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Ocean Man

SpongeBob was always my favorite Nicktoon next to Danny Phantom and Catscratch. I drew this because this song still reminds me of the first movie.

Drawn on Art Academy Sketchpad for the Wii U
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Love that old 60's style.
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One of my favorite animations!
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Take me by the hand, lead me to the land!
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Ocean Man, take me by the hand, take me to the land, that you understand~

I miss my childhood.
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I'm holding on to mine as much as I can, heh. Wonderful memories to be reminisced over.
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Which name has the style of this picture? It's also seen on The Nanny intro.
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To be honest, I don't quite know. Sorry :(
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Heh. I remember this drawing was uploaded on my birthday.
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Cool. Here or on Miiverse?
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Miiverse. Also, if you don't know who Cartoonlover98 is, he favorite this drawing.
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Well that's cool!
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And I love that song :heart:
This is really sweet :happybounce:
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Me too. It's a shame that SpongeBob wasn't doing too well for like ten years. But I saw some new episodes with Mr. Hillenburg, and I believe the little guy is close to getting back on track!

Thank you btw!
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This is so cool
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Aww thanks man! Glad you appreciate it!
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