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Blue Note - Pony OC

This is my pony OC: Blue Note. I'm afraid I can't draw at all, so a Pony Creator image is about the best I can do on my own. ^_^;

:iconashkevha: came up with the design; thanks!

:icongeneralzoi: designed the Pony Creator; so many thanks!
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Looks really nice.^^
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Thanks! I've grown fond of this little guy. :3
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Very welcome. :D

I have point commissions and paypal commissions open if you would like me to draw him. :)
(Links are in my donationpool or in my commissionbox)
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Is this the French Horn playing pony I've heard so much about? ^^ Brass-playing ponies are really hard to come by. I love this!
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Yup! Although the lovely renditions by *StarshineBeast and *AylaStarDragon put this one to shame. :3

Thanks so much for stopping by! Blue Note doesn't get too many visitors. I'm working on a plan to change that though. ^_^
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Ooh, thanks for leading me to their pages C: I have two new people to follow now!

And it's a real pleasure, my friend. And that's too bad, he should! Musical ponies are the best ponies, after all C; Maybe he'd like to join Spot's band? They're a few french horns short, after all~
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A place in your band? Moving to Baltimare?! Oh wow,this is all so sudden... I'd love to! To be honest, I was getting kind of tired of Las Pegasus anyhow; too hot and too close to home. Thanks so much!~ :D

I'll let you know when I've got Blue Note's bio finished and you can feel free to reference him / include him in your work. Jazz ponies!
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(First of all sorry this took so long I'm terrible at getting to replies ;w; )

Fanastic! Can't wait to show you the others. They'll be quite excited to see a new face ^^

Alrighty sounds like a plan! Gooo jazz ponies! (\
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O_O french horn pony!! I adore playing french horn and MLP this pony is perfect!
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Thanks! I had several cutie marks I was considering, but French horn just kind of stuck. It's always been my favorite instrument and there just needed to be horn-playing pony. :D
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