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Notes before reading:

.This story contains femdom, humiliation, mind-breaking, foot-fetish and other similar themes. If you are not into any of them, please DO NOT read it.
.I am not the creator of the characters. They belong to the author of the manga/anime "Owari no Seraph".

.The description/author's comment section contains pictures and information about the characters for those unfamiliar with them.
.Enjoy !

  An eerie dusk fell on an abandoned town. Crows consuming fresh cadavers spread all over the deserted streets, dyed in crimson red, reflecting a blood moon crowning the dark reaching veils of the night. Dim lights popping sinisterly, shining corners of rubbled houses, unveiling shadows of rats nesting in skeletons of starved and butchered innocents. And vampires roaming the streets, drying their blades off the blood of slaughtered enemies, humans, soldiers of the Moon Demon Company. All baleful manifestations seemed meaningless before their menacing presence, taking over the old city and hunting down any prey that would spray crimsons upon slashing. For centuries have they been a threat to humanity, but in these merciless days, they make for an impending doom to be unleashed whenever on the remaining survivors of all mortal races.

  One would instinctively fear a vampire, an immortal being that carries the might of many men, as well as a never-ending thirst for blood. Yet, one would always prefer to be met by a common vampire, than to be so by a progenitor, royalty among them. These nobles constitute the greatest menace to humankind, carrying strength beyond compare, leading the vampires in their race to domination. In the current town, one such high being happened to be present, giving orders left and right after a most horrid victory over a young patrolling party of Moon Demon soldiers. It was Krul Tepes, a progenitor of the third rank.

  At a first glance, her short height gave the appearance of a pretty, teen loli; thoroughly contradicting her wise age. With long, pink, twin ponytails atop her head, and scattered strands of hair constantly waving along the wind, the petite vampire resembled a charming sakura flower blooming everywhere on the battlefields. Her attire was an iconic one. A short black dress hid her tempting flat chest while revealing a pair of slender white thighs from upfront, and concealing everything behind a cape dropped to the ground from behind. Lastly, as footwear, she clad her small feet in two, black, knee-high boots.

  Wondering in the emptied city, Krul strangely stopped for a moment, quietly staring into space. She declared: "Show yourself. I know you're here". Baited, or afraid, someone stepped out of his hiding spot, from behind a piled up rubble of stone. It was another soldier of the Moon Demon Company, Shinoa Hiragi, a temporary member assigned to the squad that had just been annihilated. She was short as well, yet not as quite as Krul. With purple side bangs leaning on her shoulders, she looked well adorable in the famous army attire, though that wouldn't be of much help out in the ruthless battlegrounds.

-"And there goes my chance of slipping away", commented Shinoa, taking a fighting stance as she brought forth her weapon, a cursed scythe.
-"What are you doing?"
-"Taking my chances, again"
-"You seriously think you can take me on?", questioned Krul, slowly walking towards her enemy.
-"I've never fought a progenitor before, so I don't know ye-", answered Shinoa, trying to keep her cool, but failing to hold her shaking hands steady. In a flash, she was shushed and dropped to the ground. Her weapon was suddenly shattered to pieces by Krul's bare hands, standing behind her now, moving faster than the eye could see.
-"I'm not known as the third progenitor for nothing, little one"

  After an immediate defeat, Shinoa tried to stand back up, but was quickly met by a swift kick in the guts, sending her rolling fifteen meters away. Again, and painfully, she tried to get back up, only to end put out of action by Krul stepping on her throat this time, keeping her still with a powerfully stationed boot. The fight was brought to a clause very quickly, ending it in total domination from one side, making it look more like an act of bullying in fact.

-"Enough with your useless struggles. You stand no chance against me", stated the little vampire in an annoyed tone.
-"Ughh... Take.. Take your boot off me", forcefully ordered Shinoa as she tried to move Krul's firmly positioned boot with both weak hands.
-"Ohh! A proud soldier! A rare specimen these days! Most would be licking my boots by now begging me for their lives. But look at you squirming beneath me so bravely, almost like a cockroach trying to shake off a lion. Hmph", said Krul as a dominant smirk was drawn on her face.
-"Ughh... Ughhh..."
-"Let me show you what I do with your great pride"

  With no warning, Krul slightly bent ahead and spat on Shinoa's forehead, adding "I spit on it". Then, she took off her boot from the latter's throat, only to place it on her cheek instead, tilting her face beneath it and resuming "I step on it". Lastly, she steadily started to press her weight on her foot, slowly chewing the other's face under it while ending it with "And I crush it beneath my boots". Hopelessness was well reflected in Shinoa's current expression, shedding tears of shame, for deep inside, she was a proud soldier, and her dignity had just been spat on and trampled by a sworn enemy. However, this was just the beginning.

  "Any last words before I crush you like a bug beneath my boot, oh proud soldier?" questioned Krul, steadying her heel on her prey's throat, ready to squash it any second now. Nothing, no answer was heard. Shinoa just kept on squirming on the ground, still trying to move her hunter's foot away. With a content smirk, the little vampire answered "Very well" to the latter's fruitless struggles, pushing her heel down with an overpowering strength.

  Shinoa shut her eyes the moment she felt that mighty pressure on her neck. She concluded that death was coming to her now. This was her last breath, her last thought, or so she thought. The intense physical pressure suddenly vanished at the very last millisecond. She stared upwards, shrouded in fear and doom. Her whole body, from head to toe, was flooded in sweat. Her racing heartbeats alone could very well kill her now, and that's all to be expected, for she was one frame away from death, and may still be so. Krul on the other hand was staring down at her prey, with sudden thoughts crossing her mind at the very last moment. After a brief recollection of her memories, she acted in the most unexpected way, sparing Shinoa by taking her foot off the latter's face. Even the young lass expressed surprise after getting so close to death itself.

-"You... What's your name?", asked Krul, looking to clear the mist off a certain sudden subject.
-"Hmph... Why should I tell you?!", answered Shinoa, trying to act cocky on the ground, though dearly failing at it with a recuperating tone and expression.
-"Don't make me repeat mysel-"
-"SHINOA... Shinoa Hiragi... that's my name...", immediately replied Shinoa the instant Krul raised her foot as an attempt to place it where it previously was.

  Shinoa could barely breath. Having experienced what it felt like to be at death's doorstep, she was petrified enough to do literally anything in order to avoid this feeling again. She admitted that she was a fool for preferring death over surrender. "Hmph, seems it's your lucky day. I won't kill you. You're good bait". Undeniably, she was relieved that she's been spared, even if by a mocking enemy. "Well, I'll just add you to my human pet collection. You should be honored, very few live to end up there", continued Krul, a satisfied look answering to Shinoa's stupefied expression. What did she mean by human pet? what's going to happen to me exactly?; many alike questions swirled in her mind, yet little could she think about them all before getting distracted by her hunter, snatching away her belt, and tying it, unbelievably, on her own neck, just like leashing a pet.

-"Wh-What do you think you're doing?", questioned Shinoa in a worried, high pitched tone.
-"I'm not one to take prisoners. I either kill them, or if they're valuable hostages, VIPs like the little lady, I domesticate them. This way, I make sure they become harmless if we ever use them in negotiations and send them back. Hmph, I guess you know which one of the two you are", answered Krul as she tied the belt while being met with no resistance from her prey, a clear sign of fear.

  Shinoa dared not move one finger, not even utter a single word of defiance. Her instincts made sure she wouldn't, because that's what it took to keep on living now. As for Krul, she grabbed the loose end of the belt and started dragging her human behind her. The latter, yet again, just followed this development, silent, staring to the ground, shame eating away at her with every passing second. When she tried to stand up, the pair stopped in place. "What are you doing?" asked Krul, rhetorically. "Don't tell me you're thinking of standing up? I told you. I my prisoners. From now on, forget about acting like a human, you've become my pet, my dog, and you'll crawl and act like one", saying this, the little vampire turned around, yet before taking a step, with an ominous aura and a dreadful tone, she ended: "Just try and defy me. It'll be one less pet to take care of". Frightened, to say the least, Shinoa admitted that she was defeated, and had no other course of action but to follow and obey her new master, for she'd do anything but be put in death's ghastly grasp again.

  The duo walked for quite a while through many kinds of lands. Abandoned cities with split asphalt, grim woods with dry soil, misty rainforests with damp mud. In the last one, where Shinoa had been well tired of the forced crawling, Krul decided to have some fun, forcing her pet to lay on many deep ponds of mud, then using her as a bridge, walking on her body, whether it was faced up or down, casually taking a stroll on it, and trampling on her face or hair before stepping down and moving to the next one. Sometimes, before Shinoa could stand on her fours, Krul would push her human's head deep into the mud, forcing her to suffocate beneath her boot, enjoying the view of a once proud soldier writhing and struggling under her feet in the most humiliating way. By the end of their 'trip', one had her fill of laughter, while the other was coated in a revolting brown matter on every aspect of her shaking body. Yet even beneath this brown coat, a gleaming red face could very well be distinguished, that of someone who's had his pride ravaged and destroyed, not only as a soldier, but as a human as well.

  A dormant lake laid next to the entrance of the vampire hideout. Shinoa was thrown in there to wash away the mud, because "I don't want you to dirty my royal chamber with those brown paws of yours", as said by her tamer. Then, they entered the hideout. Wholly drenched now, she was leashed and walked amidst a crowd of mocking vampires like a dog. The humiliation killed her. All along the trip, she had tried to maintain a somehow composed face; but now, tears simply glistened on her cherry cheeks. She couldn't take the humiliation anymore, especially with how dignified she once considered herself, being a member of the most prestigious family in the country. To her luck, ironically, no one dared interact with the duo, for it was the third progenitor that was walking among them, not some common nobody. They only stared, smirked, snickered, laughed discretely, but more than enough to once again ravage Shinoa's human dignity.

  Finally, after an infinitely long walk, as perceived by a certain hopeless individual, the pair of girls reached the awaited royal chamber. It was a vast, brightly illuminated room adorned in golden sculptures almost everywhere. Ahead, in the center, a golden throne dressed in red leather crowned the hall atop a series of spacious stairs. Truly a most magnificent royal chamber. Though dazzling as it was, it meant very little to Shinoa, preoccupied by what doom awaits her ahead. Krul let go of the belt and sauntered to her seat, the throne. Dropping herself on it, she crossed her legs and snapped her fingers, taking peeks at her slave, observing her reaction, which turned out to be pretty satisfying. Shinoa had commons sense, and a snap of her new mistress's fingers could only mean one thing. She crawled ahead, her movements made heavier, much heavier by the disgrace labeled all over her actions. Reaching the bottom stair, she stopped, staring upwards to see what is to be done next. With another gesture of her fingers, Krul ordered her human to crawl upstairs, and so she did, sitting now at the feet of her queen, as portrayed by the throne theme.

  "Hmph. I'm starting to like your face, full of fear and despair. You make quite the obedient dog too, you may well become my favorite at this rate", stated Krul as she waved her free boot close to Shinoa's avoiding face, looking down, with tears ready to fall any moment now. "Let's test how faithful this obedient dog is", continued the little vampire, raising her slave's face by the chin using the tip of her boot. Then, she placed that same boot right in front of the latter's face, tilting it up to showcase the extremely dirty bottom of it. She resumed, with a dominant smirk this time: "A good dog knows what to do when his master's boots are dirty, right?". No answer, again. Just a weak Shinoa, teary, staring at the mud coating the swinging sole, that if not colored in brown at certain places, would be so in smoky gray instead, of dust and specs of dirt. Hesitant, and afraid, she did not budge from place. Krul did not like this. She grabbed the dangling belt and yanked it forcefully to the back, forcing the latter to meet her murderous eyes. Her gaze carried such an overwhelming pressure, so menacing, with pure murderous intent apparent in her red glowing lenses.

-"Shouldn't you be doing something now?", 'threatened' the little vampire.
-"Y-Y-Yes. I-I'll li-lick your boot clean, ri-right now..", answered Shinoa, frightened to the bone as seen in her pale image.

  Krul kept on staring, silently, with the same spine-chilling gaze. Shinoa had no choice, it was either this or death, and clearly she didn't want the second option. The little vampire loosened her grip on the leash, leaving her human with enough space to get to work. On the ground, the new slave, or put in the right words, "dog", slowly started to close in her face to the bottom of her master's muddy boot, sobbing as she was reaching the end of her respectable human life. With her face inches away from her destination, Shinoa closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and let out her hesitating tongue. There was no 'best' spot on this nightmarish sole. Every bit of it was abundantly dirty, with mixed mud, dust and dirt all over it. She approached at a snail's pace, but ultimately, her tongue hit the boot. At the moment of contact, she wanted to retract to the back by instincts, but ones even more overwhelming glued her tongue to the steady sole, drenching it in mud stuck on the black surface. Picking up enough of the dirty substance, she closed her mouth and opened her eyes, looking upwards at a cruelest Krul. The vampire's expression had steadily changed during these thirty seconds. She was no longer angry, quite the contrary, well pleased. She awaited Shinoa's next, unavoidable move with superior mocking eyes locking to that of the vanquished latter, hopelessly begging for mercy in their teary form, yet at the same time, wanting to slaughter the vampire for her current disposition.

  Alas, the mud on her tongue had to go somewhere. Shinoa closed her eyes again, slight tears forming at their corners. Mustering all that was left of her willpower, she swallowed whatever's in her mouth, along with what remained of her pride, honor, and dignity, giving up and releasing all the tears held up till now. Then, she opened her eyes, greeted by Krul's snickering up ahead. All she wanted to do was murder that person towering above her, skin that smirk off her face and trample it to dust beneath her feet. Ironically, all she could do was continue to obey that same person like a submissive puppy, and continue to lick clean the bottom of her boot, because that's what it took to keep on breathing. Shinoa stuck out her tongue again, only this time with open eyes. She placed it on the sole another time, still a long way from being clean. Slightly sliding her outstretched tongue on the muddy surface, she was just about to retract it to the back when Krul suddenly started to grind her boot on it, aggressively, then sliding it up and down many times before thrusting her heel into her slave's mouth quite brutally. She rubbed the mud on the latter's forehead while the said other sucked on the restless heel as per the issued order.

-"Not very enthusiastic, are we?", asked Krul, rubbing more and more mud on her slave's forehead while gliding her heel on the sides of her mouth.
-"I'bb... Dorry...", answered Shinoa, barely able to speak with the heel stuffed and restless in her mouth.
-"Pfft. Get that ugly mug of yours away from me", ordered Krul as she kicked Shinoa's face away with the boot she was sucking the heel of.

  "Let me show you how to properly wag your tail for your master". Stating that, Krul snapped her fingers. By some strange mechanism, one of the veils behind her opened. From behind them, a human old man appeared, covered in dirty rags, his hands and neck chained together, making a very uncomfortable restraint. The old man seemed dizzy, as if just awoken from an endless slumber. He looked around, and when he noticed Krul on her throne, he suddenly became agitated, with fear written all over his sweating face. He ran on his knees to her, kneeling at her feet, ignoring Shinoa, more like even unaware that she was there. Once there, he looked up, panting and sticking out his tongue like a dog, shouting: "M-My merciful queen. W-What do you wish of this miserable dog kneeling at your gracious feet?!"

  Shinoa could not believe this. She thought that she was hallucinating, so she rubbed her eyes, but the scene did not change. This person that was acting like a dog was none else than her previous instructor. Her image of him was of a proud, strong, resilient soldier. He was highly regarded by everyone, teaching his students to "never give up to the enemy", to "prefer death over being taken by them", and most importantly, to "never ever let a vampire mock a soldier's honor". Looking at him now, he acted the complete opposite of his teachings. Totally given up, taken as a dog, and forgetting what honor even meant to begin with. To make things worse, Krul casually placed one boot on his head, using it as a footrest, all while remaining neutrally silent. His reaction? Nothing. He didn't even budge at all. He continued to stare at his "queen", panting, with slobber escaping his mouth now. This image screamed that both were used to this situation, that him being a dog and a footrest to the little vampire was only normal around here.

  Krul spat on the ground, and not one second later, the old instructor was licking it. With a smirk, she suddenly stepped on his tongue, interrupting his dire licking, then asking with a threatening tone:
-"Did I allow you to lick it, you ugly creature?"
-"I-I'b tholly. Fleath Folgife ne...", he gibbered, meaning to say 'I'm sorry. Please forgive me'.
-"Forgive you?! I'm not sure I should do that. How about you show me just how desperate you are for my forgiveness?", she teased with a scheming smile.

  The old instructor's tongue was let loose, and before him, Krul's legs crossed, dangling her muddied shoe above. Without a second thought, he grabbed her dirty boot with firm hands and immediately started to lick its sole. It was as if he was licking for his life, unshaken by the fact that more and more mud was getting picked up by his hasty tongue. Beside him, Shinoa was still shocked. At first, she could not digest that this was her previous, stern instructor; now, she was only afraid of her clouded fate. If such a strong and proud soldier was reduced to such an ugly and pathetic creature, just what awaited her then? The idea of turning into something like him worried her overwhelmingly, causing any common sense to disappear out of the blue. She stood up and ran away, going towards the huge door at the back of the chamber, tears falling unstoppably from her wide opened eyes, her every movement controlled by fear beyond description now. As she reached the back of the room, she was suddenly punched to the ground by someone from the crack of the door. It was another female vampire entering the scene; tall, voluptuous, and sharply pretty with her golden hair tied into two thick and long pigtails.

-"Krul-sama, I have urgent news ", stated the new character as she grabbed Shinoa by her hair and dragged her back to the throne.
-"Oh. It's you. What is it?", asked Krul as she switched legs, getting the other boot licked now, not showing the slightest reaction to Shinoa's attempted escape.
-"Here, see it for yourself", answered the blonde vampire as she threw Shinoa at Krul's feet, then handed a folded piece of paper to the third progenitor.

  The human girl's fear only grew as yet another vampire entered the chamber. What frightened her the most was how everyone acted so indifferent around what was occurring. Just how usual was it to have a human degraded to a dog licking a vampire's dirty boots around here? And just what the hell awaited her in this tormenting place? With both of these questions swirling endlessly in her mind, Shinoa only saw to escape from this nightmare, solely fueled by mindless fear and despair once again. However, little could she budge from place before getting stilled in place by Krul, smashing her slave's face to the ground with her boot, then crossing her feet on the lass's head, using it this time as a footrest. Resuming his job, the crazed instructor continued his spree of licking, lapping his tongue on the boots of his resting "merciful queen", indifferent as ever.

  The vampires talked and talked above Shinoa, while she was only getting more and more degraded by every passing second. The concurrent discussion was of utmost importance, and as a captured soldier, the most rationale thing to do was to listen and memorize the information that was being revealed. It was a fountain of knowledge, a paramount military advantage. However, in her current state, Shinoa could care less about all this critical data. She was helpless, afraid, preoccupied by how will she be able to tolerate this humiliation, to bear this life of slavery from now on, because escaping had already been deemed impossible, not from this hell. As if Krul humiliating her wasn't enough already, the other winsome vampire also jumped aboard this ship. Just like the progenitor, she used Shinoa as a stepping stone, casually resting her knee-high boot on the tilted bum of the young girl, and grinding her pointy heel on the bouncy cheeks of the butt with enough force to tear through the recipient's grubby skirt.

  The degraded girl whimpered upon feeling the sharp heel pinching her behind, and squealed when she felt it reaching her crack. She sobbed and cried beneath her master's boots, while another pair acted relentlessly at her back. With nothing but threatening terror and doom guiding her mindlessly, she begged, drowned in tears, in a broken tone: "Please", "Stop this", and "I beg of you, don't hurt me". She wouldn't usually do this, not even under this kind of pressure; but seeing someone like her previous instructor dearly wagging his tail for his life really did a number on her sanity. The sound of his tongue gliding on the leather boots right on top of Shinoa's head only aggravated her agony, and so did the slimy noise of his sticky saliva, as if a genuine dog had been slobbering atop. Of course, not to forget that the vampires' chuckling at her shameful and embarrassing disposition left its lasting mark too, causing her to beg for pointless mercy amidst a seemingly endless session of enjoyable exchange of information.

  Finally, after half an hour of mental torment, the blonde vampire was ready to leave. Krul kicked her male slave's face, interrupting his never ending licking. She then ordered her underling to "Take him away". The crazed instructor turned toward his new master, and as if it had become his new way of greeting, he kissed her boots plenty before getting taken away, dragged by his chains quite uncomfortably. As the door of the royal chamber closed before those two, silence reigned, an inevitable one that Shinoa had been sweating over whilst she's been acting as a footstool. Breaking it, Krul teased: "I believe that you know how enthusiastic you should be in your job now?". Shinoa nodded, fear sealing her lips and freezing her tongue, her immediate response making for a clear sign of her willing submission now. The little vampire took her boots off her slave's head, and instead, placed them right in front of the latter's kneeling face, next to each other. She ordered: "Apologize for your behavior".

  As the last lesson she had just learned from her instructor, Shinoa plunged forward and rained kisses on the boots presented before her, opening her mouth only to conduct shameful pleadings for meaningless forgiveness. She would plant her lips as deep as possible to make sure that her mistress would feel her desperation, and would find it in her heart to spare this miserable creature groveling beneath her, as implied by her anguished actions. Krul did feel the desperation conveyed in her slave's behavior, drawing an avid smile on her triumphant face.

-"That's enough. I've had enough of lips and tongues sticking to my boots today. Take them off", ordered the little vampire as she waved her boots on the floor.
-"My... q-queen...", replied Shinoa, discarding her pride one last time as she admitted her subservience verbally.
-"My my! What a fast learner we have here! Hmph, that's to be expected of you humans. You even become dogs if I will it. Don't worry, I'll make you into a very special one. Your tail will be wagging to much less than even my spit, unlike that vile creature that's been taken to the torture rooms. Oh! I never did mention this. You'll be taken there whenever you misbehave. Well, I'll be blunt, sometimes, you just gotta go there. You humans make the sweetest cries after all. But don't worry, the team I've assigned for this job is made up solely of females, the most tender and caring vampires you'll ever meet across the continent. Our latest visitor is part of that group as a matter of fact. Hmph, I'm sure you'll enjoy their company", informed Krul, leisurely laying down her threats.

  Shinoa's sanity was slowly breaking apart under the constant, never lessening dread; and with these threats added, this process only accelerated. She carefully undressed the feet of her mistress, or put in the right words now, her queen, revealing a pair of small, cute feet with slender toes painted in pink. However, their appealing appearance did not hide the fact that they were wholly sweaty, dirty, hot, and stinky. Krul raised them enough for the toes to be right beneath her slave's nose, curling them relaxingly and teasing: "Ughh, finally. I've been walking in theses tight leather boots for days! My feet are so tired now, and so dirty! I just wonder what I should do with them!".

   Without a moment's hesitation, Shinoa grabbed the pair of feet, one with each hand. She raised them, revealing two dusty soles drenched in sweat. Then, with frowned brows and the last of her drying tears, she buried her face in them to put her tongue to work. Krul laughed as she wiggled her toes on her human's forehead, claiming: "Of course. I should let my good doggie take care of them". Her face hidden behind the heat-emitting feet, Shinoa opened her mouth and slid her tongue on the curvy arches as a start. They were so extended that no wrinkles could be felt on the tongue as it glided on them, going from the bottom to the top at first, then randomly lapping and picking up dust, dirt and sweat from everywhere. Similarly, her face had its generous share of sticky substance transferred to it, inflicting repugnance on the young girl by her rash, yet unavoidable actions.

  Moving on, the tongue lapped on the heel of both feet, then their sides before reaching the bridges of them. They were very soft, less sticky, but equally reeking to the bottoms. She licked them too, on prolonged intervals, silently and obediently as Krul delighted herself in the relaxing treatment. Then came the time for the toes. Shinoa was reluctantly licking them from the top and bottom when her mistress spread them open, revealing accumulated sweat and grime in between each of them. A smug grin loomed on her face when the slave deliberately stuck her tongue in the dirty crevices, licking them clean with pleasing repulsion written all over her face, as seen from Krul's point of view. Having done so for both feet, Shinoa was ordered to suck on them next, presented with the big toe resting on her lips. She took it in and closed her mouth on it, sucking the wiggling toe like a lollipop, lapping her tongue around it from inside, all under the little vampire's joyous chuckles. The other four were suddenly shoved in then, and as if that wasn't enough, right after that, the whole toes of the other foot were thrust atop the first one, suffocating Shinoa beneath them. The latter gagged on the feet, slobber escaping her mouth and her eyes about to shut as she neared falling unconscious.

  At the very last second, she was let free of her gag, left to cough unstoppably from the sudden restraint. However, little could she recuperate before getting kicked to the ground. Looking up to see what was happening, she was met by Krul taking the lead and jumping on her belly, then standing on her breast and picking up the belt still leashed to her slave. She pulled it backward and pressed her foot on Shinoa's face, pushing harder and harder from every end with every passing second, enjoying the tender lullaby of her pet's painful groans and interrupted pleads for mercy. When this pitiless form of torment ended, Shinoa tried to look at her queen, exhausted and still recuperating, but was immediately led to look aside as Krul stepped on her face, tilting it forcefully and chewing her cheeks beneath it.

  "Lick it", ordered the progenitor as she spat on the ground, right in front of her prey's messed up face. At once, Shinoa stuck out her well tired tongue and licked the ground within her reach, cleaning it from the saliva of her merciless queen, all while showing a helpless expression of utter disgust, humiliation, and defeat. When no trace was left of it, Krul took her foot off Shinoa's pained breast and placed it right in front of the latter's face, where she had just spat. Without any order this time, her slave proceeded to lick whatever her tongue could reach of the foot, which was the side of it now. As the foot moved backward, the young girl lapped her tongue on the big toe, which would tilt upwards and trap that tongue beneath it occasionally, for mere joy of course.

  Some relentless minutes later, Krul stepped back and dropped herself on the throne again, resting on the arm of it while laying her leg on the opposite one. She snapped her fingers and ordered: "Thank me", as she stationed her foot on tiptoe at the ground. Shinoa, as worn out as she was, dared not show any less submissiveness. She groveled to her queen and graciously laid kisses on her foot, starting with the toes, on the nail of them, and moving to the tilted bridge. When enough kisses had been planted on the ground foot, Krul ordered, as if bored: "That's enough, do the other one now", waving her other foot from the edge of the throne's arm. Obeying, Shinoa crawled to the side of the throne and kissed the dangling foot, just how she did with the previous one, adding extra kisses to the reachable sole this time.

  Enough minutes had passed since the active duo's solitary development. As a closure to its bosom gathering, Krul ordered her slave to clad her feet in her gleaming boots. Standing up, she received a kiss on each, as desired.

-"Good dog. Now stay put and wait for the girls to get you", commanded the little vampire as she walked past Shinoa, whose spirit had been left broken and abused after this extensive session.
-"W-What... But... I-I did everything you wanted... P-Please don't let them take me... Please...", pleaded Shinoa as she desperately clung to her queen's boots, protesting to her simply walking away, only to be met by a grim response, and a usual boot to the face.
-"Listen here, human. Every hostage or prisoner is to pass by the torture rooms, whether you like it or not. You were lucky enough not go there immediately since I was the one that brought you here. But it's not like you're an exception. Many more important humans have been sent there before you, and many more will be sent there eventually", switching to a grim smirk, Krul continued: "But now, it's your turn. Hmph. Have fun in there. I hear if you bark enough you may be spared a little bit, but I personally wouldn't count on it"
  Kicking Shinoa away, Krul took her leave, waving and bidding her farewells as she announced: "I look forward to meeting the broken version of you".
Pictures do not belong to me.
This story is a request by FantePro.
.Krul Tepes:…
.Shinoa Hiragi:…
.The blonde vampire:… (turns out it was a character named Horn Skuld. I didn't know this at first since I chose her randomly from google image thinking she was some nameless side character)
.Krul on throne:…
I received this request a long time ago, I beleive it was back in Winter xD. Sorry for taking so long to write it. I hope it was up to your expectations and included everything you wanted.
The old instructot mentioned here is a fictional character that I created, just imagine the image of a big robust 40s or 50s guy with some grey hairs on the sides =P (or anything really)
I wrote this one a bit faster than usual, so I don't think it's of the same quality as some other stories.
Thank you for reading and for supporting me.
I hope you enjoy/ed my work :)
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Very nice storie, as always :D

I hope there will be a sequel where we see Shinoa in the torture chambers, but when i'm looking at your comments about lollis, then i doubt there will be another story.
But that's not so bad, i'm looking forward to every story you are writing :)
OPtheBeSt Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
That would be interesting. Hard to write but nonetheless interesting . I'm not gonna lie, the thought did cross my mind, but along so many others that I ended up ignoring it =P
And yeah, I'm not a fan of lolis. Thankfully in Krul's case, I can hide behind her 'age' and not so little appearance (and personality as well).

Anyway, thank you :)
alicast1 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
Amazon story dude!! Have been following you for a while, but this story is one of my favourite. Keep writing! And thank you
OPtheBeSt Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
Many thanks. I'm glad that you liked it!
And no need to thank me ^^
FantePro Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
it's just..perfect! no other words :) thank you very much
OPtheBeSt Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
No problem. And I'm very glad that you like it :)
95Darkrai Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Really nice!!
OPtheBeSt Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
Thank you mate!
AbsoluteZero92 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
The story was fantastic as always mate, I do believe that Krul has made my top 10 lolis list :) 
OPtheBeSt Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
Tbh, I hate lolis in general. If I hadn't convinced myself that she was a 1000 years old or so vampire, I wouldn't have completed it =P. Now I've learned my lesson, and won't take any loli requests anymore xD (Not to misunderstand, it wasn't a bad request at all)
And I'm glad you like it :)
AbsoluteZero92 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
No problem mate, I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)
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