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2013 Summary Of Art Copy by Orangeandbluecream 2013 Summary Of Art Copy by Orangeandbluecream
Yay summary of art! It was hard to choose, except for January cause I had nothing good.

Here are descriptions if you wanna read it. Links are from this account, my fanart account and my tumblr.

January: I didn't have much to choose from, it was a busy time, my mom was getting better from her chemo, and I had just started getting into Tmnt. I was working on a TMNT and Phineas and Ferb crossover comic that never came to be around this time.…

February: First successful digital painting that I have done, I want to do more of this style in 2014.…

March: It was hard to pick for this month. I went with a traditional copic drawing instead of the digita,l cel shaded monstrosity that I had originally picked.…

April: Another hard one to choose. I was drawing a lot for the short animation we did in class. I was excited to be picked for character design on the project. I got to work with my classmate Casey who is an awesome artist. This is a rejected design for the bug monster, I like this sketch cause I was using my new painting skills.…

May: I started a little project during that time making character in a bubble shape. I was going to make more but got to busy and never picked it up again. I made one for Olive and Axies, and some Tmnt ones. orangeandbluecream.deviantart.…

June: I was going to put Leo bubble here, then I changed it to a still of my part of the animation from the short we made in class, but in the end I decided on a screenshot of my motion graphics animation final. It's a fake commercial for an Evilo robot (Olive).…

July: I could have put something better here, but I like that face, and it is my most popular art work from this year deviantart and tumblr (though it did recently get beat out by another post on my tumblr)…

August: I had so many better, more finished artworks to put here, but I really like this monkey sketch and I wanted to add some realistic art too.…

September: I had made several turnarounds that month, fully colored too, but I went with traditional inks. I like variety.…

October: Again I could have put more turnarounds, but I like this one. :) It was a sketch request mashup I did on tumblr. I had several people pick different elements of the picture and it came out super random.  I want to do something like that again.…

November: One of the many turnarounds I did this year. Deborah is my favorite one so far. These are things I'm making for my portfolio.…

December: December/Jan really... I finished this up about 1:30 am. This had bg... bg are rare for me... of course I picked this one. XD orangeandbluecream.deviantart.…

Orange and Blue Cream/ Olive and Axies Ashley Malone.
Crysenley Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I never saw the June one! Olive is so cute there. XD I also like the sketchy style of the August one.
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