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Adventure Time-ization
I'll draw you or whoever you want as an Adventure Time character. Just tell me what partner animal and what weapon you want, or any other specific detail you want me to include, and provide a reference picture for me to use.
Colored Adventure Time-ization
Adventure Time-ization, but in color. Cheaper than color Fakemon due to lack of shading in Adventure Time style.
Fakemon Concept Lineart
Tell me your concept for a Fakemon and I'll draw it out to the best of my abilities. The information I need from you is the Fakemon's type, what animal it's based off of, and any specific features or design aspects you want me to be sure to include.
Full Color Fakemon Concept
An add-on from the lineart. If you tell me the color-scheme you want, I'll fully color and shade your Fakemon concept for you.
Fakemon Pokedex Entry
For an extra couple of dollars, I'll input your Fakemon into its own Pokedex entry. Just include this information: Name, Name Origin, Type, Pokedex entry, Height, Weight, Ability, Signature Move [if it has one], Base Stats, and its Pokedex Description, unless you want me to make any of that information up.

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E.M.O. Ch 5: The Understood
Just as Em wiped the last spill off of the table, the doorbell rang. She jumped, still not used to the sound. Once she had recovered, she went to it and opened it.
Max stood there, staring, confused by the door that had seemingly come open by itself. From behind the door, the top half of a face slowly peeked out, eyes wide, fingers wrapped around the side of the door, gripping tightly and nervously.
"Um…hi?" Max said, breaking the familiar silence between them.
"Hey…" Em replied, tensely and barely audible.
"Uh…so…can I come in?" Max asked, wondering how long he'd be standing on the doorstep.
"Oh! Sorry!" Em panicked, unsure of what to do when having company over.
"Oh, no problem," Max said, strolling in casually. "So, should we just, like, get started?" he asked, looking around Em's living room.
"I…I guess?" Em stuttered.
"Uh, well, what were your thoughts on it?" he questioned, his eyes still scanning the room.
Em had to pause to think of what the assignment
:iconoptimisticxpessimist:optimisticxpessimist 3 0
E.M.O. Ch 4: The Unkempt
Once again, light crept through Em's window and played across her face like a child on a playground. She stirred and woke, then stretched and got out of bed to complete the morning ritual of face-washing and teeth-brushing. She hadn't had her usual nightmare last night. She usually didn't on Saturday nights, because those were her happy days. She didn't really have anything special to do, since she'd done virtually everything the day before. Sundays were her dull days.
While she was eating her cereal and watching cartoons in her room, the doorbell rang. She jumped, sending Fruity Pebbles and pink milk flying into the air. Luckily, her videogame playing had honed her reflexes enough for her to react in time to just barely dodge it and let it land on the floor, instead of her lap. The sound of the doorbell had caught her off guard. Everyone knew her mom was at work, and no one ever came over just to visit Em. Plus, it was still morning. "Who would find it normal to visit someone's house
:iconoptimisticxpessimist:optimisticxpessimist 8 7
Fakemon DEX: Snyper by optimisticxpessimist Fakemon DEX: Snyper :iconoptimisticxpessimist:optimisticxpessimist 13 2


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Korey Howard
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When it comes to this new layout change, I think The Doctor can explain my feelings rather clearly:

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't just blind rage toward change. I came into this update fully prepared to give it a chance. But what the hell, DeviantArt?

First of all, my account and Message Center links have been shoved over to the far right like red-headed step-children, in exchange for...blank space and a giant "Submit" button? Oh, and Shop and Upgrade. Alright. You want me to give you money. I get it. But sorry, I'm broke. Nothing to give. I would appreciate less wasted space on my bar and not having the links relevant to myself shoved off to the side though, that'd be nice.

Now let's talk about tags. Ohhh tags. #hashtags. Because hey, when I think convenient search engines, I think categorization by specific collections of words. Google should update to this hashtag system. I wonder why they haven't yet. Oh yeah...Because it's silly and inefficient. If you want to get the community involved, don't make our art harder to get seen in the process. The tags don't consolidate our pieces into like-categories if there are 50 different tags for the same topic that all have their own page because DeviantArt decided this made sense. Here, hold on, let me just start typing a hashtag and let's see how many different pages there are for the same thing: #fakemon #fakemonpokemon #fakepokemon . Alright, 3 pages for fakemon. Not efficient by any means, but not terrible. How about... #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #pokémon #pokemonnintendo #pokemonpokémon . Oh, okay, SIX pages for the more broad "Pokemon" topic. How about instead of #pokemon we go with #deargodwhy because good luck making sure you pick the right tags to get your work seen without either forgetting one, unknowingly choosing the less popular one, or simply running out of space to tag all the different pages there are for your particular topic to make sure you ACTUALLY get your work seen. But oh no, this is to help get your work out there. #BecauseEveryoneSearchesLikeThis

Now I'll be honest. I had high hopes for the Watch Feed. Let's be real, we all have a Journal in our archives where we only needed to say about one sentence and it wasn't worth an entire Journal entry by any means. So when dA announced Status Updates, I was like, "You know what, good. That's a good addition. I'm gonna like that." I really need to learn to stop being optimistic about things [Brb, changing my username to pessimisticxpessimist]. After figuring out how to even get there, I wandered my tortured soul over to the Watch Feed, hoping for an oasis in this desert of "The fuck are these? The fuck is that?" Sadly, all I found was, "The fuck is this?" Here's the thing. When adding Status Updates to the mix, someone thought, "Hey, we're adding short Status Updates so that Watchers and Artists can communicate more closely than they could with the Message Center. Let's throw the ENTIRE MESSAGE CENTER IN THERE WITH THEM." Seriously, everything but my comments and notes goes to the Watch Feed. Why? What's the point? Why would I need or want those to be in my Watch Feed if it's all already in my Message Center? I went to the Watch Feed to see Status Updates, but I couldn't find any among all the auto-updating, auto-scrolling deviations and Journals. And since Status Updates aren't shown any where in the Message Center [like everything ELSE in the Watch Feed], the Watch Feed is my only hope of seeing them. So I guess there goes a feature I was somewhat excited for but won't be getting much use out of.

But as much as I dislike about it, the update does have it's bright sides. Although I'm no fan of the tag system, the new Tag Editor does allow you to edit tags in bulk, so that's cool. And while the format of the Watch Feed does completely defeat the purpose of Status Updates by auto-scrolling without auto-updating, you can actually Favorite and Comment on new uploads directly from the Watch Feed itself, so what I DO manage to catch, I can instantly give feedback on, without having to load another page, which is really nice for slower computers like mine.

Still, silver lining aside, I'm not a fan haha.


ANYWAY, that's enough verbal rampaging out of me. Let's talk about sunshine and butterflies, shall we?

In terms of what I'm working on currently, I'm back and forth between making new designs for my RedBubble, working on my entry for this contest, and breeding Pokemon in Y in preparation for ORAS [LOL]. Dude, Mega Beedrill hype. I also have another few ideas for more in-depth drawings than I usually do, but it's just that I'm TERRIBLE with landscapes in the first place, and then to top that off I don't have a tablet, so trying to make good, natural looking landscape lines with the damn Pen Tool is even harder than it would be for me in the first place. I'll give it a shot though haha.

Also, DON'T FORGET EVERYONE, I currently have Commissions open for the first time ever, so feel free to take a look and see if anything interests you. Or maybe you guys want something else? If so, let me know and I'd be happy to at the very least consider your request.


ALRIGHT! Now for that 10,000 Point Giveaway I mentioned.

:iconthegiveawayaccount: TheGiveawayAccount is giving away 5000 Points to two lucky Deviants! Take a look at the Journal below to find out how you could get the chance to win :D

<da:thumb id="488748481"/>

And :iconnao-dignity: Nao-Dignity is at it again, this time with a giveaway for 800 Points!

<da:thumb id="488261945"/>


So how do YOU guys feel about the new site layout? Don't just tell me that you like or don't like it, give me reasons, explanations. I want defense and alibis. Back dat shit up, boi/gurl~ lol.

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Oh shit guys, I've been gone for like 4 years. What's up? How ya doing? Everyone like...alive out there? Lol *proceeds to yikes*


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