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Deadpool, spidey, and Venom say thanks!

Thank you everyone who has been leaving comments on my last deviation! I didn't expect so much feedback! :heart:

I know I haven't responded to all of them, but I am reading every single one! I decided I'm going to experiment a bit, and see if I can find something in the middle...

So, here is a little doodle for you guys, Spidey with the two most requested chibis i get. Deadpool and Venom.

Spiderchibi doesn't know what to think of these two.
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I know im going to get a lot of negativity for this comment and might be getting cussed out by a few of you all, but I don't care. I just don't like deadpool!! There I said it. Reason is he reminds me too much of spider-man like a psycho  demented and humorous personality. Im not saying hes funny but it just annoys me that some people act like deadpool is the first and only one who cracks joke. spidey was the original troller and jokester. His comedy was more friendly than deadpool. In ult. spiderman show is that he acts too much like deadpool. that is why I don't like the show it doesn't take it self serious enough.
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It's cool, I'm not a deadpool fan either, though I admit I've never read any deadpool. XD

I don't like Ultimate spider-man either, it's dumb, and I hate his 'team mates' and I just don't give a crap about that version on Peter Parker. He's a brat. I tried to watch it, but I found myself wanting to punch Spider-man. I miss spectacular Spider-man... I loved the character designs by Cheeks, especially Gwen's!
yeah well I do find him funny sometimes i just don't like his fans who seemed to be like hes the only unique character. yes I also want to punch ult. spider-man tas. the comic however with brian bendes is epic but the show is just over the top with the lame 4th wall breaking puns. believe it or not i have read some deadpool comics and their weird as hell. I do admit he is funny sometimes but a little annoying with the 4th wall breaking.
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I thought deadpool was a different spider-man when I first saw him.
I didnt know what he was suppose to b. He just sceamed spiffy rip-off to me
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Me: Freaked much? Ha ha
Spidey: Uhhhh! Please help me
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Ahhh Spidey just looks too cute there!
And just to make sure, is Venom stroking Spideys head because he's hungry or he likes it?
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I can't edit comments, so I have to make a better version.

Deadpool: Thanks for the support! We appreciate it! :thumbsup: :D

Venom: We want to eat your brains! :evillaugh:

Spidey: me...:worry:
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Here's a version with icons.

:icondeadpoolplz: :iconsaysplz: Thanks for the support! We appreciate it! :thumbsup:

:iconvenomplz: :iconsaysplz: We want to eat your brains! :evillaugh:

:iconspidermanplz: :iconsaysplz: me...:worry:
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Deadpool: Thanks for the support!

Venom: We're feeling hungry...

Spider-Man: Help me...:worry:
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Oh dear, Spidey looks like a victim of high school bully!
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Isn't Spider-man already a bully victim as his real identity, Peter Parker?
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Aw, poor Spidey x3 They are very cute! :heart:
well done! :dummy:
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*takes spidy away from them*>.>
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Spidey's been rescued! :D
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love the user icon
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hah! my three favorite marvel characters!!!
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