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I always loved how Breetai looked.
That character, that awesome enemy at first, powerful ally later, his massive structure, his metal plate...even liked him with his helmet on Sentinels.

This is a nod to him. I salute you Breetai, glorious Zentraedi commander!

It was nice to do a brute after all the babes ;)

You can thank Miss :iconserrifth: for the inspiration^^
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This guy was a 'quite' badass, I mean kick him into space and he just comes back and kicks your giant transforming figther/robot's ass X3!
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You can`t keep a good zentraedi down.
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teh old MACROSS!!! i i loved that season in the series hehe
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Yup^^ There´s a small nod to Robotech II Sentinels as well, since it´s not just the faceplata and has his Sentinels helmet cracked^^
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Very neat. We need more Zentraedi love around here. :)
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You, my friend, are FANTASTIC!!! :XD::love::heart:
He looks awesome in all his metal plated glory! X3
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Thanks^^ I still wanted to give a nod to Robotech sentinels, so instead of just his plate, I broke his helmet leaving the same part covered :P
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