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For 450 Turns, Pern was Thread-free. Believing themselves rid of their ancient enemy once and for all, the people of Pern turned a blind eye to the empty Weyrs, so that, by the time the Red Star began winking again in the dawn sky, even the drastic measures of the dragonriders weren't enough to fully prepare their scant numbers to survive the coming Pass. A dangerous quest to bring forward the Weyrs of the Eighth Interval to the Ninth Pass cost the lives of Lessa and her golden Ramoth, but it may have saved the rest of Pern from decimation. But it also left a note of discord.

At Fort Weyr, friction between the leadership and friction between the Weyrs and the Crafts begins to increase until the edges are frayed and incendiary. Ever since the appointment of a new Masterharper, sentiments toward the Weyr have darkened steadily, with those who choose to stand for Impression denied the chance to return to their Crafts afterward, with the Masters snubbing invitations to Hatchings, with all signs pointing to a widening rift between dragonriders and those they fight to protect. Factor in the brittle leadership of the Weyr, and it's no wonder that life at Fort is anything but a delight.

Location: Fort Weyr

Era: Ninth Pass

Canon Level:
•Women Impress green, blue, brown, and gold.
•Men Impress green, blue, brown, and bronze.
•Sexuality does not impact Impression.
•Firelizards will be available for play, but whers will not.

Openings: Please see:…

Word Count: None



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