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I was working on some test illustrations for a possible commision based on cmyk layers+prints when i thought of this!
so i thought i better get on and do it-before i put it in the back of my head and forget it!!
so here is some CMYKLOVE....

IT was about time to put some colour in my life! :-) ha ha...

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Love it, colors are beautiful
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Hi I juste really love this illustrations, it perfectly represents me. I would like to make a poster in my office about 2 feet large x 7. May I buy your work?
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Brilliant work - Inspirational
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I feel the power of this picture! Something ideal for every artist. But only letters are disturbing my view. I don't think they are necessary. But I add it to my favourites :D
Hola Buen dia. me gusta la imagen de colores que aparece arriba. la puedo utilizar para una tarjeta de presentacion..? plis. gracias.
I love this! I'm working on makingsomething like this for school but I have NO idea where to begin and my art teacher is telling me that because the project was my idea I need to figure out how! can you tell me anything?
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well.. where can i start??? :-) just go with the flow really...
it is constructed mainly by paint marks/drops?? how can i say this.. and tried to give a flowing motion through out...basically make your main /bone structure and the movement you want to give and then start building the composition the way you see more appropriate to your idividual eye.. and just play around.. there no point in trying to copy this ..only to give you an inspiring starting point for something that you will create...
was that usefull?? anyway good luck... :-) and thanks on your interest to my work...
Thanks! I appreciate the advice!
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i love this :D it's a great idea (:
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I just wouldn't know where to start if I wanted to do something this good!
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:D :D :D
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Simply beautiful.
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Your wonderful piece has been featured in my latest Journal right here : [link]
So congratz :P Be glad if you could come visit and maybe comment if you liked it :) Or to show your support,

With all respects,
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this is absolutely epic.
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No Comment !!! :O
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*Mouth gaping open*
Very creative + colourful + HUGE!!
Your hard work paid off!
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