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Hidden Desire

By OracleSaturn
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...'cause I can't think of any good title.

Harvestmoon: Sunshine Islands Fanart
Vaughn x Chelsea (extra: Mirabelle)

I only go to Mirabelle's shop every Monday & Tuesday.
Do my shopping, and flirt-- I mean talk with Vaughn.

(I'm still angry at google for blocking my profile :E)

Characters © Natsume

Fanart by me :iconoraclesaturn:

Proggie: Adobe Photoshop CS3

BlastingArt: [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 OracleSaturn
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This is really cute. Love it so much. 

I was really mad when I played Island of Happiness when it took 4 in game years to marry him.
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This art is not only beautiful, but it is smart. The look on Vaughn's face is so priceless, as is te love you share ;) Great work!
Pumpkin-Days-Game's avatar
The cel-shading style you used is very charming! The atmosphere and lighting are great.
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I keep staring at this photo...i cannot draw well, but i looveeee to look at pictures of Vaughn x Chelsea and WRITE FANFICTIOOONNN FOOORRR THEM XD CHELSEA AND VAUGHN FOR THE WIN! XD Good job on the picture! Absolutely beautiful <3
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Not gonna lie, this is my favorite Harvest Moon fanart ever.
And it will continue to be because holy cow it's incredible and also adorable and pretty and I just
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Vaghun:. . .whats up with her guh shes making me dizzy!!
chelsea:whats wrong vaghun?
vaghun:. . .Mind your own business
Chelsea:. . .you need to calm down i know your getting dizzy
vaghun: . . . AND?
chelsea:i like you to *smile*
Vaghun:*lower hat and smiles*hmh your really special.
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Ironic thing is I just read a fanfic about these two

The name of the fanfic was "Hidden desire"

And it has 70 chapters ._.

That I ate up like it was porridge -Did you see what I did there XD?-
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I really love your coloring, it's beautiful!
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o my i didn't know your the one who made this i've always loved this picture
maximum111's avatar
lol vaughn staring at Chelsea but what part of her O_O
FictionLover987's avatar
I go to Mirabelle's to erm.. "talk" with Vaughn too :3 LOL XD
DarkAngelS2's avatar
Ahhhh your style is so cute *u*
Khilx's avatar
Aaaah, it's just so cute X3
iwashi-kun's avatar
Oooh I found this somewhere on Google Image a few months back, I was wondering who the artist was :XD: Wonderful work! :love: I love Vaughn's somewhat hidden longing expression there hahaha :giggle:
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This is so cute :meow:! This was my first game in the series.
RAHH Stupid mouse made me put it in my Pokemon folder or something :iconsweatdropplz:. I shall go change it.
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Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was you who drew this! I saw it on tumblr or something, I can't remember where and I thought it was the cutest art ever. The coloring and style are really great, too. *_*

Thank you so much for the fav, as well!
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cute style, ohh... is vaughn watching her? hehe somebody's obviously got the love bug bad~ :giggle:
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I used to do that too, lol. I used to only feed my animals then go to bed and wait for Monday XD.
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I love this pic! :love: my bachelor will be Denny but I'm starting to like Vaughn as well! :D your coloring is also smooth and wonderful! Great job!
SenoritaPescado's avatar
deeeedeeedee mine <3 i love it ! :heart:
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This is awesome :D
I want to play this now but my game broke...TT^TT
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that sucks. D: I had married Vaughn and had a girl named Skylar. but my game froze while saving ang I was forced to shut it off, then my data got currupted. T_T now I have to start over.
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