6teen: Nikki's New Lifestyle Chapter 1

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Things were pretty unnatural in the Galleria Mall. Sure, there were a lot of shops around, many customers enjoying their time spending money in many areas, game stores, music stores, sports stores and clothes stores alike. And even when there were many people around, no store was ever empty. However, in the hearts of a group of friends, things were not as simple as it seemed.

Sitting down at the lemonade stand known as The Big Squeeze was a blonde haired girl in a pink sweater and blue skirt, all covered in a white apron with a yellow lemon in the center as she was sadly wiping the stand. Then, as if hearing something, she looked up and tried to give a smile towards an unnamed person that had approached. "Oh, hello there! You're probably wondering why I'm not so enthusiastic as I usually am. Well, like, okay, I know I have this job to be closer to my friends and such, and I still have to pay off a big credit card bill, but that's not the reason why I'm depressed. As a matter of fact, I love my new friends, my job is pretty decent, and things couldn't get any better. It's just... I feel that today, I lost a big friend in our group thanks to a certain place's employers."

Caitlin looked around as if looking around for more customers. Caitlin then gave a nod. "Sit down a spell, I'll make you some lemonade, two dollars please, and I'll tell you the story."

Said unnamed person that approached the place sat down near the center as Caitlin gave a nod as she tried to make some lemonade as she coughed, "Okay, like, so I have this friend in my group, a bit of a punk girl, but her heart is always in the right place. Her name... Nikki Wong."


"She always worked at this place called 'The Khaki Barn'. A clothes shop where all the employees were always cheerful and nice, and Nikki, well, she was the opposite."

Inside the interior of the shop, reading a magazine out of boredom was a purple haired girl with piercings on her face, wearing a white sleeveless shirt and blue jeans, chewing gum as she looked a bit bored. Some blonde haired girls wearing the same pink shirt and blue pants occasionally gave looks towards her as they were doing their best to work, giving customers their satisfactory opinions just as Nikki looked up and said some witty remark, causing the girls to get frustrated as the customer just deflated in disappointment.

"She always thought that being in the Khaki Barn surrounded by these cheerful people she dubbed 'The Clones' were an annoyance. But, like, she can't help herself. She's just being who she is. However, that all changed the day Nikki became Employee of the Month."


Time had passed as one of the clones, the manager known as Chrissy, had gave the announcement of the new employee of the month of the Khaki Barn, causing the other two Clones to gasp in surprise and Nikki to turn her face in shock and awe as her confused face was the picture displayed throughout the shop.

"Yeah, it was quite surprising, actually. Wyatt told us about it after he was with Nikki when the announcement was made. And this all started because of Jonesy being the quote-unquote secret shopper. Which I would have loved that job, thank you very much."

A few minutes later, after Nikki talked with Chrissy, who was giving the girl an unknown smirk, Nikki turned to see a customer approach her, asking for her opinions on some clothes. Nikki was somehow complying and agreeing with some of the clothes choices, much to her surprise, but... it felt right to do it. After all, she was Employee of the Month, and she had to make good on that regard. Chrissy watched from nearby as she gave a smirk, her plan to revert Nikki into being a better employer... and one of them was working out greatly.

"It was like, she was being brainwashed, and she didn't even know it. Anyway, Chrissy approached her and led her to the Employee of the Month Lounge room... and there, that was where the changes really began..."


Nikki had to admit, she was quite impressed with the room that was inside. For all her time in the Khaki Barn, she had no idea that this was here. Well, she knew the girls hung out in a lounge room, but she figured that it was just a normal lounge room, where they relaxed, painted their nails and just talk about latest fashion trends... like the Clones did. She couldn't help but roll her eyes as she looked around at the place. In a way, it felt a little, futuristic, with the many perfumes that came out and... well, the more she walked in, the more it felt... right.

As she walked in and sat in the toilet, she was watching what she thought was a video, but a scanner had scanned her body for any unusual activity as it was told that face piercings weren't part of the standard uniform. When prompted to remove the piercings, she reached over to remove her nose piercing, without a second thought.

She winced in pain for a moment, but got the nose piercing out just fine, before moving to the piercing on her left eyebrow. She paused as she looked at herself in the mirror, wondering about her ear piercings. Should she remove those as well? She didn't know what to do. She turned back to the video program as it had explained, "Earrings are considered optional, as long as they do not dangle or have multiple on both ears."

She guessed that answered her question then. She reached over towards her ears and removed all but two earrings on her ears, one for each ear. She put them in her pants pocket, wondering if she can put them on later. As soon as she was done, she got up from the bathroom as she heard the voice say, "Always remember, you don't need to have an individual point of view in order to be a trusted employee of the Khaki Barn."

As she walked out of the room, she noted Chrissy standing just inside the door as she noticed that most of Nikki's piercings have been removed. "Why Nikki, what happened to most of your piercings?"

Nikki paused in embarrassment as she said, "I... removed them, because... multiple piercings would not do well for an employee of the Khaki Barn."

Chrissy smiled a bit, knowing that her plan was working. "Well, I suppose you don't seen any piercings on me, so I suppose it makes sense, right?"

"Well..." Nikki paused as she looked up. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Speaking of which, your uniform, it just... doesn't fit with the whole positivity thing we have going here." Chrissy pointed to her attire.

Nikki looked down and gasped. "Oh my gosh, you're totally right! I can't go out looking like this! What do I do?"

Chrissy gave a smirk as she approached Nikki, putting a hand on her shoulder as the purple haired girl looked up at the blonde. "Don't worry, I'm going to make it all better... let me recommend a perfect attire that you can wear..."

Nikki gave a happy nod, willing to listen to anything Chrissy would tell her.

"And that was just the beginning..."

This is the first chapter of the prize story for :icongdog90:, who requested a 6teen story based on the episode 'Employee of the Month', wondering what would happen if Nikki's transformation to a Clone in that episode was much more successful.  Well, I will say, it was interesting going over to this show and writing a fanfiction of this for the first time... I remember watching some of this show, but never getting into it as much.  But looking over it, I can see why this show had its moments.

For this one, though, Gdog90 requested I look into this episode and see what would happen if the Clones successfully converted Nikki into their lifestyle.  I'll admit, I've never done a brainwashing story before and have villains succeed, but... hey, I think it'll be fun to write a 'Villains Succeed' story for once!  Even if the Clones aren't exactly... villains to a degree, more... antagonists, in a way.

Still, this is only the first chapter!  Four more chapters to come of Nikki's new transformation, so be on the lookout!


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Again, thanks so much. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was already out.

Caitlin’s narrating? I never would’ve thought of that. What a great idea!

I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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Yeah, it's just the first chapter for now, but I'm getting a good basis down of what I need to do so far!  Glad to see you're enjoying it!

And yeah, I figured Caitlin narrating the story would be a good way to set up what was going on with their new lives.  You'll see how this affect everyone in time...

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story as it goes on!

Awesome start! Thanks so much!

(I’ll leave a more substantial review later. I got church at the moment).