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January 25, 2007
portrait-of-a-lady by ~optiknerve-gr. The detail is absolutely fabulous, the choice of colors is stunning and the elements blend together so well. This is definitely a very powerful image that is waiting to be appreciated at its true value.
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image created for an exhibition of LOndon school of fashion on the ICA LONDON with the title "death of taste"


*after demand!! :-)
an insight on the way i work!!

"the image was done with photoshop mainly and 3dstudio max (all the dress+details) and a bit of poser for the the body+renders at 3d studio max..... --the face is the only "real" photograph(from a shoot that was done for a job from my agency).....+the various textures etc that are from my library of stuff (printmaking etc) either scanned or photographed -some of the patterns used for the hair were the only thing i had bought from a stock library(as a b/w vector image)....

also there is an animated tutorial??or just work in progress of this image here [link]
and head shot here [link]

thank you

closer detail:
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fantastic work, i have admired your artwork for many years
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Hey !!! You have been featured in brand new, Surreal News article >> [link]
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oh my gosh im absoloutly blown away by this and your gallery! i am speechless
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this is amazing, so, so much detail. I love this. You must have worked on this for days! Great use of applications to create true masterpiece
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Extremely eye-catching!
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Detail is absolutely amazing! Beautiful!!!
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Whoaaaaaa! :O
Love It!!
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This piece has been featured here ---> [link]
It’s amazing :D
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wow... everything about this is perfect. her expression, the colors, the texture, the whole mood of it. great job!
that Awesome artwork
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My eyes have been dazzled. Is that fire or jewels she wears? Or a combination of both? Great beauty, and yet no matter how brightly she shines in her golden jeweled finery... She seems dangerous to me.

Awesome, I love the sparkles and her expression. That looks to be one woman you do NOT want to cross. ;)
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:-) :-) :bow: thank you for the comment and the perspective!! :-) nice....
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You're welcome. :)
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I keep coming back to this hoping to see a PRINTS AVAILABLE link ;) do you think you'll be offering this beautiful creation to the masses?
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:-) thaank you for the request!!
i do not really know what this print feature really does!!!(i know i can be dumb sometimes!) :D

i havent submitted it in a hi resolution enough to make a decent print!!--it was in my early days-a month ago or so that i did not know much about all in here!!

if i want to make it available as a print shouldn't be of significant resolution??
if so how i can reload it higher in the same slot??so i do not loose all the messages??

and even more questions!! lol but it is really late!!so i will not pester you more with those!! :-D

thanks ever so much though for the keep coming back comment!!
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This is so amazing!!!! Love it!!!
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Just, wow. great.
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