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Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
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Cosplay and Crafts
Red by FreemanAH
silent watcher by FreemanAH
A maze by FreemanAH
apprehension by FreemanAH
Counter Strike and Day of Defeat
Not Today by MeMaxik
PUSH FORWARD! by JohnHitchcock
Gonna Be A Dad (Counter Strike Comic) by Clawort-Animations
D-day by DanStrogg
Free Valve games ie Alien Swarm and DOTA2
(SFM DOTA2) Enigma and Giant Spectre by ralphsoliman
Crystal Maiden -VN Style by PumpkinPastel
dota 2: winter wyvern by HJKR
windranger: run with me? by HJKR
GMOD renders and screenshots 1
Resourceful by WorldlyTaste
Combine 2045 outlands by T3ss3R
Spiders by T3ss3R
Kirk Jaeger On The Hunt by T3ss3R
GMOD renders and screenshots 2
Wanna Eat With Me? by Minutexium
Swimming Pros by AtomicLugia
(SFM Splatoon) Gul Inkling VS Demon Inkling Maeka by ralphsoliman
Dancing with the rain. by Wynet
Half Life mods, Source mod and remakes go here
Combine outpost by Sendaga
mod parody)  Crack life by Art-Pz
Half-Strike: Reloaded Logo by DiseArt
[Dark Interval] Model skins by A-Shift
Left 4 Dead Franchise
Digitober #3 - Roasted by HellishlyKawaiiMio
Inktober 2 - Hunter (L4D2) by Nylten
Sya by AidenScribbles
Smile by AidenScribbles
Non GMOD Crossovers and random submissions
Because HATS by PatoLarax
Portal Franchise
Po Portal 15 - Get mad! by raphahardt
Source Filmmaker Folder 1
Overwatch - Banshee by md-photoshops
Source Filmmaker Folder 2
Mei by Its-Midnight-Reaper
Team Fortress Franchise Folder 1
First unusual taunt! by GmodViolet
Third Party Source games
Cry of Fear meme by Fenrize
Tribute to Robert Culp
Dr.Breen RIP by DevinShadowV
Valve staff
Worth The Weight by Protokoll

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Life Is strange - That First Night by Rastifan
Tribute to Robert Guillaume

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TF2:Demo by Erikonil TF2:Demo :iconerikonil:Erikonil 87 19 TF2: Soldier by Erikonil TF2: Soldier :iconerikonil:Erikonil 195 24 TF2: Sniper by Erikonil TF2: Sniper :iconerikonil:Erikonil 1,471 130 THE CAKE IS A LIE by neko-of-lotherian THE CAKE IS A LIE :iconneko-of-lotherian:neko-of-lotherian 40 25 Scout and spy by Snakelvr21 Scout and spy :iconsnakelvr21:Snakelvr21 3 8 The Orange Box redux by krhainos The Orange Box redux :iconkrhainos:krhainos 9 26 Portal by McGibs Portal :iconmcgibs:McGibs 5,742 898 Portal by powerpointer Portal :iconpowerpointer:powerpointer 2,896 278 :portal-glomp: by crula :portal-glomp: :iconcrula:crula 4,683 498 Portal tribute 01 by megalaros Portal tribute 01 :iconmegalaros:megalaros 1,414 104 portal fun by djSeragaki portal fun :icondjseragaki:djSeragaki 2,278 335 Half-Life 2 Flag by CYG Half-Life 2 Flag :iconcyg:CYG 230 35 Half-Life 2 by redtoday Half-Life 2 :iconredtoday:redtoday 262 61 Pixel Half-Life V2 by spad Pixel Half-Life V2 :iconspad:spad 263 89 Alyx from Half Life 2 by jFury Alyx from Half Life 2 :iconjfury:jFury 393 60 Half-Life 2: Take Two by valkyre Half-Life 2: Take Two :iconvalkyre:valkyre 143 41









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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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Dec 9, 2009


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:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since we are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable (not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

:bulletblue:Our Steam community page::bulletblue:

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3,063 out of 4,796- 63%

Help us upgrade to a super group. Cake and beer promised but not guaranteed…

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:bulletred::bulletgreen:Feature media:bulletgreen::bulletred:

The Rights and Wrongs of Visual Arts by Crispy Toast

LGR - Half-Life 20 Years Later: A Retrospective by LGR

***Half-Life 2 turns 14, Black Day media update, Down Under returns after 7 years, Half-Life 2: Year Long Alarm officially launches on Steam, The Lambda Cup Challenge 5 ReplayVille and videos***

(It's a mod news day)

As of this blog will be Half-Life 2's 14th birthday yeah HL2 released back in 2004 on November 16th for Steam. If you haven't played Half-Life 2...What is wrong with you?

What was your favorite memories with HL2?

Half-Life 2 Steam page-…

Alright we have a media release from Black Day showing off work in progress and using Paranoia Source code.

Finally something new!-…

I must of missed this back in October there was an update to a mod that had been MIA for 7 years "Down Under" even LambdaGeneration on Youtube forgot and brought it up so here is the plot to the mod.

(from Moddb page)

"You play as one of the few resistance members currently left on Earth. Even though the combine took over the Earth in just 7 hours, some people still kept fighting the combine in hopes for a better future.

But the combine were too strong for the fighting humans, and kept pushing the last bases the humans had in their possetion. A small group of people from the resistance, managed to escape from the combine and found a place to hide.

After some time hiding from the combine, some resistance members managed to get some information about what the combine were up to. The resistance members found out that the combine was building a some kind underground base in a small city not far from were the resistance group is hiding.

This was not good for the resistance group, because this ment it would not take long now before the combine were coming for them. So the small resisitance group had to figure out a plan, and this is what they came up with.

The resistance group found out that there was a "Dark Energy" core that controlled the entire base, if they could somehow get inside the base and shut down that core. Without their base, they cannot control the area and the combine would have to retreat.

But the resistance made one minor mistake, after the "deactivation" of the core. They didn't thought about the core whould go and self destruct!?"

Down Under Moddb page-

Now on Steam Half-Life 2: Year Long Alarm has officially launched and is a mod and requires Half-life 2 Episode 2 to run it.

Half-Life 2: Year Long Alarm Steam page-…

Lastly in news for the night RunThinkShootLive's next challenge The Lambda Cup 2018 and it's "Replayville"

(from RTSL blog post)

For this challenge, we would like to you create a map that is fun to replay – or that specifically rewards you for playing through again. Variety is the spice of life, so offering the player different experiences during playthroughs is key.

One way to do this is by offering the player choices. Choice of path, or weapons, or companions, and so on.

Randomness can also make significant changes to the experience. Random enemy locations, random timing of attacks, or even random map layout changes that can lead to interesting playthroughs are all fair game.

Ideally the player’s choices or any random elements will impact the playthrough and offer variety on a replay.

Your entry could be a hub-type map where the player must achieve an overarching goal by completing a number of smaller goals. The hub area would lead to various points where the player performs an action that has consequences in the other parts of the map. For example, the player chooses to clear a building of zombies first and then attempts to pass a city street which has a sniper. Because there are no zombies left, the player finds it harder to reach the sniper since they are the only target left. If the player had attacked the sniper first, they would have found a shotgun which would have made it much easier to kill the zombies. But, because the sniper was killed first, they would find a lot more zombies in the building than in the first scenario.

In this case, “hub” doesn’t necessarily mean a map with corridors and portals – the hub area could just as easily be a crossroads in the forest, for example. “Hub” here just means a central area connecting to a variety of areas, where the player can make choices about how to proceed. If there is an overarching goal, it should be clear to the player – and ideally the smaller goals tie in sensibly to the larger goal. (Think of Blast Pit, where the player had to turn on the oxygen, fuel, and the power in order to fire the test engine to proceed past the tentacles. It’s not a good example for replayability, just for how an overarching goal can be linked to smaller goals).

Your entry could also be one where the player has to find the “correct” route in order to complete the map – along the lines of ChaseVille or some of the maps in the recent 72-Second Experiment. But keep in mind that it should be fun to replay – not frustrating and almost certainly not time-limited.

Or perhaps the player learns something during playing your map that allows for a totally different approach on a replay.

For this challenge the usual limit of 2 maps is removed. However, please don’t take that to mean you should build 10 maps.
We have removed this limitation to allow interesting “jumps” to each section, IF the mapper chooses to create a hub-style map.

As always, if you have any questions or doubts, please ask. If you want a private answer, please send an email to – NOT Good luck!

The deadline is December 17th, 2018 at 11 PM GMT.

The Lambda Cup 2018 – Challenge 5 – ReplayVille-…

Alright before we get to the video and I forgot to post this up on Monday and it's not Valve related but he is an important person for the entertainment industry I'm talking about Co-Founder of "Marvel Comics" Stan Lee. The man that created so many iconic title like Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron-Man, Thor just to name a few which he helped out or created himself but the one that got him on the map was Spider-Man. He was 95 Stan you have earned your rest and "Excelsior!".

Stan Lee Is Dead at 95; Superhero of Marvel Comics The New York Times blog post-…

Video's for the weekend.

Cooking with Callie 3 by Geofcraze634-
Stan Lee - Anyone Can Make A Difference by TheRyanSpark-
Predictable TF2 JoJoke (PART 2 SPOILERS!) by GermanPeter-
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Loose Cannon by Karma Charger-
That Medic is loud and ugly by Antoine Delak-
Project Borealis OST | 7. It's Safer Here-
Imperfect's Misc Clips 2018 by TheImperfectAnimator-
The Rights and Wrongs of Visual Arts by Crispy Toast-
Half-Life VR Game Rumours, Tripmine Studios Updates and More - All Things Lambda (15 Nov 2018) by LambdaGeneration-
Bot Allen - CS:GO by Brookie-
Artifact - Richard Garfield Goes Shopping by PlayArtifact-
Stick Fortress 2: The Horsemann Hunt by StickMations-
LGR - Half-Life 20 Years Later: A Retrospective by LGR-
Crash Reunites With Spyro #SpyroReignitedTrilogy by Daitomodachi-
Polka Fortress 2 [TF2 Parody Song & Polka Melody] (60K SPECIAL) by MediExcalibur2012-
SFM Timelapse #2 "Gatling Fighter" by butterthoughts-
A tribute to Stan Lee by FranDoesGames-

Super Katana Bros! - Left 4 Dead 2-
Rooftop Ruckus - Left 4 Dead 2 - Novemburns (#2)-

Nzane Productions:
Shadow’s Reaction To When He Is An NPC-
Rest In Peace, Stan Lee-

Cog building lower floor-Acapella [MLP Edition]-
Cog tastrophe-Acapella [MLP Edition]-
Epic bagpipe pinkie-

Valve News Network:
Artifact Interview & Valve STOLE DOTA?! - Artifun #1-
Axe is FAT?! - Artinalsys Podcast ep.24-

Symphony of Skills 167-
Headshot - Ep. 153-
Top 5 Pro Plays Weekly - Ep. 48 (The Kuala Lumpur Major)-

-Shadow out
***Abeyance 1.0 launches on Moddb***

(short news day)

As of yesterday Abeyance has been uploaded to Moddb for everyone to play...

(Story from Moddb page)

"Abeyance is the final entry into the trilogy of mods featuring the protagonist Jane Doe. Developing Abeyance was a pretty experimental and challenging experience for me as I wanted to confine everything into one single map. As a result play time is rather short but I hope someone finds some joy in this."

Abeyance Moddb page-

-Shadow out
***Mod news, Valve speaks out on Dota esport Pros making racist remarks, Artifact news and Half-Life VR rumors***

First up in mod news is a small two parter with Project Zer0 is staffing up for mappers, animators, programmers, artists/ texture artists, sound design/ ambient noises, modelers, playtesters, people to do particles, and voice actors. A new team plus first soundtrack track for the mod.


Next from we have a media dump from Decay: Source "BM_DORMS" map.

New Update-…

Lastly in mod news from RunThinkShootLive's Mesa cup the third and final challenge "The Surface Complex" is now up for download but there are only two entries so it's either Disarray by JamaicanDave and A Stroll in the Park by Skorly.

The Surface Complex RTSL post-…

Oh boy Valve made a very long blog on Dota 2 pro players using racist taunts by Filipino player Andrei "skem" Ong from compLexity Gaming and Carlo “Kuku” Palad of TNC Pro Team. Both were using racial language against other players and as stated Valve posted a long blog on what not to do so here is part of it.

(From Dota blog post)

"We’ve been spending the past few days talking to various pro players and community leaders about this. From all the interactions we’ve seen over the years, we know that deep down professional players respect each other immensely. However, we want to be very clear that Valve will not tolerate racist language between pro players in any form. We think it is really damaging to the entire Dota community whenever even a single professional player uses discriminatory language. It pits fans against each other, belittles and demeans entire groups and makes them feel like they are not as important. Going forward, we expect all teams who participate in our tournaments to hold its players accountable, and be prepared to follow up with strong punishments when players represent Dota and its community poorly.

We hope that players and the community around the world will become better educated and more respectful as a result of the recent incidents. We think the communities everywhere around the world want the same things: for our favorite players and teams to do well, and for a great display of Dota. With the group stages over and the playoffs about to begin, we want to wish good luck to all the teams participating. Let’s enjoy some Dota together."

The Major and Professional Dota Players Dota blog post (Original source)-…
Valve Condemns Dota 2 Pros Making Racist Remarks But Calls On Teams To Regulate Themselves Kotaku blog post-…
Valve speaks out about racist taunts by Dota 2 pros PC Gamer blog post-…

To Artifact news first off I have to get out of the way that you can preorder the game right now on Steam yet the beta is coming out at the end of the week...*head scratch* Yeah Valve what?

Anyway Artifact or I should say the Artifact Deck code API which you can do this...

(From PC Gamer blog post)

"CardSet WebAPI that will allow third-party Artifact sites to pull card images and text straight onto a web page, as well as deck code API, which will make it easier to share codes generated for customised decks. You'll be able to copy and paste those codes directly into Artifact to pull the cards into the game, or view your deck in Valve's online deck viewer"

Artifact Steam page-…
Artifact will let you build decks online and then import them into the game PC Gamer blog post-…
The ArtiFAQ-…
Artifact Card Set and Deck Code APIs-…

Alright let's end tonight with some tin foil hat wearing the rumor mill is back online that Valve possibly making a Half-Life VR title with their own VR headset yeah no HTC Vive anymore all in house and plus if this is true no date of course but you can get the game and the headset VIA Steam only. Valve News Network kind of blew the lid on VR leaks and now the news outlets are popping up today so I'll link up the video that I posted here last Friday to get you all up to speed plus new stuff from Tyler Mcvicker if I'm typing is name right the owner of Valve News Network let him know I sent you go support him.

Videos from Valve News Network
Massive Valve VR Leak - Valve's HMD Leaks
Half-Life: VR Story Leaks-…

Valve rumored to be working on its own VR headset possibly for Half-Life VR IGN blog post-…
Valve May Be Working on VR ‘Half-Life’ Game, New VR Headset (Rumor) Variety blog post-…

-Shadow out
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