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this is an image created back in 2000 for the cover of NEW SCIENTIST magazine ... there were more images inside the issue as editorials.... the issue was on black holes....
NEW SCIENTIST is one of my clients and have created several images for them over the years... might post some more here ....
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This is an invitation
This is a site that would enjoy displaying your photo work very much.
Invitation weHeartphotos

iam the Founder

Surrealist artists
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Super fav
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big "like" :clap:
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Featured here [link] (please add news to your :+favlove: if you want more people to see your work.)and in my journal [link] . :heart:
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Quite freaky this is...
Reminds me of the time I threw a piece of tripe outside and some ants made a colony in it...
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That's totaly awesome...:iconwowplz:
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Hi, this wonderful work has been added to my portrait feature, located at [link] and on my home page [link] (left-hand column towards the bottom). Thanks!
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Are you saying he has a Wholy Head..Holy Head ??? wonderful done
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Great conceptual thinking. Good looks too. I got one which about head and hole, but very very different. Hope you like it!
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gives a freaky feeling, wich I like hahah :) great work, really love your gallery ^^
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hi, you're featured here [link]
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Fuck, this is some scary shiit.. I'm in awe .. really
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How did you do it? Lotsa clone tool? Or did you in fact paint his (w)hole face, added shados and all, and then finally painted/pasted the wholes?

I need to knoooow :D
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it was very very simple....
the head is me!!!!! :-) i covered myself with clay...and photographed me...
then i made a plaster cast where i dug various holes in it and photographed order to get the light correct...hence the real feel to it....
in photoshop i cloned/erased any remains of my face and then worked in the holes! and voila.....
actually is one of the simplest photoshop wise images i have made..... :-) you know....

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ohh, so that was actually genuine hard work.. God damn you! :D I had hoped a photo like that could be brought to life through photoshop. :D Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to fill me in. ;)
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just popping by to let you know you're work was featured in my journal =]

if you want me to remove it i can do so :)
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after looking at your avatar I noticed this in your gallery. I think the symbol and the use of the black hole in the mans head is such a great fun little thing. great job making them each unique and different!
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