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I've played both The Last Story and Pandora's Tower. I'm so glad they've come to the US of A. I'll look into Xenoblade Chronicles as well. I'll recommend the two I've played to anyone.
I live in Britian, so have already played Pandora's Tower and it's an absolutely amazing game that America really needs it! Although, I might say that the main characters names are most likely going to be Aeron and Elena as Ende and Ceres (Ceres not Seres) are only used in Japan!!!

Love what you guys are doing! I'll support you al th way!
:3 My cousin referred me to this group~ <333 Awesome thing you're doing!
Hello guys! Just to be clear that this is indeed GameDemonKing from twitter and as you can see, my deviantart name is the same since I was able to use it without any wannabes trying to steal my creds
Awesome next stop is Pandora's Tower. I'm gona tell to all my friend so they can spread the word too. I'm so exited
Hi there.:) How has Xenoblade Chronicles done in sales? I hope it's sold well. I wouldn't want Nintendo of America to feel they went through all of this for nothing.