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Two pony poems


Two pony poems

Love on a geological time scaleby Maud Pie's partner It's a slow, slow kind of love. Her kisses are soft as granite of autumn, Her beauty, austere as bleached marble sculptures. She embraces my passions like a concrete dam And absorbs my tears with an aquifer heart. Dating her is like dating a rock I learned to listen, really listen For the tiniest crackles of her inner fire That speak a truth in the same voice As the glorious fire of Celestia above. Be my mother by a sad and abused filly O beautiful princess, be my mother, I want just a little bit of happiness Like the fragrance of moonflower Midnight rain for my parched loneliness Scol

Brony Shipping Catalogue

Brony Shipping Catalogue

Back while Elisia was still a thing, I kept a small list of brony ships, because I hoped that Elisia would work out like the other brony ships. It didn't. Today I thought about the idea again, and decided to finish this list. This is the result. 33 irl brony ships, from the famous Mandofire, to the also famous Lopolala, to the frankly obscure Extradan Pony x Daydream, I've collected all the brony ships I could find online with art and writings to prove their existence. I also compiled notes on the ships, such as the sailing dates, the breakup dates, the engagement dates, the marriage dates, and a few heartwarming backstories! The inclusion


Dobry skutek (Nasi snahou nejlepsi bud cin! #1)

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