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Operation Reiki Presents!


'Our Art, Their Lives'

... a Not-so-Mini Contest~ :la:

:bulletred: Who We Are

Operation-Reiki is a Fundraising Art Auction Group by deviants to help the victims of the 03-11-11 Tsunami. We try to gather artists who are interested in contributing their skills in order to raise funds for the cause.

We figured that there are a LOT of people here who wants to help, but don't have much to offer but their skills. So we think this is a great way to express concern for the people who are in need. The bidders donate, they'll get artworks from us; Donors help the victims, and they also help us help them. It's a nice setup, don't you think? ♥

We try and do our best to make this 1st project successful so we could do projects for other causes as well! Do drop by and say hello when you can~ we love to have people around. Or hey, join/watch us to receive updates! <3

:bulletred: Contest Proper

As a prelude to our 2nd batch of Art Packages to be auctioned, here's another Contest for our members to participate to!

You guys will be competing for these prizes:

:star: 1st Place:
-3-month PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP or 636 :points:
-Profile Feature on our Group's Front Page
-Journal Feature of 7 of your artworks by rinku726
-Journal Feature of 7 of your artworks by yuroran
-1 Colored Waist-up Sketch from rinku726
-1 Cute Colored Bust Drawing from JinnyMcG
-1 Half-body Character from yuroran
-20 points from OpReiki-tan
-Llama from rinku726 and OpReiki-tan

:star: 2nd Place:
-1-month PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP or 396 :points:
-Profile Feature on our Group's Front Page
-Journal Feature of 5 of your artworks by rinku726
-Journal Feature of 5 of your artworks by yuroran
-1 Monochrome Waist-up Sketch from rinku726
-1 Cute Colored Bust Drawing from JinnyMcG
-1 Half-body Sketch from yuroran
-10 points from OpReiki-tan
-Llama from OpReiki-tan

:star: 3rd Place:
-200 :points:
-Profile Feature on our Group's Front Page
-Journal Feature of 3 of your artworks by rinku726
-Journal Feature of 3 of your artworks by yuroran
-1 Monochrome Head Sketch by rinku726
-1 Cute Colored Bust Drawing from JinnyMcG
-1 Headshot Drawing from yuroran
-Llama from OpReiki-tan

...excited yet? :D

*There will probably be more to come, so VISIT THE BLOG ENTRY for updates, especially on prizes!! Too bad we can't edit News entries~ D; BTW you can contribute prizes for this contest too! Features, sketches, llama badges, points, ANYTHING! <3 Let's make this more exciting and fun for everyone! You can contribute AND join the contest at the same time, so don't be shy! :D


All you have to do is create a piece revolving the theme "Our Art, Their Lives" (our group's tagline!) and upload them to the Group's Folder "Our Art, Their Lives Contest Entries"!

:bulletred: Contest starts May 15, 2011! No deadline as of yet, but it will end in approximately 1 month from now! So do start early! :eager:

:bulletred: You can submit AS MANY ENTRIES & IN ANY MEDIUM as you want~ <3  (Visual art only for now, sorry OTL) The only requirements are:

:bulletorange: The entry must conform to the General Rules & Etiquette of dA

:bulletorange: You must be a member of this group and not be a part of the Judges panel~ ;>

:bulletorange: The Artwork must include the Group's logo, the words "Our Art, Their Lives", and the phrase "Read Below for Details" (it's up to you how to make the last one unobstructive or even helpful~ ;)) Here are two sample artworks we've done, fav.me/d3cv06m and fav.me/d3cxl52 Note that we've done this solely for the purpose of promoting, you can make one like this or try and be more creative with the theme! ♥ View our criteria for judging on the next section.

:bulletorange: You can submit a new one or already-made deviations, provided that the latter is relevant to our theme and the group's ideals! :D Take note of the previous requirement (so you may have to edit and upload the artwork again)

:bulletorange: In the Artist Comments, include the following text! (It's preformatted for you, just remove the asterisks (*)!)

<*h1>Our Art, Their Lives</*h1><*hr>

I'm a part of :*iconOperation-Reiki: , a fundraising art auction project by artists to help the victims of the 03-11-11 Tsunami. 100% of the gain goes straight to charity, no money ever goes through the staff~ We are currently looking for kind-hearted people that might want to win wonderful arts and contribute for a good cause by <*b>participating and bidding in the auction.</*b>

We have <*b><*u>OVER 70 Participating Artists, with 193 PRIZES TO BE WON!</*u></*b>
Even crafts and cards to be shipped to your home... <*b>FREE~</*b>
<*sup><*b>+ Complimentary Art Gifts by 10+ different artists for donating... Even if you win or not!</*b></*sup>

<*b><*u>Prize Pool for the 3 Highest Bidders:</*u></*b> <*a href="http:*//*operation-reiki.deviantart.com/blog/39145608/"><*u>CLICK HERE</*u></*a>
<*sup>*NOTE: Prizes listed will still be grouped into smaller sets to be auctioned on different rounds.</*sup>

If you're interested, do read the <a *href="*http:*//operation-reiki.deviantart.com/blog/39145270/">Rules and Process</*a> to have an idea how to go about it. <*b><*i>You don't need to be a member to bid in the auction!</*i></*b>

But if you want to go ahead and register as a bidder, just email the following to <*b>oplan.reiki[AT]gmail.com</*b>
with the SUBJECT of <*b>"[Bidder's Name Here]: Bidder Registration"</*b>:
Website (optional):
Referred by (optional):</*b></*blockquote>

Hope you can come and join us help those in need! :*)</*div></*blockquote>

:bulletred: :police: If you have noticed, this contest can also help you win in our Bidder-Referral Contest! ♥ You could promote your entry for this contest in various groups (be sure to respect and follow their submission rules!) and/or in GetWatchers (if you don't have an account there yet, click here to sign up!), and it might attract potential bidders~ (and of course have more visitors to your profile~) :nod:

So if you win here and in the Bidder Referral Contest, that's a 6-month premium membership and many more prizes waiting for you!!!

But the best part is, the more bidders we get, the more we all are able to help the Tsunami victims. :) They still do need help, so let's do our best to make this successful! :eager:



JUDGES: :iconrinku726::iconyuroran::iconjinnymcg::iconmaskqueraide:

:star::star::star::star::star::star: 60% Vision and Execution - how the theme and the group's ideals is exemplified in the deviation
:star::star: 20% Creativity - how interesting/innovative the approach is to the entry
:star::star: 20% Impact - how effective the image is to the viewer


:bulletred: ENTRIES:

>Click here for the Contest Entries<

Continue loving and caring, even without tragedy. ♥

© 2011 - 2021 OpReiki-tan
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neumn13's avatar
I really want to enter this contest, but im wondering, if i draw a person do they have to look anime style? Or can they look realistic?

OpReiki-tan's avatar
I'll send you an invitation to join our group so you can enter. :) It doesn't have to be anime, just go with your style! <3 It doesn't even have to be a drawing, it could even be a photograph... anything! Sample: [link]

BTW, the deadline's already been set on June 15, as this was posted a long time ago.
neumn13's avatar
Oh ok thanks a lot! Ill get right on it! :)
basabeo's avatar


:bulletred: I'm here on behalf of :iconanothercontestgroup: to let you know that we've found/added your contest to our blog. Which can be seen here: [link] We feature many contests on our blogs and have a quickly growing membership of people who want to enter them.

:bulletblue: I'd also like to let you know that we Feature results of contests and if you are interested in having your results posted on our weekly results page, message :iconlammalord: when you have them.
In addition, some of our group members have begun offering prizes to winners featured in our weekly results blog. If you’d like to add us to your prizes for your winners just mention a “Winners Package” from #AnotherContestGroup We do not keep track of what our members offer but it varies from journal features, llamas, comments, favorites, and maybe art commissions (for first).

:bulletgreen: Finally we are working in conjunction with :icontimberclipse: who hosts the most popular DA contest bi-weekly News posting (getting 200-400 favorites each new post). If you'd like to have your contest added onto his News article please go here: [link] and follow the directions located in the 1st FAQ.

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful contest - :iconbasabeo:

OpReiki-tan's avatar
Thanks so much for this! :hug:
basabeo's avatar
ur welcome! good luck in your contest :3
yagi1983's avatar
Keep up the great work guys!
rinku726's avatar
Thank you Yagi-san!! <3 Your great donation helped make this possible!
yagi1983's avatar
My pleasure! Please ask me anything if your group needs some helps.
Thanks again.
rinku726's avatar
Likewise! <3 I'll be glad to help, just tell if you guys need assistance with anything. :nod:

I'll feature your group's projects on our next article. :D
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