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Captain Montasario

Heres a peak at another character that hasn't made an appearance on the main website yet. Part general and part executioner, Mortasario is the captain of The Grey Company; a ruthless mercenary group which holds the countryside in a grip of terror.
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Haha, glad to see your work on dA. *can really take the time to appreciate your gorgeous work* (away from that crowded hallway!) :D
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Hey, thanks a lot!
As you can see i'm not SUPER active on my DA account... though I'm trying to change that ;)
 the oracle studios facebook page does get a little more attention!
Thanks again!
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Hehe, no prob. ;P I mostly use dA as my main social setting; it's better for getting one-on-one time with people without as much clutter. Looking forward to more! :dummy: