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Heero Chibi Colour

Disclaimer: Heero from Gundam Wing belongs to Bandai/Sunrise, not me. I'm just borrowing him for the cute!~

Coloured version of Heero chibi sketch : D
But I can totally see all the mistakes in the lineart... but I did it ages ago and it's a space filler kay? Even so, concrit is much love!
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Nice work with teh colouring - I always have so much trouble cleaning up my lines... :shakefish:

But ... I'd love to see you shade it! :boogie:
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It's somewhat easier cleaning with a tablet? Seriously the digital work you do is infinitely better especially considering you use a mouse ^_~

There is a tiny bit of shading :> ... I actually don't know how to shade, and since it was a chibi I decided not to shade that much?
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*continues to be jealous*
:heart: But... thank you. I try hard. Goodness knows why. :D

Cell shading? (or whatever it's called)...?
:D ...Should I make a tutorial? :evillaugh: