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OBFC Exclusive interview: Telvy by DevinShadowV
OBFC Job Opening Page by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Cosplay and Crafts
You're  next - L4D2 Cosplay by SupremeBSM
Let doctor Nick fix you up! - L4D2 Cosplay by SupremeBSM
Nick L4D2 Cosplay in progress by SupremeBSM
Templar Assassin by ElenaVesania
Counter Strike and Day of Defeat
a tommy, a jerry, and a yankee by iTryHardArtist
de_dust2 by Spiritius
de_dust2 bombsite b by Spiritius
Oh Italy! by Spiritius
Free Valve games ie Alien Swarm and DOTA2
My Teemo Design (Redraw) by BlueWolfArtista
Luna 1 by kanzass
Templar Assassin (commission #4) by kanzass
Anessix - Dota 2 Underlords by NikoAlecsovich
GMOD renders and screenshots 1 FULL
Emesis Blue by Log04
The right people[Half Life] by Log04
Fight for your victory by Log04
Eternal wizard by Log04
GMOD renders and screenshots 2
Fishing by CommanderLeopard24
Last Generator... by CommanderLeopard24
CTF2 254th:POV: When You Want Enemy Medic Healing by CosmosFiny4Fun
[Garry's Mod] Pancake Protest. by yamakbats
GMOD renders and screenshots 3
Pneuma by Sculp2
HATEFUL by AssassinNinja100
Gorgeously Toned Marine (Halo) by LordHayabusa357
Close Allies by AssassinNinja100
Half Life mods, Source mod and remakes go here
Horseman by CorujaDeOuro3571
Signals by A-Shift
Half Life 2 - Kleiners Lab by Lustful-Illumination
Half Life franchise
Headcrab Infestation by RolandDemonPrince
Elite In The City [Half Life 2] by FreezeKonyflux
Combine Patrol 2 by RolandDemonPrince
Half-Life (3) Fanart: Lambda Army Vortal Division by MickeeYoofers
Left 4 Dead Franchise
Witch by xuuikie

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[L4D] Property of Ellis by KitsuMidori
[Stamp]-Someone's gotta say it by KitsuMidori
[L4D/Sanrio] Nothing worng with pink and black by KitsuMidori
Crossovers and random submissions no GMod or SFM
Fanart: War Never...Bucket! by CosmosFiny4Fun
Portal Franchise
Chell Portal Fan Art by Racooncake
Source Filmmaker Folder 1 Full
[SFM/Gmod DL] Morris Minor 1000 by YanPictures
Source Filmmaker Folder 2
Source Filmmaker Folder 3
Strike team by angelandelf
Source Filmmaker Folder 4
[S2FM] Club sandwich thinking... by Zeiburg
Team Fortress Franchise Folder 1
POV - you just got hit by jarate! by SupremeBSM
Third Party Source games
Cry of Fear meme by Fenrize
Tribute to Robert Culp
Dr.Breen RIP by DevinShadowV
Valve staff
Gabe Newell: For Posterity by DarrenGeers

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Spark by Shaman94
Tribute to Rick May
1 years No one... But you... by CosmosFiny4Fun
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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since we are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable (not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

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Entropy : Zero 2 - Release Date Announcement Trailer by Breadman

Portal with RTX | World Premiere by NVIDIA GeForce

OBFC Job Opening Page
We are normally an open group to all artist for the OBFC but I saw someone that had an agenda and joined the group recently I removed them because it goes against OBFC ground rules. Please keep it to yourself do not put any "agenda's" in our group you will get permanently banned.
Thank you.
Shadow out-
OBFC Job Opening Page
*Everyone knocking on my room door in the Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center*
*Everyone give me this*
...I'll make this an exception.
In my final post I stated "If something major happens I'll post it"...Well this is one of them so it's officially happening the very first Valve title to get full Raytracing support the original 2007 dam I'm old Portal.
Nvidia and Valve have teamed up to remaster the original Portal with Nvidia Reflex, DLSS 3 and next gen Raytracing technology for the RTX 40 series. Before you ask "Portal with RTX" will work with all Nvidia RTX 20 series to current card that includes most of the drivers so I'll be trying it out :D
Yes I know what your asking their have been RTXsk mods already like Reshade, yes that is true but Nvidia has created a new system which Portal with RTX is utilizing called "RTX Remix"
(From Nvidia blog)
"NVIDIA RTX Remix will launch soon, making it easy to remaster supported DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games with fixed function graphics pipelines.
RTX Remix is able to capture the textures, geometry, lighting, and cameras thanks to an innovative, custom D3D9 Runtime called the RTX Remix Runtime. Classic games like Morrowind use the D3D9 runtime to send draw calls (rendering instructions) to the GPU. RTX Remix Runtime intercepts those draw calls, interprets them into distinct assets, and reassembles those assets into an identical scene. From there, RTX Remix converts the assets and scene into the widely adopted Universal Scene Description (USD) open 3D framework, which is the foundation of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for building and operating custom 3D pipelines."
Now keep in mind DirectX 8 and 9 why? What you see in your video>advance setting in a any game including Valve you will see hardware/software select and DX will be there. Well all games back in the day that were using DirectX 8 and or 9 will be able to remaster their games with Nvidia Remix technology. I did look up Valve's list and it's pretty much all of them on the wiki page it doesn't show all Valve's game but I went on the Steam pages and pretty much all Valve games are compatible.
To boot Nvidia is giving the modding scene a leg up with sign ups to trying out the software with these requirements.
(continue from Nvidia blog)
"NVIDIA RTX Remix requires a GeForce RTX GPU to create RTX Mods, while mods built using Remix should be compatible with any hardware that can run Vulkan ray-traced games. GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, with up to 2X ray tracing performance and DLSS 3 are sure to provide the ultimate experience for RTX Mods."
Again from what I'm reading that to get the best experience is an RTX 40 series but others will work just not a full power.
Portal with RTX will be dropping this November and will be free for all Portal owners via Steam only.
-Shadow out
OBFC Job Opening Page
I know I know I'm retired from news duties but I did stated "If something major happens I'll post it". This is one of them Entropy : Zero 2 version 1.0 has dropped via Steam and Moddb and I'm one of the closed beta tester that helped out on the project and I'm very grateful and hope to do more projects with them in the future.
Here is my proof:
20220820220201 1
-Shadow out
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