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This is a Mature Content group for the people who can't satisfy their wild lust for tits just touching or staring at them. They seek for the ultimate breast pleasure. Compared to the thousand boobs groups, this group is centered arround Paizuri (Titfuck), but feel free to share other fetishes you have arround breasts.

Due DA policy, we also let art contributions outside DeviantArt. If you wanna show your love for paizuri, but due policies or censoring you can't, join the group and tell us where is posted. You will appear in the featured section on the left or in our Twitter.

Also, we feature the "Wishing For Boobsecks" folders. Post a character or an OC of yours, letting know you are okay for people to do paizuri fanart of them.

However, if you have some OCs looking not only wanting paizuri but also other kinks and intercouse, visit our other group:
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Dec 27, 2011


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1,548 Members
2,045 Watchers
142,527 Pageviews

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Comm. The shaman's ritual by Pennsatucky

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Jane, the spooky girl #1 (page 10) by KDrunk
Multi Paizuri
[YCH] Annalise SFW by Qydhana

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[YCH] Annalise NSFW by Qydhana
Chunli by reportgg

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Sirius (Azur Lane) by Wikusa-DA
OCs You can draw paizuri fanart about

Mature Content

Queen's entrance by rasigunn
Caledonia Williams by squishycheeks

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Alera's Rack! by KyleX20309

Mature Content

OCs You CANNOT draw porn about
[OPEN] Adoptable #05 - Auction by Curvilines
Sporty Mommy Cow ADOPTABLE AUCTION [OPEN] by ffummei
Clumsy Waitress ADOPTABLE AUCTION [OPEN] by ffummei
Art trade with @alexn.draws on Instagram by IsabellaOC
202104152240 by almeidap

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NAMI NSFW - 2 by NevanDraws
Nobara Kugisaki by Araneesama
GoGo Tomago by BLAXVEL
Offtopic Adult Content

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THE TRAIN by ErotixXx
Raven pin-up 2 by Monolithic-Sloth
Raven pin-up by Monolithic-Sloth

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Mikasa (Shingeki no kyojin) by Wikusa-DA
SFW Paizuri
Miruko [MHA] SFW by debirudude

Mature Content

Ryuko Matoi - Sexy Sorceress by ModernCrusader20
Eileen by Kainkout

Mature Content

Hellfire (hybrid version) by mangakay


I barely have time nowadays to check submissions and see if are in the correct folder or even in the correct group. There's a big stack of expired entries in the inbox, so big apologies for the lack of activity.

To fix the issue, from now on entries will be automatically open. Is still three submissions per day, so take it easy.

However, i still want a good classification of both boob and paizuri-themed content, and i know this will case lots of disorder in a matter of days. So, periodically i'll check the folders for any discrepances. If is in the wrong folder we'll be move to the correct one. If is out of the rules of the group (like butt content when this is a crystal clear boob group. And happens a lot), will be deleted and i'll see if i can block any resubmissions.

I hope this way won't leave anyone behind due the recent inactivity and therefore lack of content.
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- This is a NSFW group. You have been warned.
- Paizuri not only goes to "Penis x Boobs". Any object between breasts could be treated as paizuri. (Atleast in this group)
- The only condition to join is to love breasts or a breast related fetish.
- Any size and sex orientation is fine. You can support planet-sized tits, as well flat chest. Male charact
- We accept paizuri with any being as long follows the group's theme.
- If your submissions to the group gets rejected, either was in the wrong folder or is stolen art.
- Is okay to post URLs outside DA with Paizuri art. Some users have their breast fantasies posted in other places, like Pixiv or HentaiFoundry.
- Feel free for ask requests, collabs, trades, etc. Everyone here loves paizuri as much you do. Even much more than you think.
- If you request to a certain member, first check their personal rules and/or notify him.
- And last, don't hide your perversion. If you have a dirty paizuri fantasy, you can share it with the rest of perverts on the group.

What we won't accept:
- Tracing works or bases
- Busts, and literally just showing bust. We want to promote the entire character, not just a pair of breasts. Some BE content can be affected by this.
- Lack of chest on the entry. This is a group arround boobs and the porn arround them, so if you are a butt person and wanna show butt art, this is is absolutely not the best group for that. However, if you wanna show arse yet the picture shows some breast is fine.
- Photogtaphy, photo edits, and artistic nudes. This is a group to fetishize fictional characters' breasts. So please don't post your or your bae's selfies.
- WIPs. If you have a work complete, either as a sketch or giving all your effort, please don't post an early version for later post the final result. If is a project you stopped working at is okay.

Folders' Rules:

- Nobody can submit in this folder. This is aimed for promote hot drawings regardless of skill, specially if are arround paizuri.

OCs You can draw paizuri fanart about OR Cannot draw porn fanart about:
- The characters we fantasize to have a session of boobs.
- Characters posted on "Can draw paizuri fanart" means the creator is okay for porn fanart, in this case paizuri.
- CAREFUL. Anyone in or outside the group can take the characters posted there and draw paizuri fanart.
- "Cannot draw porn fanart" means OCs artists wanna show in this group but prefers to avoid any porn content (Unless made by themselves obviously)
- Don't post OCs of users outside the group (Unless the OC is yours of course and wanna submit fanart). Most artists will flawlessly refuse an outside request of one of their characters being in mature content. Ask permission first in case you truly want boobsex, or the OC is already aimed for adult content.

Paizuri and Titfucking:
- We prefer uncensored paizuri, but is okay to post it censored due DA policies.
- Pictures of boobs, which somewhere else has a paizuri version, goes to this folder.
- Try to have a link outside DA with the uncensored drawing (Pixiv, Hentaifoundry, imgur, etc.)

Multi Paizuri:
- Double, Triple, even eight pairings of breast pleasure.
- This folder is for paizuri with characters sharing the same "shaft". Various individual paizuris in the same picture is treated as a single Paizuri.
- Same rules as the single Paizuri

Not to Titfuck
- Here you can post your OCs but you are not giving direct permission for users to use them for breast fetishes.
- You can post OCs of other users here.

Offtopic Adult Content:
- Here goes porn which is not arround the theme of the group.
- Nudes can be submited here if you like instead of "Wishing for Boobsecks" or "Not to Titfuck". Not only if you have doubts to submit but also if you're unsure if the character you submit you want it on paizuri content or not.

SFW Paizuri:
- The breast satisfaction for all publics.
- Here goes characters no showing genitalia, and/or subtext with an object between the breasts, like a banana.
- Censored paizuri can go here, but is very preferable to be on the Paizuri folder if you can share an unedited version.



Who's running this orgy of tits.




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[NSFW] Lili 2 by Sdois
  Face - Lili by Sdois    [OPEN] Commission in DollarsPRICE TABLE,~ CHIBIBust: 3 - 5 USDFull Body: 5 - 9 USD~ ANIMEFace: 5 - 9 USDBust: 8 - 12 USDHalf Body: 13 - 17 USDFull Body: 19 - 27 USDBACKGROUND: 2 - 27 USD The amount may vary within that base, depending on the difficulty.Extra characters: The base value is added again, example:12 USD + 12 for the extra character;,I draw: Nudity; Gore; Women; Man; Children; Fetishes; NSFWNOT drawing: Furry; Animals; Muscle; Very "masculine" man;MY TERMS:- After payment it will not be possible to cancel the order, and there will be no refund;- The use of the drawing will be only personal, I do not allow commercial use in any of my works. If you want to negotiate something like this, talk to me BEFORE placing the order;- I ask you not to remove my signature from the drawings or in the PNG versions.ABOUT MY SERVICES:- I collect payment only after I send a sketch of the pose (YCH);- Only payment via Paypal is accepted;- In addition to the final drawing, I will give the drawing with the characters in PNG with transparent background, being multiple characters or just one. Depending on the order, I even deliver the background design itself;- I do not charge for changes at the end; however, I can refuse the request if it is impossible or too complicated to change it;- I like to keep the client informed of everything, so with each step I take in the drawing, you will receive a message from me asking if you want me to change anything.Interested? See the form in the comments!If you feel you are not someone you can trust, you can check my other Commissions work in my folder: COMMISSIONS ART and if you find it necessary, speak personally with some of my old clients. Questions? Feel free to ask!To see my drawings with nudity I recommend accessing my PIXIV.Example of my recent works:,,,Some older drawings:,,,,,Contact : ; Pixiv ; Facebook ; Twitter ;...
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