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Power Rangers Duality - Trini Kwan

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So since these sketches for me are simpler than the Beast Wars ones, I figured I'd get another up. This time we have Trini Kwan/Saber Tooth Tiger Ranger played by the late Thuy Trang. Such an awesome character and I always wanted to draw her, so I think this is a good tribute.

Update 10/31: I moved the head band over a bit to look more natural. I think it was the only real problem with this piece.

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UPDATE 11/22/2012: Featured on the Thuy Trang Tribute memorial page. Very cool.…

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Nice work;) (Wink) The legend of yellow rangers!:D (Big Grin) May we ALWAYS remember herWaaaah! 
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Indeed. May she RIP.
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Unfoetunately she died irl. But your works are amazing
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Yeah truly sad. But thank you. It means a lot that you said so. :)
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You really captured her likeness.  And the hairband does look naturally placed (Don't know how it looked before, but I can tell).

I'll be your huckleberry! Pray :pray: remake  Rest in Peace, Thuy Trang.
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Y'know somethin'?  Not only did she die 8 days before the 9/11 attacks.  But she also died one day before my 8th birthday.
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Bummer. Sorry to hear that man.
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Oh no, it's alright.  I never thought of it as something negative.  Just notable.
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rw:good 1 but sadly she's rly in heaven rite now UU(
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A young talent gone too soon.
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rw:yeah i know
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i like Trini

RIP she was the greatest and the toughest yellow ranger ever
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