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The APN Guide: Cats in the Streets

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2016, 11:37 AM
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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have pet cats, but you can always still have a chance photographing stray cats around your neighborhood and city! Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Finding cats:

In some countries there are many stray cats. In Israel- where I live and photograph stray cats- There are quite a lot of cats. If you don’t know where to find cats, it's best to take note of every cat you see day to day. For example, if you are walking to work, or to a bus stop, and see a cat, or a large amount of cats then you should remember where you saw these cats and return later. Though the cats may leave the place, stray cats usually stay in the same area. Remember, they might be under cars!

Getting cats to cooperate:

Street cats are very shy and hard to photograph, especially if they run away when you come near them! Here are a few tricks to get a perfect shot without scaring the cats away.

Bring food:

If you don’t have cat food- or don’t want to buy any- leftover pieces of meat, leftover bones from meat, or even a bowl of water are a great way for the cats to stay and not be so scared of you in particular.

Please do not feed the cats anything that isn’t suitable for cats.


siblings by Or-else-what

Bring a zoom lens:

If possible, bring a lens that can zoom in closer. Usually when I photograph cats, it’s better to zoom in and have just the face, but if I stick a camera in a cats face it will probably scratch me (it’s happened, true story)! A big lens is ideal for capturing a photo of a cat from far away.

cat eye by Or-else-whathoping by Or-else-whatasleep by Or-else-what

I would have probably never gotten these photos without a zoom lens, stray cats are shy and no cat wants a camera shoved in their face! 

Get gradually closer:

One thing that I almost always do is take photos from far away, and get closer slowly. This way you won’t be a surprise to the cat and you'll get multiple shots of the cat from different angels.

look by Or-else-whatcat by Or-else-what

Interesting angles and photograph ideas:

Photographing the same cats can get boring. Here are a few ways to add something special to your photo.


Photographing outdoors gives you the advantage of natural lighting; the lighting at different times of day gives you many different ways to take photograph .

alert by Or-else-whatdark by Or-else-what

When you photograph the cats underneath cars, the lighting is darker and gives an interesting result.

Don't focus on just one thing:

Focusing on the whole face can get boring and repetitive, maybe try photographing just the eye, or maybe the paws. Feel free to mix things up!

paws by Or-else-whatcat eyes by Or-else-whatlooking back by Or-else-what

Explore different surroundings:

Going to many different places is a great way to get great photos, and also a great way to explore your city. Public parks and busy places are excellent  places to find cats and photograph new surroundings.

hoping by Or-else-whatthe cats stare by Or-else-what

Group photos:

Getting a photo of one cat is hard enough, getting a photo that has more than one cat but still manages to look good is hard to capture but ends up looking great; so if you see two  or more cats together, get out your camera!

like father like son by Or-else-what

Photographing kittens:

Kittens are very cute and almost always turn out good in photos,  just watch out from mother cats, they are usually very protective and will probably scratch you. Its also best not to pet the kittens. 

kitten by Or-else-whatstanding up by Or-else-whattiny roar by Or-else-what
little cat by Or-else-what

That's it! Get your camera and go outside. I hope these tips have helped you get started with photographing stray cats and cats in general. If you have any questions or need advice, send me a note!

I'm:    or-else-what


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Photo by The-Panic
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StemmyBotanist Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice tutorial! [: I love cats so much. I agree with you, shots with multiple cats are so heart warming!
Or-else-what Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Student Photographer
glad you liked it!
IllusiaX Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Professional General Artist
Very cool! Thanks :D
Or-else-what Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Student Photographer
glad you liked it! 
CapnDeek373 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
Great article. Our current cats are rescued ferrals that we nabbed out of the basement of the apartment building they were born in.
the kids by CapnDeek373
Their momma managed to find a way in there to have them. (My brother-in-law is the superintendent of that building)
I still see their poppa and two siblings in the empty lot next door to the building we found them in, and in the lot behind that one on the next block over.
There's many ferrals around our neighborhood, and there are a lot of people around here who put food out for them.
We see some with a clipped ear, which means somebody managed to catch them, take them to a vet for a check-up and get them fixed.
Then they get returned back to where they got picked up. Many of them have been around for years!
Or-else-what Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Student Photographer
thats really beautiful!
CapnDeek373 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
Thanks! I've seen the Momma around in other places, but very rarely.
Danielle-Reeves Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Good tips! Thanks!
Or-else-what Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Student Photographer
:D (Big Grin)  glad i can help
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