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Out on the tar plains


Out on the tar plains, the glides are moving
All looking for a new place to drive
You sit beside me, so newly charming
Sweating dew drops glisten, freshing your side

These are two of the photos which will be showcased at the exhibition called Redefine on October 5-9 at the MVP Roofdeck of the Ateneo de Manila University. Opening night's on the 5th, at 6PM. Everyone who's in the Philippines by then is invited to come!

Concept & Photographer: Ashley Gosiengfiao (me)
Makeup: Alodia Gosiengfiao (*blackmage9)
Models: Mia Marquez & Mike Rabat
Project Manager & Owner of car: Gab Aguila
Lighting Assistants: Miguel Rabat & Jobim Javier
Dress: JV Castro
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wow!! this is nice. i'll try to make it to the exhibit. i love the concept. faved
the dude is gay, very gay [link]
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great job! It looks like an ad for Guess! :D
LovelyDramatic's avatar
I really like you took a grab at this concept.. even though I think the first picture could of been shot a lot better.. i like the 2nd shot a lot! And I see those glasses more and more now-a-days x3
Kaaser's avatar
I think this shot should put on the
commercial ad that would be nice enough.... :constipated::laughing:
princekorin's avatar
wow, i love it! great shots!
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I love the story.
orangeish's avatar
Glad you do! Thanks for the fave Gine :heart:
Kaaser's avatar
Awesome shot I never thought the
model were to young.... :clap::sarcasticclap:
orangeish's avatar
Thanks! Yup and they're huuuuuge *_* (meaning tall haha)
princeoshare's avatar
ur photography is better than your sisters :3 i really love it ><'

u should continue what you're doing ^____^
mystiqueeyes's avatar
I agree with this person.
You captured all these shots well. Keep it up.
orangeish's avatar
Thanks but naww, she's so much better at figure photography :p
princeoshare's avatar
i agree with that, i believe figure photography is her forte :3
KokushiMusho's avatar
yes! that's the right term. figure photography. :D yun dapat sasabihin ko.XD. But with your skill, sisiw nalang din sayo yun pag sinubukan mo. XD. Wala kasi dapat comparison. XD

You're really improving miss Ashley. Everytime you get passionate at something, you become better at a fast rate. This is really good. :nod:
BlackMageAlodia's avatar
Yup, I'm more of an illustrator than a photographer. :p
KokushiMusho's avatar
no, your photography skill is really good as well.

Aside from that, I would have to agree with everyone else here. :nod:
BlackMageAlodia's avatar
Thanks~ :D But nah, I'm not really *that* much into photography. Just enjoying it! Didn't even take it as an elective in school unlike Ash. Instead, I got Comics Class, Drawing Class and Painting Class. ^_^
GermanCityGirl's avatar
Mmm, the Chauffeur is such a great song.
orangeish's avatar
I love Deftones :heart:
GermanCityGirl's avatar
I had never heard it before so I just listened to their version. It's not bad but I prefer Duran Duran's version :)
Reskiy's avatar
Duran Duran! Haha! Rio's one of my favorite 80s albums of all time! :XD: Gosh, what an awesome era... Haha!

Great shots! They look so retro! The tones are great too! :D
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