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Episode Seven | Internal Vision Arc | Femitokon
TCS Orcinus
Ninety-East Ridge – Raxito`acarol
0300 Hours – Bamx 10, 2228

“Connie, I feel ridiculous hiding on my own ship,” the Promad tossed her axico onto the desk.
Doctor Uym returned from her plateau dive twenty-minutes ago, Promad Kilvx.
“That’s good,” Kilvx stood and pulled on her uniform jacket. “What’s the word on our shuttle?”
Crew Two departed Orta fifty-eight minutes ago, Promad Kilvx.
“Did they deliver the Ambassador without incident?”
Yes, Promad Kilvx.
Connie closed the door behind her when she departed.
Entering the bridge, every Tenth and Eleventh-Gen Marix shifted their eyes to Promad Bo Kilvx; rumor had run rampant since the arrival of the visitors.
Kilvx addressed the bridge brew, “Where’s the Divisional?”
No one could answer on the whereabouts of the visiting Komad, and this seemed to calm Kilvx.
“Promad?” navigatio
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Episode Six | Tactical Pursuits Arc | Femitokon
The smear of blood along the length of the bulkhead prepared Velto for the trail of broken bodies that lead her to the Ornith.
“Why are these men dead?” Velto asked.
“They got handsy with my bird,” Sofita sat on the opening of Orny’s hatch. Her hands trembled as she struggled to slip a formed sheath over her finger.
“What’re you doing with that pincher?” Velto demanded.
“It’s a pheromone blocker,” Sofita snapped. “Ilo’s got my gash swollen, and my logic adjourned.”
Velto snatched it from her, “Tilt your head, hizzah,”
Sofita did as ordered; her hide covered in sweat.
Velto slipped her index finger into the sheath and then fixed her thumb to her middle finger. Jerking her hand, she slapped her index against her thumb and caused the sheath to turn purple. Pressing her covered digit beneath Sofita’s ear, the injector shot its contents through Sofita’s hide.
“Ilo’s pu
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Episode Five | Tactical Pursuits Arc | Femitokon
Atangapaxo, Yukat`wagidol
Antarctica West Islands - 0230 hours

Two in the morning found Koba Julo sitting in a human café feasting on baked crumb-coated bananas smothered in thick sour cream and brown sugar.
She discovered the place the second week of her residency, after it became a gateway drug for her addiction to round dark-skinned ladies. Her favorite was Yevette Komba, a tall, stocky beauty whose coal-colored skin came alive under the bright light of the water-closet where she took Koba for clandestine sessions of oral sex.
The petite girl behind the counter called out, “Do you need me to core you a pineapple before you go, Miss Koba?”
This one didn’t typically work the overnight shift, but like every other employee at the Atanga, she knew Koba well enough.
The human companies leasing space along the commerce strip at Entry-Port Secondary made their real money trading goods at port; native ladies worked their unprofitable storefronts to e
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Episode Four | Tactical Pursuits Arc | Femitokon
Cloister Hall, Utama
Ramaxia - 1040 hours

Communal urination was beneath Eppis, but at this age, holding her stream until she reached the familiarity of Level-Nine, was implausible.
Eight gapirx extended up from the shiny tile floor and they might’ve passed as perfect replicas of the tall ice holes used by her ancestors, were they not anchored by a clunky ceramic base.
Eppis bounded up to a porcelain saddle on the end, pulled aside her jacket-tail, and undid the enclosure below her gashcol. Mounting the high seat, she aligned her gurxil over its opening, and let loose a loud stream.
The pressure on her bladder diminished, Eppis endured the unpleasant blast of warm air from gape’s mouth, drying her before she could dismount.
“Leaking in the Lobby with the rest of the herd?” Sofita Kul stood against the far wall, suited neck to heel in the same retched uniform she’d exhibited at Port Yukon. “From the sound of it, you’re still dri
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Episode Three | Suffocation Arc | Femitokon
ISO Station Vosk
Vosk`tulak - Ramaxia
Yubol (June) 5, 2228 - 0330 Hours

The waters mentally taxed Sofita, sapping her will to build a mental wall.
This water is loaded with mitokerotien.
Ignoring the Shell, Sofita focused on the spider-like structure below. Its connection tubes branched out along the lakebed like ball-jointed arms.
You need to stay hot here, don’t get comfortable for a second.
Landing feet first onto the dome’s roof, Sofita crawled down its tharspin hull until she reached the bottom.
The structure’s elevation allowed submersibles access to the base’s entry bay along its belly, and when the natural undertow pulled her up, she emerged inside to find a deserted wet porch.
Isolation Main is an estate compared to this.
ISO Main, built on the ocean floor of the north pole, contained three-hundred cells, each measuring one-hundred square feet. Every cell included a toilet, a shower, a window, a sustenance uni
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Episode Two | Suffocation Arc | Femitokon
Disguised as a beach bum, Tara Whitley lingered among the farc pilots on liberty.
Many of them had on the same uniform worn by Komadon Fusada Kul, that first and only time Tara ever saw her in Holy Cross.
Tara had been fresh from her first week in the NAU Youth Corps when she spotted the muscular Komadon brazenly walking through town unmolested.
The bullhead with a menacing shark tattoo on her scalp had somehow managed to secure entry, and Tara shadowed her to the shop of Mama Rogers.
Morgana Rogers was an accomplished chocolatier in a time when cocoa beans were hard to find.
After the Komadon left with a box of fresh milk chocolate, Tara had ventured in to chat with the old woman.
Raised to dive for lobster nets off the coast as a girl, Morgana had volunteered in 2180 to live on Primary Ixo Kul’s new seafloor consulate. Her excitement faded upon introduction to John Dunigan.
Dunigan had been a rabid racist, and he’d resented her presence on the delegation. Old Mama h
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Episode One | Suffocation Arc | Femitokon
Kuril Base North – Primada Sector
Raxuta`acarol (Pacific Ocean)
Yubol (June) 1, 2228 0130 Hours

Unlike the scores of other young men before him, the boy didn’t dive for a dark corner when she arrived, or collapse into a fetal ball, sobbing on the floor.
Stepping over the threshold, Laxum found the heat stifling. Red-blooded helovx ran cold under the sea, and this boy persisted in turning the thermostat to its highest level.
Setting down her bag, she moved her fingertips over the climate-control pad.
How are you today, Wu?” Laxum asked, in his native Hamgyong.
Wu sat on the bench, entranced by the dark water outside.
Prone to tension, his species required intervals of analytical downtime to maintain mental balance; this need to regain control of their psyche proved them masters at complicating simple existence.
I inquired of your well-being, Wu,” Laxum said, excited by his indifference.
Sitting beside him, she savo
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Character Profile: Velto Wram
Velto Wram (vel-tow | ram) is the owner and former Prime Chair of Wram Constructs now serving the Office of Helovx Advocacy as the Ambassador to the Slavic Empire.
Velto Wram is a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, born in 2185. Velto is the 
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Atmospheric Shells and Domes
The benthic domes that house Ramaxia's major cities are grand in size to accommodate future generations. Those living inside take up a small portion of the dome's habitat sector. Those residing within do not see the structural makeup of the dome due to Atmospheric-Shell Technology. The AS technology incorporated inside the domes creates a habitat that camouflages its structure, maintains living conditions, and cycles weather patterns.
An Atmospheric Shell maintains set temperatures, depending on the dome. In far eastern Orta the mean temperature is (...)
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Citizenry Transit
Transportation in the domes and between the domes is available to the citizenry without cost by Ramaxian Citizenry Transport. Mass transit of citizens began in the era of the Second Ramaxian Gen, with the advent of the Rounder, and reached its zenith among the Fifth Gen, with the creation of a levitation transit train, called a SLIDE. (...)
Ramaxian Transportation
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Tharspin, or 'Antarctican Steel,' is an alloy that consists mostly of an iron-oxide called tharspaxi that is found nowhere else on the planet, except Ramaxia*. The carbon content of tharspaxi is between 0.3% and 3.1% by weight, depending on the grade, and is the single alloying material for tharspin.(...)
First Century
Ramaxian Artery
Tharspin | Digger | 
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Character Profile: Eppis Banto
Eppis Banto (ep-iss | ban-toh) is the Citizenry-Representative of Vanda Prime and Prime-Administrator of the Citizenry Chamber.
Eppis Banto is a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Hizak, born in 2185. Banto is the only donation of
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Ramaxian Interstellar Organization
The astronomy movement among the youth of the Second Ramaxian Gen had been born of geologists' warnings that Ramaxicon's supply of tharspaxi would run out by century's end. Star charts found in the Femaki`xirpaxul, and telescopes scavenged from between the poles, allowed Second Gen astronomers to search for tharspaxi among the planets of the Suvaxiyul.
The Ramaxian Interstellar Organization formed around the first ship designed for launch into orbit, the Polta
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The Balanced Citizenry Act
Balanced Citizenry Act, authored by Fifth Office of the Committee, Wox Dag, sought to end the free-born epidemic by outlawing the existence of Femarctic Males in the Citizenry.
The BCA was brought forth as a motion, in its entirety, during the Third Cloister Session (the only session of the year that is broadcast live to the citizenry), in 2187. Primary Fusa Kul seconded it, having lost her bond-partner during the birth of twins, one a free birth. It’s third was CR Prime of Toxis, and current Prime-Chair of the GPD, Riba Wygz.
The Ruling Gen Platform was divided* on its passage, forcing the Sernatae, Yir Gizul, to soliciting ratification among the embittered CR Chamber (many of the formerly incumbent Sixth Generation). Expecting contention, the Sernatae required (...)
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Character Profile: Pitana Dag
Pitana Dag (pee-ta-na| 'dag) is the current Ambassador Prime of Ramaxia, and the custodial Prime of Ramaxia Primada.
Pitana is a registered citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Generation, design Hizak, born in 2185. Dag is the only donation of Committee Member the Fifth Wox Dag. Her kerm
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Historical: The Patch Wars
The Patch Wars were a series of disastrous motions played out in the Cloister by the Sixth Ruling Gen that disenfranchised the Seventh, delivered an aborted Eighth, and led to the creation of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation.
The Patch Wars came as a result of prime lifeform Femtrux acquiring sentience and disqualifying all free-births registered manually by the Zaxiri College, as a Seventh Generation.
--
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The Rakan arc begins!

12 Thumb by OptimisticVoodoo

The Femitokon Compendium is free to read so check it out if you're into #world_building #science_fiction #original_characters and #serial_fiction

Episodes of the Femitokon Series are just $2 each via Paypal/Visa

Cover art by the awesome VozGris

BTW all three of these characters are female and I had to point that out a couple of times yesterday to some readers at

Styba Balru and Fuzo Dox (bald ones) are Marixi (mer-icks-ee)

Tavo Ex (the naked booty) is a Subak (zub-ak)

–and check out Orny in the background looking all SHINY!


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