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Black Hole Sun

By orangeish
Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?

It's been raining really hard nonstop since this morning. A lot of houses have been submerged underwater. People are stranded. People have died. Rain rain, go away.

Shot this today during the storm. :)

Model / Hair / Makeup / Styling / Headdress & Accessories / Concept: Alodia Gosiengfiao (*blackmage9)
Photo / Post processing: Ashley Gosiengfiao (me)

© 2009
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kitzerkief's avatar
Love this little photo series, very original with excellent props and colors/light.
So while people were bailing out their homes, trying to save possessions, and suffering watery deaths, you had the gaul to do a photoshoot?

Classy. Real Classy.
kwineedoll's avatar
whooo. Inggit lang kasi. :p Nice Shot BTW, Ash. whooohoo. :heart:
levsfackcp's avatar
that's just unfair. when catastrophes happen does it mean we all have to stop living normal lives? give'em a break, nobody wanted what happened (except for jacque bermejo who apparently wanted "us" sinners to feel every milliliter of raindrop hitting us). what i'm saying is think then rethink before giving statements, so they won't seem an aftermath of stupid ideas. peace pre.
orangeish's avatar
Why hello there. I've got a special message for you right here ;) [link]
natasian's avatar
goodjob on my favorite song. kala ko ikaw. hahaha
orangeish's avatar
Wahaha thanks Eyzeeyuh. :D mahahalata mo agad na ako yan kung tenga yung unang makikita mo. :XD:
Glad to hear you are OK so far
yadayada1616's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and your sister did a great job on the styling!
jZuavE's avatar
you surpassed queen amidala's headdresses imho! great shot and emo! keep it up the both of you, always looking forward to your arts the both of ya!!!
KokushiMusho's avatar
soooo creative. galing nyo :clap:

*agrees with you regarding the rain*
Kaaser's avatar
Hmmm!:hmm: I wonder why there is a black hole in the sun? :confused:

Nice Job Ashley.....:clap::sarcasticclap:

When people love others, they grow weaker, though it's nothing to be ashamed of. True weakness lies elsewhere.
AmyGuardia's avatar
wow so unique headband around your face :) what is it actually? XD first look i thought you were a flower, nice picture love it ^^
BlackMageAlodia's avatar
It's something I made a few hours before the shoot. (Process pics here). :D I used old styrofoam, acrylic paint and silver buttons. :D
AmyGuardia's avatar
wow truely awesome :) and thank you for the tips, really appreciate that X3 thanks ms alodia
Reskiy's avatar
Wow! You really did have a shoot! Haha! Nice! Lovely tones! :D

And woot for Soundgarden reference! :XD:
dollxninja's avatar
awesome~!!!edjie's headgear is amazing~!!:3
iKier's avatar
Waw. The Face! Its Beauty! :3
I Love it!
BlackMageAlodia's avatar
Hahahaha! credits! XD
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