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Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Contests closed
Cosplay and Crafts
Francis has a message for YOU by ALMarkAZ
1/6 Custom Portal 2 Chell figure by botmaster2005
Like a boss by Dhracula
Crystal Maiden (Dota 2) by Ytka Matilda by YtkaMatilda
Counter Strike and Day of Defeat
Counter strike SAS and Seal Team 6 by Lambda-fallout125
Counter strike gsg9 and gign by Lambda-fallout125
Gonna Be A Dad (Counter Strike Comic) by Clawort-Animations
D-day by DanStrogg
Free Valve games ie Alien Swarm and DOTA2
Drow Ranger by StevenCarson
Grimstroke by FSCP-Crossburn
Crystal Maiden -VN Style by PumpkinPastel
dota 2: winter wyvern by HJKR
GMOD renders and screenshots 1
Novis Natura: Overgrowth by SideZeo
Robert and shorthick by T3ss3R
King Of The Hill brc by T3ss3R
King Of The Hill by T3ss3R
GMOD renders and screenshots 2
'Luke, You were right. You were right about me.' by rockcod
Dead End by ScoxyThepiratescout
Lonely Date by ScoxyThepiratescout
Help by ScoxyThepiratescout
Half Life mods, Source mod and remakes go here
Opposing Force: Adrian Shephard Doodles by Lambda-fallout125
[SFM] Survivor by NemTieLeaTheTrue
Combine outpost by Sendaga
mod parody)  Crack life by Art-Pz
Half Life franchise
Black Mesa Security Car - BMRF360 by ChrisInVT
Gordon Freeman by epresvanilia
A chilly day for security at Black Mesa by ChrisInVT
Alyx Vance by epresvanilia
Left 4 Dead Franchise
Digitober #3 - Roasted by HellishlyKawaiiMio
Inktober 2 - Hunter (L4D2) by Nylten
Sya by AidenScribbles
Smile by AidenScribbles
Crossovers and random submissions no GMod or SFM
Happy Easter Egg 2019! by ralphsoliman
Portal Franchise
Sad Machine - Chapter 1: Uncourteous Call--03 by nerdstreak
Source Filmmaker Folder 1
You're in OUR way. by AxZ-Bullseye
Source Filmmaker Folder 2

Mature Content

Mercys bug problem by villmenn
Source Filmmaker Folder 3
Liars Tree by WoRss
Team Fortress Franchise Folder 1
Portrait by wnses286
Third Party Source games
Cry of Fear meme by Fenrize
Tribute to Robert Culp
Dr.Breen RIP by DevinShadowV
Valve staff
reaction for New Valve Games by ralphsoliman

Mature Content

Wallpapers - Lord Dominator ($1.49) by CountTracula
Tribute to Robert Guillaume

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QUEENMEDICARGHWTF by CyberneticCupcake QUEENMEDICARGHWTF :iconcyberneticcupcake:CyberneticCupcake 27 37 Wheatley Laboratories Poster by toadking07 Wheatley Laboratories Poster :icontoadking07:toadking07 262 66 Test Chamber Wall Print by toadking07 Test Chamber Wall Print :icontoadking07:toadking07 75 12 Revised Orange Portal Poster by toadking07 Revised Orange Portal Poster :icontoadking07:toadking07 98 12 Test Chamber, Prints For Sale by toadking07 Test Chamber, Prints For Sale :icontoadking07:toadking07 15 1 Custom Order Test Chamber by toadking07 Custom Order Test Chamber :icontoadking07:toadking07 40 16 Mara's Portal 2 Crossword by SpinningStarshine Mara's Portal 2 Crossword :iconspinningstarshine:SpinningStarshine 66 61 My Portal Poster On A Wall by toadking07 My Portal Poster On A Wall :icontoadking07:toadking07 81 31 GlaDos is a Veggie by toadking07 GlaDos is a Veggie :icontoadking07:toadking07 32 18 Test Chamber Poster, For Sale by toadking07 Test Chamber Poster, For Sale :icontoadking07:toadking07 77 18 Test Chamber Poster Rough by toadking07 Test Chamber Poster Rough :icontoadking07:toadking07 48 30 Orange Portal Poster by toadking07 Orange Portal Poster :icontoadking07:toadking07 113 23 My reply was, 'I'm Busy.' by toadking07 My reply was, 'I'm Busy.' :icontoadking07:toadking07 11 10 Valve corp. users by erikpvc Valve corp. users :iconerikpvc:erikpvc 5 1 Space Core by Nostrildarmus Space Core :iconnostrildarmus:Nostrildarmus 532 84 I see you by Nostrildarmus I see you :iconnostrildarmus:Nostrildarmus 257 36









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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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Dec 9, 2009


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:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since we are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable (not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

:bulletblue:Our Steam community page::bulletblue:

:bulletorange:Point towards super group::bulletorange:
3,064 out of 4,796- 63%

Help us upgrade to a super group. Cake and beer promised but not guaranteed…

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3D vs 2D by Galacta-X

Geofcraze634's 3rd Birthday Collab presented by Geofcraze634

Get those servers filled and the ones I posted here are just a few of them there are lots of servers... Let them know the OBFC admins sent you.

-Source SDK 2007
-GoldenEye: Source

GoldenEye: Source mod page-…

-Shadow out
***Mod news, CS news, Dota news, Summer Sale dates leaked 2019, Steam Link returns to iOS and videos***

First up in mod news and sad news that Road to Pripyat: AFTERMATH will be going on hiatus for a while because this happened.

(From Moddb blog post)

"My mod freezed due loss of content, week ago i get trojan miner. I did reset to default my windows 10, sadly some parts that i worked on didn't saved."

But in the meantime he does have screenshots of the deleted content but still that sucks.

Mod Freezed-…

Lastly in mod news Cosmonaut 1.0 has launched on Moddb.

Cosmonaut Released!-…

On the CS front the CS:GO team has added new features to the game...

(From CS blog post)

Looking to Play:
Looking for a few teammates before you enter matchmaking? Click the ‘Looking to Play’ button, and you’ll be added to a list of players who are ready to team up. Need a fifth for your own lobby? Just check the list and invite anyone you think is up to the job!

Follow Your Favorites:
It’s never been easier to follow your favorite CS:GO events. In the Watch menu, click on the Events panel and you’ll see a list of ongoing and upcoming CS:GO LAN tournaments. Add any events you like to your favorites, and you’ll be notified in the Main Menu whenever those events are live.Not sure what to watch? All players will automatically be notified of the most-favorited event each month.

Track from a Distance:
The latest drone technology has arrived in Danger Zone. Take control of a nearby drone with the Drone Pilot Upgrade and use it to spy on your enemies, scout for resources, or carry items across the map!

Scouting Ahead CS blog post-…
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adds LFG system Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog post-…

To Dota with The International's Short film contest 2019 page went live as of today that includes submission up until August 7th 2019 also I'll have the page for you film and animation creators so GET TO IT!!!.

Dota 2 Short Film Contest blog post-…
Dota 2 Short Film Contest Guidelines page-…

Lastly in Dota news is a new trademark for the Dota franchise called "Dota Underlords" and in the trademark filing was "Computer game software; Electronic game software; Video game software" so this is going to be a game of some sort but is it Artifact 2.0 since Artifact was Valve first major flop, could it be a new spin-off in the Dota franchise? To be honest nobody knows and speculations of course are ramping up so please I want your speculations.

Dota Underlords trademark page-…
Dota Underlords trademark filed by Valve PC Gamer blog post-…

Here we go again someone has leaked the Steam Summer sale dates by a Chinese Steam fan page "SteamCN" had mutiple sources possibly developers that the date when the Steam Summer Sale will launch  June 25, 2019 at 10AM PST and end on July 9 but it's rumor so stay tight.

Steam Summer Sale starts June 25th, leaks claim Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog post-…
Steam Summer Sale 2019 dates leaked PC Gamer blog post-…

Lastly in news for tonight is some tech news that the iOS version of the Steam Link has returned to the app store since Apple forced Valve to remove it do to "business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realized by the original review team." That was back in 2015 so now Valve has reworked the app and kept in contact with Apple and so the changes have been done and it has returned.

Steam Link comes to iOS without Steam Store functionality ars technica blog post-…
Steam Link now let's you beam Steam games to your iOS devices Tech crunch blog post-…

There wasn't that many videos this week so this is all I got.

Luke's Pizza chase Collab Deadline extended by Luke Salmen-
Yami Gets A Smart Phone by Daitomodachi-
Banana Bro + The Bottomless Pipe by Crispy Toast-
Chell Seems to Understand how Forward Momentum Works in Portal by Burny-
Valve Adds New Trademark, Lost Industry 2 Looks Great And More - All Things Lambda (May 16 2019) by LambdaGeneration-
The Blightcaller: Interrogation by Anaidon-
Geofcraze634's 3rd Birthday Collab presented by Geofcraze634-
Engineer finds his Destiny by Nukshock-
Overwatch Fooly Cooly Outro/Credits by Ardy-
Fat Scouts! Assemble! (w/ Plums and SourcePan) by MrPugz-
Portal 2 Cosplay - Wheatley & GLaDOS by V.S. Cosplay-
HELLO PORTAL Short film | Hello Neighbor Mod presented by Video Games News-

Pyro Amuck-
3D vs 2D-

Project Lambda - GTX 1080 ( Half-Life Remake 2019 )-
Half-Life Alpha 0.52 ***Played by Valve***-

Headshot - Ep. 164-

-Shadow out
***Resident Evil Valiant beta launches, Media dump from Project Zer0 and Lost Industry 2, Boat-Less returns and TF2 comp news***

First up in mod news the beta of Resident Evil Valiant has launched.

Resident Evil Valiant Beta Finally Arrives-…

Next is a media dump from Project Zer0 with a new music soundtrack and signs, also Lost Industry 2 showed off there lighting/particle system with godrays (WIP), Indoor Lights, Glow (And Other General Effects), Fire, Blood (WIP), Grenade Explosion and RPG Explosion.

New music and signs-…
The Charm Of Lights And Effects-…

Lastly in mod news Boat-Less returns since the last blog post was December 30th 2017 with this reason...

(From Moddb blog post)

"The last article we've posted was back in December of 2017. Quite a while! Now, we're happy to show you what we've been doing as the time passed. It wasn't always full-on productivity. We've had some motivation issues, downtime was a thing, one of our key devs had some extremely serious health issues, some folks left the team, other joined. Much of the work we've been doing was coding, or some small, yet important features. Basically, it wasn't worth a media update. Now, with lots of new content, we can show you all what took us so long, and hopefully it was worth the wait!"

So this new blog is just a media dump but there are a lot of screenshots of new NPC's (Jet unit "Heavy" and Bullsquid) then showed off work in progress maps and again there is a lot. Oh also at the end of the blog they did mention that more frequent updates will be happening.

The Heavy Update | Boat-Less is back!-…

Lastly in news for today is in the TF2 comp scene we have two with the season 8 highlights of the National Heavy Boxing League is up on youtube right now but also The 8th Sasha Heavyweight Championship is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th @ 6pm EST | 5pm CST will be on Twitch.

Also HLMixes's Highlander Showdown Season Two with this...

(From TF2 news post)

Season two of HLMixes's Highlander Showdown, powered by, is finally here!

They've got a prize pool of $100 and in-game medals for every participant! If you're interested in joining the league, you can register through their page. Join the discord to find a team to join or jump straight in by being put right into one of their solo-que teams!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to their staff through their discord's help section.

Hurry, signups close on June the 24th!

National Heavy Boxing League Season 8 Highlights-…
HLMixes's Highlander Showdown Season Two-…

-Shadow out
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