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Mormon Missionaries

This was originally done by :iconauriceli: and this is the original picture: [link] She gave me permission to color it ^^

Anyways! Yay for mormon missionaries!!! :w00t:
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That is cute. I love love love it
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This is hilarious!
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This is really cute! 
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I just got back from my mission and this made me smile! Thanks. 
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This is freaking adorable.
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This is so fantabulous! Every time I see it it makes me so happy! :D
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Wow... You just made my day...
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I am glad I was never a Mormon * and have never put my life on the shelf to be a missionary. I could NOT live that way.

I am an atheist * and see no need to be "saved".

* I do believe in the soul and an afterlife. Christ never existed. We are free.
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Dude Christ did exist, if he didn't then we would never be free
Afterlife in what sense?
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A conscious soul, tho disembodied. I don't believe in a hell. (Eternal torture for just ONE sin. A lie, an angry look, a moment of laziness... )
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omg yes so much yes
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hahahah! i love it!
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LDS power! 
You sound like a white supremacist.
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"And you musn't ever forget o lord that the groose is loose. And it shall be known upon the lands and sermons that joseph smith proposed elohim's message that the groose is loose." — 1 Nephi 11:17 the picture by the way. I'm a mormon missionary of deviant art with a new revelation from the book of mormon revealing the truth. The groose is loose.
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Isn't it "and I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."?
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