriptions I guess). :D

Me as Shiori Tsuzuki from Witchblade

Alodia BlackMageAlodia as Amaha Masane

My mom and dad amongst the crowd

The judges. Kaname! :heart:

Team Thailand

This is our tank and his name is Wall-e. LOL. I'm kidding. I was the one
inside carrying it and making it move, so no we didn't make use of a third

Me beating the *toot* out of BlackMageAlodia

Getting interviewed and hearing the judges' comments

Why if it isn't Mr. Danny Choo himself!

Team Indonesia getting their certificates

Our turn, and yay! HUGS KANAME. The Malaysian team even got their certificates
kissed. I iz jealouz. Wahahah

Me and my sister Alodia, finally dressed down to our normal clothes :p

Sizer of Team Malaysia playing with bottles

Orochi of Team Indonesia. You're still bishier than Kaname! HAHAHA

We were playing a game of shoot the roll of tape around one of the bottles.
Whoever wins gets to kiss Kaname. Guess who won. ME. HAHAH! But of course
I couldn't do it. Give me a slice of cake and maybe I would. :XD: jk jk

Toe wrestling. pinkyluxun wins!

This next set of pictures was taken by our cousin Noel. :heart:

I just so love this photo. PRICELESS :heart:

With Noel :D

That's all folks!


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12 min read
I'm hoooome!! Didn't have the time to hold a photoshoot in Biri,
but that's okay, I guess there's always next year LOL.

Before I get to my entry about Singapore, I'd like to ask for your
help first with something that'll probably take less than a minute,
to an hour, to a few days, or even a few weeks, depending on how
much you love me. HAHA!

You see, a few of my closest friends are in this band called
Milagro. They're a funk / hard rock / soul / hiphop fusion
band with crazy arrangements and even crazier antics (LOL got
that from the band description), and they just recently joined
MTV Emerge. If they win, they get a recording contract with
Apl De Ap of the Black Eyed Peas! They'll be needing all the
support they could get! So...

You can listen to/vote/rate their songs here:
:bulletgreen: I Don't
:bulletgreen: Turn to Move

I swear they're super duper A-W-E-S-O-M-E. You wouldn't regret
clicking on those links and listening to those two tracks. Awesome
shiz, I swear.

Well, for me at least haha.

So I've been clicking on that yellow vote button like crazy (every
5 minutes haha), but I think it's gonna take me days to get them to
the top spot if I do this alone, so I really need everyone's help!
Please please please help meeeee?? *bats inexistent eyelashes*

Remember, you can vote EVERY FIVE MINUTES! :) sooo let's do
this guys!

*end of commercial*

Singapore Day 1

I don't even know where to start. It just seems long ago. HAHA!
Cheers to short-term memory loss, for having been my constant partner
in this eventful life of mine. Two very contradicting particularities,
I know. But let me try my best in sharing this experience widjoo all. :XD:

So I was the luckiest person in the world to be my sister BlackMageAlodia's
chaperone for the trip. I guess I was even more excited about it than her.
Hence this candid picture of me running down the boarding aisle or whatever
you call that area with my hands in the air. Ok I'm kidding of course that
one wasn't candid.

Here's a photo of the Nuffnang squatters OH I MEAN bloggers heehee, all
gathered round while waiting for the others. Spot the BlackMageAlodia LOL!

That's meeee! :3

SMOKE!! Haha yeah I think it's the first time I've seen that much come out
of the airplane ceilings.

Frances and Tita Noemi on the other side. :D

Jen my seatmate! I'd realized that it was her blog I'd stumbled upon a few years
ago while I was searching for beaches and surfing. HAHA!

I found this yummy looking telephone station at the airport. ORANGE!!! :heart:

And yeah, my sis BlackMageAlodia and I had a bit of fun with it.

Mica, Jonel, Ada, Hannah, Maki, Jehz, Alodia, Sir Eric and me.

I've never seen such a place as clean and as PLANNED as Singapore. My gosh.
If only I had a wide angle EF lens, I could've taken much better pictures.
But with a 50mm, this is the best I could do. A shot taken from inside
the bus. :XD:

Finally arrived at the Link Hotel, where we stayed for two nights.

My sister Alodia BlackMageAlodia and her purdy hair.

Lotsa Filipinos at the hotel lobby. :D

Jen striking a pose for mehh haha!

The bloggers listened while the Nuffies dictated. HAHA kidding

Frances, Erica, and Alodia :heart:

Alodia BlackMageAlodia

Ashley orangeish

Look! It's a cute little bird hahahaaaa okay random.

We were a bit early too early for checking in so we went out to have lunch
first. Trees and buildings everywhere!

Our food. I forget what it was called. :XD: BlackMageAlodia and I shared a dish.

I noticed these two cute old men having lunch together. Aww. Haha! Randomnessss...

Old people in wheelchairs selling packs of tissue paper. :O I heard that
it was common in Singapore for random people to come up to you and sell
you tissue paper because food stalls like these, I think, never give them
out for free. Odd. :O

A super duper pretty RX-8 parked outside a restaurant with one of its windows
down, without anybody inside!!!! GOSH. Rich Singaporeans are rich. And 0 crime
rate owns!!! If this were in the Philippines, the car would've been gone even
before you could say HEH!

And goodness graciousnesszzz they got Benzes for taxis.

Entry for the awards night, coming soon! (I hope.)

And don't forget to vote for Milagro!!
:bulletgreen: I Don't
:bulletgreen: Turn to Move



I just remembered about the kiriban! I'll go check out the messages
later. I promise!

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8 min read
Okay so we already got back from Singapore, made a lot of new blogger friends while there, got the
chance to meet Arissa and Dawn of,  watched zemotion have a photoshoot with my
sister BlackMageAlodia and helped with setting up (yay photography level up!), some of you have caught
my 200,000 kiriban already, I got a new Samsung phone, etc etc. Lots of stuff to write about! But I
won't be able to in the coming days since I'll be celebrating the October holidays in the province
with my family. And as soon as we come back, we'll be working on our skit, costumes and props for
AFA '09!

Gosh. And I thought the break would give me the time I needed to relax. I haven't even gotten the
time to sleep in yet! :cry:

My sister packed a few dresses just in case we got the time to shoot in the awesome Biri islands in
Northern Samar.

photo © Square Tan

My sister BlackMageAlodia and I had been going to Northern Samar since we were little and we've never
even gotten a glimpse of the place! Pathetic, I know.

So yeah, I'll come back and write an update when I can. I'll miss my iMac and my internet (both of
which run like turtles). Hah.



</div></div></div> </div>


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8 min read
My sister Alodia BlackMageAlodia and I apologize to those who messaged us
about meeting up in Singapore during our trip with Nuffnang this weekend.
I'm afraid we couldn't set aside some time as we didn't expect our schedule to
be this packed! :(

Here's a copy, though, of our schedule for our 2nd day there, October 24th.

These are the places we'll be at. So with any luck, mere coincidence may probably
make our paths intersect? Maybe? Hopefully? And maybe during those times alloted
for photo taking, we can chat a bit...and of course take photos! Haha.

We're really wishing to see any of our fellow deviants there! Any of you who might
be there at those places during the hours that we will be, just give us a buzz!




Bound and Gagged: A Show with Heart!
October 23, 2009 (Saturday)
PETA Theater

This show is a benefit show for the Real Life Foundation. Happening on
October 23 in PETA Theater, you can enjoy and help a good cause at the
same time. This is not a show for profit, but a show with heart.


If you guys have nothing to do, you might wanna listen to some music haha!
Here's a link to my music blog, where I dump all my songs, both covers and
originals, for everyone to freely browse through.

:bulletgreen: AshleyGMusic.Tumblr.Com :bulletgreen:

Tumblr users, c'mon and follow meeeeee!! :heart:


I would also like to share my Facebook Fanpage! LOL. I don't really wanna
call it a fanpage, but it's just that I chose to accept only the friend
requests from the people I really know personally for my first account.
And for this one, friend requests wouldn't be screened at all. And I
update this one just as much, too! :nod:

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