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Hi there! Haven’t been here since 2014! 

Don’t know if I’ll actually revive this old account or not, probably not, but I thought it would be fun to dig out the old passwords and log in for a minute.

Four years older, four years wiser!
I currently work as a freelance animator/artist at a small animation studio. Busy, busy! I would post links to stuff I’ve done, but I’m a shy old woman.

Well, if there is anyone out there to read this I have a question! What would you like me to try redrawing again from my gallery? Might be fun to do some redraws for old times sake, and to see if I’ve gotten any better or worse!

If you don’t remember who I am, I’m the dingbat who used to draw those awful batchibi comics.

Also, sorry to all the people who have left comments in these past 4 years. I probably won’t reply since they are so old. 
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Please go rate my design for the httyd 2 tshirt contest!…

I will love you forever and always if you do! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Okay, I'm not ready yet to officially move to a new account, but I do have one. It's a secret for now! Shhhhh!

I was just wondering, how many of you would actually follow me to a new account?
I would be posting both fanart and original art, and I might move some of my ninja turtle art to the new account, but I won't be moving batchibi though!

Batchibi will be staying where he is. I'm going to keep this account as batchibi storage, and if I ever do feel inclined to update Batchibi I will be posting it here.

I am a bit attached to this account, (and the name of it) but I think it's time for me to move on. I want to make comics again, original and fanart, and I've noticed that a lot of people don't bother with two accounts, that's why I want one for everything.

I could also just start posting all my artwork on this account, but if I did I would want to delete all my old stuff, and I'm sure those of you who like Batchibi wouldn't like that.
Hey, I made a facebook page for my artwork. A teacher recommended I do that.
If you have a facebook you can like it here:…

I don't have much up yet, but hopefully I'll update it regularly.

Okay, so I have been done for a while, but I haven't made time to visit my deviant art pages in a while. I'm trying to reply to all my comments, sorry if it's been so long you forgot who I am. lol
Here's my portfolio website:…

On to depressing stuff....
So a few days ago my 15 year old dog died. She died in my room, I was there when she went, and its very disturbing. I've been thinking about it a lot, I really just want my dog back, I know her body is gone, but I really want my dog back, we gave her to the vet to be cremated, and I'm really worried about them hurting her body. I've had her so long I never pictured losing her, but I knew she wasn't going to last the night, I knew because my cats knew, so I took her to my room.

I don't care how immature or stupid it sounds, I want my dog, I want Rose. I don't want another dog. I don't want a box full of ashes either. I don't want people telling me it's okay, or I'm sorry, I just want my dog.

So yeah, that's life. I'll get over it eventually... hopefully, cause I haven't drawn much since.

....Seriously don't send me sappy comments, or tell me to be logical or to get over it, just give me a :heart: or something if you understand what I'm saying. I just want my dog back.

Okay, yeah so that was depressing as heck, so I'll continue this journal a bit to help alleviate the boohoo, poor me, crap.

What to do with my self now that I'm graduated? Do I change my profile from art student to professional? Do I stay at home a work retail that rest of my life? Do I go bankrupt from student loans... WARNING WARNING! Going into depression land again....

Whew that was close....


Okay.... how about the latest ninja turtle episode?

I was so excited for the turtles to finally save Karai, and then after what happened to her my only thought was "Gee, Splinter's life sucks goat milk!" Also, "SHREDDER ACTUALLY CARES FOR KARAI!" He was actually upset about her mutation! They need to make an episode all about Splinter, and the turtles can be in it in like... the last 5 minutes of the show or something... hmm... maybe I should do a fancomic.... 

I also really like metalhead rewired. Donnie's life is suck fest too! UGH... I love him and his stupid robot! I still love Donnie, I don't think he's a creeper for liking April, but I never focus on the romantic relationships, so I don't think about it much. From what I gather from tumblr everyone dislikes Donnie and his crush, poor Donnie, he's just a kid who has never seen a girl in his life until April, cut him some slack you guys.

I also liked the episode where Raph trades brain with a Kranng, except the ending... the ending was weak and awkward to me.

Okay... I'm too tired to try and write anymore. Blahhhh it's not like anyone is going to read this far anyway. And if you did read this far then the secret word for today is: Bean. So there you go, be free little reader, be free and read no more!
Hey everyone,
Sorry for not being active, I've been busy.
I am thinking of making a new account and posting only art I can stomach. I just need a more professional account. It would be a mix of fan art and original art... I think. I'll be abandoning both this account and :iconorangeandbluecream:
I will keep this account for my old batchibi comics... I did have thoughts of deleting this account, but I still to this day get more comments on my older stuff than my newer stuff, and I know how much y'all love batchibi. I wouldn't do that to you, and if I do eventually decide to remove batchibi I'd move it somewhere else where you can still read it. As for my other account, I don't think enough people would miss it, so I may just delete that and start over.

If I ever did decide to draw another batchibi comic, I will still post it here... or anything else I think belongs here.

This plan isn't set in stone yet though.

I would also like to find someone to commission me for a subscription so I can change the name of this account.
Hi! Happy new year!
Sorry I haven't answered comments yet, I've been busy. :)
Wow... Thanks so much. I don't remember getting that many birthday wishes before.

It took me a while to thank every one. Two of you I missed, but I will thank yo on the school computers because my computer won't let me see muro drawings.

Thanks again you guys, that was very sweet. Big thanks to :iconcallmefargone: and :iconjose-ramiro: for points. :glomp:

I had a good birthday. I got to eat subway with my family. I love subway. And I got Monster's University on dvd! Yay! My Dad gave me TMNT Christmas ornaments. XD Tee hee.

Seventh Night is an adult/broad ages fantasy novel. 

A Romantic, Comic, Action, Adventure Fantasy that should appeal to fans of Ivanhoe and The Princess Bride...a poisoning, a kidnapping, a little magic, and double the princes.

Project a friend is working on. Check it out. :)…
Oh man... I don't think my art has improved enough!

I haven't complained on here  for a while so forgive me this breech in no-whining-tude. (I sound like Mikey lol)

Okay, I know I have improved... I mean have you seen some of the crap in my gallery.... now come on guys, this is me, I have no problem calling my old art what it is, so if you want, feel free to say... yeah... you stank. XD

If it weren't for the fact that so many people still read and enjoy the batchibi and spider-chibi comics, I would have deleted them long ago.

Oh wait.. I'm getting off topic....

I know I have improved from that time, but It's still not enough! I am no where near the level of professionals! I'm about to graduate, I'm supposed to try and fight my way to get jobs soon! How can I compete with... with... all of this?! *gestures to all of DA*

And how am I going to get better if I have to waste my time reading psychology homework! PSYCHOLOGY HOMEWORK IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

Yes... this has been a rant about homework. XD
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Remember when Sonic the hedgehog art would be on the front page?
Now it's My little pony. lol

Times change.... sort of.
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I think I'll put a happy little journal right here. :)

.... and maybe I'll add some happy little turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Hey guys!
So I've been really busy lately, I'm having to stay up late just to do this much on deviantart. XD
I'm nearing graduation at the Art Institute so I'm going to spending a lot of time on portfolio, homework, and working long shifts at work. I probably won't have time for fanart.

So just a warning, I may or may not be active on here for a while.... at least 9 months anyway.
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I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who continue to fave my art, even some of the old ,hastily drawn crap! XD

The bulk of my messages comes from faves! I appreciate the faves just as much as the comments! I know a lot of artists get offended if you fave and don't leave a comment, but if you compare views to faves, usually the number is way smaller! So the fact that you liked it enough to add it to your favorites means a lot to me. I'm actually surprised I get as many as I do, to be honest.

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I'm going to be cleaning up my gallery a little, but don't worry I won't get rid of batchibi... the comics anyway.
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I draw whatever I want and I feel like drawing TURTLES! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!


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So I went to see Rise of the Guardians, and when we came out of the theater there were flurries! Jack Frost did it!

Merry Christmas everyone in case I don't see ya'll before then!
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Well Happy Thanksgiving folks!

I'm want to draw a thanks giving drawing... but... I don't know what to draw... so...

SUGGEST SOMETHING! No, these are not requests... more like prompts... I'll take your ideas, mix and mash the best ones and come up with something fun! lol This is for Thankgiving only! So if it's after Thanksgiving then stop suggesting things... thanks bye! Enjoy your turkey!!! ;)


Hi! I decided to get started, and from the comments I got I decided a thanksgiving crossover would be best. I'm working on it right now, and I'm posting the wips on my tumblr here: :)
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Hey! How y'all doing?

I've been busy busy, and have many projects I would like to work on my two week break on from school. Sorry I still have no idea when I'll get the time to work on spider-chibi or bat-chibi.. Maybe tonight I'll have little time. Thanks everyone for the comments and faves and watches! I have so many messages, I'm not going to try to answer all of them directly! EEK! If you need to contact me for whatever reason, complaints about no new batchibis, questions about life, ransom demands, my opinion on your wedding dress, you will have better luck contacting me here :iconorangeandbluecream: or on my tumblr account : I go to tumblr, more often than I do deviant art... just cause it's less complicated. :)

seriously guys, thanks for the faves, and messages, and thanks for enjoying my dumb fanarts....
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I'm not home right now, so if you'd like to leave a message please contact me here: :iconorangeandbluecream:

I'm working in flash for the first time. I'm in a digital ink and paint class, but it's not about painting.... it's an animation class. Kinda misleading don't ya think? I was annoyed anyway... I wanted to learn how to paint super epic awesome digital paintings of doom! (not that I'll ever be good at it)

I'm really not sure what to do with this account. I never get on anymore. My first thought was to keep this account to post fanart on but, the only art that'll be appreciated on this page is Batman or Spider-man. And it's the truth, and I'm not mad about it. I wish my original characters could draw in the amount of favorites that my fancomics can... but I gotta be realistic. Nobody cares about original characters, unless they are of professional quality, or full of smut. And I don't do smut, and I'm not a professional artist.

So for now, I'm leaving this account here to be enjoyed by everyone who still likes batchibi. Don't worry, I'm not going to go all emo and wipe the account. And don't worry, I have not yet said I'm discontinuing Batchibi or spider-chibi.... yet.

I would still like to rename this account. Problem is I have to have a subscription to do so.... Cheapskates!

So.... Will draw for Subbie! Even if it's just a month subbie (that would be best) Then I could do the deed and be done with it. I'm not sure on what name I would change it to. It's just that Orange And Blue Cream is the name of my original comic, so It's dumb to have an account that has the name of it, but not a lick of art of it.

What kind of name do ya'll think I should get that you would still be able to recognize me?
How about Ihaventthoughtofaname. lol