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Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Contests closed
Cosplay and Crafts
Overgrowth by Sendaga
Legion Commander Valkyrie by Alcarie
WIP Gordon Freeman chest by GirlScoutDragon
Legion Commander by Alcarie
Counter Strike and Day of Defeat
Gonna Be A Dad (Counter Strike Comic) by Clawort-Animations
D-day by DanStrogg
Counter-Strike: Retaliation (POSTER) by arafridi2000
Fire in the hole! by FresaFriezaCold
Free Valve games ie Alien Swarm and DOTA2
dota 2: winter wyvern by HJKR
windranger: run with me? by HJKR
Now With Funky Kunkka by FSCP-Crossburn
Keeper of  the Bike (dota 2) by FSCP-Crossburn
GMOD renders and screenshots 1
Idk by T3ss3R
Trip Talk by T3ss3R
(VenturianTale) Johnny Ghost by PitZagafull
(VenturianTale) Johnny Toast by PitZagafull
GMOD renders and screenshots 2
Imposter! by AssassinNinja100
Russian Gas Mask Soldiers by JohnSheppard44
Are You Sure About This? by JohnSheppard44
[REMAKE] US Gas Mask Soldiers by JohnSheppard44
Half Life mods, Source mod and remakes go here
mod parody)  Crack life by Art-Pz
Half-Strike: Reloaded Logo by DiseArt
[Dark Interval] Model skins by A-Shift
[Dark Interval] We keep you safe by A-Shift
Half Life franchise
Freeeeemmaaaan by FreemanAH
unforeseen consequences by FreemanAH
Day one by FreemanAH
Poster of the Universal Union: Our Factories by sirion101
Left 4 Dead Franchise
Zoey by Grobi-Grafik
Aaand killed him in one hit by dobrapozitiva

Mature Content

left 4 dead 2 first gameplay stuff by XxthesoulshadowxX
Last womens on earth by temorinki
Non GMOD Crossovers and random submissions
Memes by The-Gamer-Within
Portal Franchise
goodbye by xPIXDALEx
Source Filmmaker Folder 1

Mature Content

Trapped by LadyRayne3D
Source Filmmaker Folder 2
Rebecca Chambers - little S.T.A.R in the dark by Egarshan
Team Fortress Franchise Folder 1
TF2 x Animal Crossing by munchcomin
Third Party Source games
Cry of Fear meme by Fenrize
Tribute to Robert Culp
Dr.Breen RIP by DevinShadowV
Valve staff
Marsh the WEENIE LORD by AlishDark

Mature Content

alt ver: run with me? by HJKR
Tribute to Robert Guillaume

Random from Featured

Team fortress 2 competition by Angelo-XD Team fortress 2 competition :iconangelo-xd:Angelo-XD 5 23 AT - Lahome13 by La-Mishi-Mish AT - Lahome13 :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 37 26 A day in the life of Gordon by Aniforce A day in the life of Gordon :iconaniforce:Aniforce 112 34 The Test Was Not A Test by 100SeedlessPenguins The Test Was Not A Test :icon100seedlesspenguins:100SeedlessPenguins 51 44 AX 10 Scout and Pyro by ChibiLisi AX 10 Scout and Pyro :iconchibilisi:ChibiLisi 12 5 GLaDOS Assembled w.o cores by billybob884 GLaDOS Assembled w.o cores :iconbillybob884:billybob884 103 33 Headcrab Mask Assembled by billybob884 Headcrab Mask Assembled :iconbillybob884:billybob884 681 234 Fleshroaster by WRAMIREZOIDE Fleshroaster :iconwramirezoide:WRAMIREZOIDE 55 40 Portal Cake by Cooper3 Portal Cake :iconcooper3:Cooper3 22 14 Portal 2 - Forum Signature by OWLychees Portal 2 - Forum Signature :iconowlychees:OWLychees 0 1 TF2:Demo by Erikonil TF2:Demo :iconerikonil:Erikonil 84 19 TF2: Soldier by Erikonil TF2: Soldier :iconerikonil:Erikonil 195 24 TF2: Sniper by Erikonil TF2: Sniper :iconerikonil:Erikonil 1,471 130 THE CAKE IS A LIE by neko-of-lotherian THE CAKE IS A LIE :iconneko-of-lotherian:neko-of-lotherian 40 25 Scout and spy by Snakelvr21 Scout and spy :iconsnakelvr21:Snakelvr21 3 8 The Orange Box redux by krhainos The Orange Box redux :iconkrhainos:krhainos 9 26









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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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Dec 9, 2009


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Fan Club

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:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since we are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable (not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

:bulletblue:Our Steam community page::bulletblue:

:bulletorange:Point towards super group::bulletorange:
3,063 out of 4,796- 63%

Help us upgrade to a super group. Cake and beer promised but not guaranteed…

:icondevinshadowv: :iconkittin12376:

:bulletgreen:OBFC Submission rules:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Group rules & user function help:bulletgreen:…

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:bulletred::bulletgreen:Feature media:bulletgreen::bulletred:


Pearl And Marina's "Talk" With Mario by Daitomodachi

***Mod news and FACEIT 2018 – Champions Stage***

(Slow news day)

First up in mod news that Classic Horror Mod went MIA for a while and will be getting back to the mod soon just personal life got in the way.

CHM is ailve!-…

Lastly for the night we have two mod releases version 2 of Half-Life 2: Aftermath and new mod for Insurgency called Swords vs. Spies a stealth mod.

Half-Life 2: Aftermath - Release 2-…
Swords vs. Spies-…

Lastly for tonight on the CS:GO ESports front that FACEIT 2018 – Champions Stage will start Thursday at 14:15 UTC+1 on, on the official Twitch stream, and in-game on GOTV to see which team will become the next CS:GO Major Champions.

FACEIT 2018 – Champions Stage CS blog post-…

-Shadow out
***RTSL's The 72-Second Experiment entries are up, Another Half-Life remake and the first uncensored steam game banned in mutiple territories***

RunThinkShootLive's "The 72-Second Experiment" uploads are now live and are ready for us to play and vote for the best of the experiment.

The 72-Second Experiment page-…

Another Half-Life remake called "Project Lambda" is all done in the Unreal engine and as of now Chapter 1 is up for download.

Download page-
Fans Are Trying To Remake Half-Life Using Unreal Engine 4 Kotaku blog post-…

Lastly for tonight and luckly it's not on Valve/Steam end this time but uncensored games are getting put down again not by Valve but by the territories around the world are banning the game for it's adult content and it's Negligee: Love Stories the very first uncensored Steam game...

(From Steam blog post)

Negligee: Love Stories is an adult mature game, as such I am sorry to say to comply with laws across the world, we are unable to sell our game in the following territories and it will be restricted as such on Steam:

*breath in*

Japan, Malaysia, Botswana, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Bangladesh, China, Lebenon, South Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Iceland, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia Guyana, Iraq, Dubai, UIE and Germany

*breath out*

That's a lot of places so this is what they are going to do...

(continue from Steam post)

In the past most of our games have stories and then the adult content is created in addition to the main story. Making it easy to censor them and still offer a full robust game. This is why all of our past games have no country restrictions as that adult content has been removed.

This is not the case for Negligee: Love Stories, the stories themselves are adult in nature and style from start to finish. If we censored this game so that everyone could play, it would remove 90% or more of the content, unforetunately that means this isnt really an option for this game. We will however continue to look into making a censored version as well as alternate versions to allay some of these restrictions, but for now we are not ready to post any such games.


Based on the neccessity of restrictions based on adult content, none of our previous games will be patched to include adult content. Some will however be given a Free or Cheap mature content DLC pack in Steam (sadly this dlc will be restricted as all adult content must - but the base game will be unaffected) Players can then either install via Steam or if restricted gain the patch in other ways at their own discretion and at their own risk and liability.

Likewise future games will be developed to release a censored edition where possible and then have a free or cheap mature content dlc pack as well.

We do have some plans for games that are pure adult and may not be possible to be censored, if we create them and release them like we have for Negligee: Love Stories then they will likely be restricted as well. Unless players are happy with a very bare bones story in the 'censored' version.

The only other thing that may change any of these restrictions is if countries change their laws and stances on those laws or if the countries contact steam to advise the game can be officially released in that region.

Country Restrictions & Explanation Steam blog post (original source)-…
Steam's first uncensored adult game release restricted in 28 countries PC Gamer blog post-…
Steam's first sexually explicit Adult Only games are out now, but not in every region Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog post-…

-Shadow out
Hey I have been thinking for a while for game nights and tonight right now GoldenEye: Source the developers right now are playing their mod. Would you all be interested in GoldenEye: Source Saturdays? since this will keep the servers alive plus it will support them since new content is underway but they need our help. So to play GE:S all you need is Steam, Source 2007 SDK via Steam tools and the mod. That's it 100% free.

Server number: (each week will be different)

GoldenEye: Source mod page-…

-Shadow out
More Journal Entries




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did you went on the steam community forums for answers
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Hello! I have a question Can I upload my DB art on this page? I use the SourceFilmMaker
DevinShadowV Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yep any content that is made in SFM goes into the SFM folder
MrTermi988 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018
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