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(Gmod/SFM DL) Twily(?!) CODA



EDIT: Get the updated version here (new link): www.mediafire.com/?aaqc8k5nco6… It has SSAO (in SFM) and normal bump maps.
Now I gotta make a cutie mark for her... I'm a complete dumbass, have forgotten about that.

Ugh, why have I called her "Twily". Let it be her nickname. But it still sounds stupid.
Name is abbreviation - Cyber Organic Digitized Assassin, not Creepy Optimus Designed Android. :-)
Element of Accuracy - hope THIS doesn't sound stupid for you.
In Gmod, try to rotate her eye with Bone Manipulator (hold C - right-click the model - "Edit Bones") or use the Joint Tool: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles….
And... her iris. IRIS. Do more eye posing that just filling it with black or red, use the same tools.

SECOND EDIT: And yes, BeardedDoomGuy, thank you for helping me to use damn Blender. Everything in it was just turned upside down (including interface), but it's able to export edited body reference model correctly, and good old 3ds Max always tells me that every vertex in exported model is FLEXED. That ain't good.
Wunderboy, fix that already...
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